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  1. Sirius

    The Stupid things smokers do !!!!

    Beat me to it. Not that it ever happened to me...that I'll ever admit...ever.
  2. Damn, I wonder how many butts I picked up during police call during my years in the military. Probably not a million but more then just a few.
  3. Sirius


    It's all about attitude and visualization. My first days smoke free were about as much fun as being stuck in a tumble dryer with a Shoggoth but gradually (and I do mean graaaaaaadddduuuuaaaaally) my mental imagery became more of a Skittles and Rainbows landscape (mind the unicorn). I believe directing one's attitudes can speed up the process. There is no future in smoking. Ultimately it's a blind alley and an endpoint. Not smoking won't make things perfect, but it does remove an obstruction that allows you to reach a much greater potential.
  4. Walked 4.67 miles today. Walker's gotta walk.
  5. Sirius

    The urge to smoke is taking over.Please help

    There will be moments of relief but the beginning is usually rough. For me I had to stay focused on why I wanted to quit. The very reasons repeated like a mantra. That, and when it got intense I'd chomp on a jalapeno pepper and chew it slow for maximum impact. When the cravings became less intense I switched to cinnamon sticks.
  6. I found the "recovery" to be full of subtleties. I could breath a bit easier so I might walk a little further. More exercise could mean deeper sleep. Mixed in with all this was the usual good days and bad days that mask any semblance of progress. Its only when I looked back that I realize, yeah, it does get better. Way to go Jetblack.
  7. Sirius

    Time for a Bonfire !!

    29K give or take. The fire can have it.
  8. Sirius

    Post a Song you Like

    Pink Floyd's Brain Damage/Eclipse is fairly well know. It came out in 1973. Which was 45 years ago.... Think that through. Calvin Coolidge's presidency is closer to 1973 then we are today to 1973. George the V was King and Stanley was PM. TV hadn't been invented yet. Anyhow, it was a cool tune for 1973.
  9. Sirius

    Slap,slap,slap slap

    You should just leave it to grandmasters...
  10. Sirius

    Game of Thrones...

    I have yet to watch a single episode of this series. Ironically, I received seasons 1-7 bluray as a gift. Any idea how many seasons this is supposed to run?
  11. Doreensfree, I appreciate the updates, It aids my resolve. Can't say that's much of a consolation...my thanks.
  12. Yup, I still get them. My feelings about them are as ambivalent as they are polar.

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