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  1. Too Early??

    Animals and tinsel never ever are a good mix. I had a crazy cat that used to go running up the tree and I would come from work to find it knocked over. My current cat could care less about the tree or decorations.....
  2. New and all that.

    Welcome Jet, Sometimes quitting things is easy sometimes not. Glad it doesn't seem to be a struggle for you. Nice to meet you.
  3. Missdixie is 6 Months Quite Today!!

    Boy Miss Dixie time flies congrats
  4. New Here

    Hello NoMore welcome to the Train glad you came aboard. This is great place to be.
  5. I just wanted to make an effort to check in, Reciprocity noticed I had been missing and reached out. (That was just a wonderful feeling) Mom has been at cyberknife all week. Not sure if I had mentioned the cancer is now in her liver they have begun immune therapy and cyberknife. She is in good spirits and the morning of her first treatment a white morning dove landed in my yard which made me feel that is a sign. Work has been bit crazy and uncertain. Waiting for my Boss to return from the Keys to find out if I will have a job next year (he decided to leave NY but never really wrapped things up.) He was trying to get us here in the NY office to come down to Florida but that is not an option for me. Thinking that 2018 will be a year for change. And really hoping it will bring Mommy a break from treatment. I have been busy with Church now that I am officially a Eucharistic Minister I have been visiting a home bound women after church. Anyway I wanted to check back in and see what is new with everyone. I see the layout of the site has changed that is what I get for being missing LOL.
  6. How Did They Quit?

    I know some old timers that quit because of the price hitting a dollar LOL. Others I know quit after a cancer diagnosis. My sister quit cold turkey when she got pregnant. I quit when those around starting getting sick.
  7. October Hiking trip

    Hey that actually work LOL
  8. October Hiking trip

    I posted some pictures but never really sure where they end up!
  9. Hello

    Welcome and Hello Lisa MK glad you got on board. This train has some wonderful passengers! :)
  10. Monday October 30, 2017

    Nope Nope Nope
  11. Rez has Four

    Rez contrats 4 healthier years
  12. Drinking and my Quit.....

    I too love my beer and still do. And yes every now and then it would give me the urge but it isn't like you can smoke in doors anymore so there isn't a chance in hell I will head out side all by myself!
  13. Thanks for all the good vibes they help.