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  1. I'm going to guess they took the song to heart.
  2. Actually if you "really" want some amusement take your birth-date back 9 months and see what song you were conceived to. Mine was... wait for it... "Where did our Love go?" By the Supremes.
  3. Sirius

    Alright this is getting old.

    Sometimes I think we have to quit each association separately. You probably got it worked out that you don't smoke while driving or eating or working and everything is just fine until you, say, enroll in a college class and are walking on campus and that craving hits because you always smoked while in college and...your now in college. Spend enough time on the campus NOT smoking and the cravings will go away right up until you are studying late at night and you always smoked when you study late at night so.... Anyhow, we have to work through these associations by dissociating smoking with what we previously did smoking. That or do completely different things as non smokers. Its a pain but we get well practiced ignoring cravings. The occasional momentary discomfort beats being on a ventilator.
  4. Sirius

    Executive Assistant

    I'd like to relate a little story about what happened to me a few years after my quit. Was a hectic time in the office and had less then a half hour before the next blood-on-the-floor meeting was to take place so I ducked out, went down stairs and out the front of the building to the smoking area to have a smoke. Got all the way to lobby on the first floor before I realize I'd forgotten my cigs. Back upstairs and walking into my cubicle (ugh!) and reaching for my bag when the realization struck...I don't smoke. Hi stress, fast paced, rush hour autopilot and I'm operating in a yester-year's mode without a conscious thought. I'd triggered and hadn't even realized it.
  5. I got 87% but I take issue with a few of the statistics....😎
  6. Sirius

    Things you have never done / seen...

    Drink whiskey and the piercings and bungee jumping just sorta happen. I've yet to see the Grand Canyon.
  7. Sirius

    Spoiled Brats / Nicotine Addicts

    Sazerac, Not sure if you were really a spoiled brat or just in denial about what you were actually doing. Regardless, I see you on this board constantly helping others so maybe the karma will balance out someday. 🌼🌻🌺🌷
  8. Sirius

    Day 1 again!!!

    You fear smoking will kill you, and when you are afraid you smoke to calm your nerves. I recommend that you step back and review. Transcede this death-spiral or be claimed by it. I'm not judging you, merely pointing out that this is where you stand. You are at the edge where the winds of limbo roar. I have faith that you can succeed. That you have the resolve within you. Crisis is the knife edge that can fuel your break through. Have faith in yourself. Focus on your goal. Understand that the pain is transitory, but the freedom from addiction will last as long as you want it. What we pay for most dearly we prize most highly. You will look back and swear that quitting was the best decision you ever made. ...and keep posting. Win-lose-draw everyone on this train is rooting for you. Never quit quitting.
  9. I live out in the woods so this advice might not be *advisable*. Regardless, I'd take those cigs outside and piss on them. After all, that's what they've been doing to you all these years.
  10. Sirius

    Can't stand it

    There are more ex-smokers now then current smokers in the U.K. https://www.thesun.co.uk/living/1814592/more-than-14-million-brits-have-quit-smoking-and-for-the-first-time-ex-smokers-outnumber-those-hooked-by-two-to-one/ It's a well trodden path through temporary discomfort. If 14 million Britties can quit, it's not an impossible venture. Just...persevere. Withdrawal symptoms suck, but at the end of the day you won't have the guilt and regret that you smoked.
  11. Sirius

    what is you animal NOPE

    A bit too clingy for my tastes.
  12. Sirius


    New & Improved Circulation!
  13. Sirius

    I never really gained weight.

    JB, Glad you quit with no strings attached. I, unfortunately, transferred a bit of my smoking addiction to a carb fixation. I've since gotten better but my inner drill sergeant monitors what I put near my mouth. https://drillseargentdietbook.wordpress.com/

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