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  1. Sirius

    Slap,slap,slap slap

    You should just leave it to grandmasters...
  2. Sirius

    Game of Thrones...

    I have yet to watch a single episode of this series. Ironically, I received seasons 1-7 bluray as a gift. Any idea how many seasons this is supposed to run?
  3. Doreensfree, I appreciate the updates, It aids my resolve. Can't say that's much of a consolation...my thanks.
  4. Yup, I still get them. My feelings about them are as ambivalent as they are polar.
  5. Sirius

    Post a Song you Like

    ...and now for something truly unearthly, Brian Ferneyhough's String Quartet No. 6 unabridged. Yup, all 20+ minutes.
  6. Sirius

    Post a Song you Like

    Has anyone ever heard John Cage's 4' 33"? I haven't.
  7. Sirius

    What are you all reading ??????

    I read Ken Follett's " World without End. Thing I took away from that read was, don't be a surf. Chapter 3, Surf get's smacked around. Chapter 13 Surf continues to get smacked around. Chapter 54 Yup, more smacking...
  8. Sirius

    What are you all reading ??????

    That book was an awesome. He really nailed our species use of various forms of fiction as social binders. The author's future speculations of where we go as a species gets a bit sci-fiey but his perceptions on philosophical questions are thought provoking. The difference between, "what do you want," and "what do you want to want?" Heady stuff.
  9. Sirius

    chicks or sticks

  10. Sirius

    What are you all reading ??????

    Reading John D. Clark's Ignition! Non-fictional work about the development of rocket fuels during the 1950's and 1960's. The section on Chlorine trifluoride is hilarious... "All this sounds fairly academic and innocuous, but when it is translated into the problem of handling the stuff, the results are horrendous. It is, of course, extremely toxic, but that's the least of the problem. It is hypergolic with every known fuel, and so rapidly hypergolic that no ignition delay has ever been measured. It is also hypergolic with such things as cloth, wood, and test engineers, not to mention asbestos, sand, and water —with which it reacts explosively. It can be kept in some of the ordinary structural metals — steel, copper, aluminum, etc. —because of the formation of a thin film of insoluble metal fluoride which protects the bulk of the metal, just as the invisible coat of oxide on aluminum keeps it from burning up in the atmosphere. If, however, this coat is melted or scrubbed off, and has no chance to reform, the operator is confronted with the problem of coping with a metal-fluorine fire. For dealing with this situation, I have always recommended a good pair of running shoes."
  11. Sirius

    why do I feel like a failure?

    It's not unusual to feel out of sorts. Your brain has to rewire itself as it comes to terms with no more nicotine. Changes to your brain can cause you to doubt your sanity, reality, decisions, resolve, perceptions, and so it goes. You've got the tiger by the tail. You are the mongoose on the cobra. Don't let go. Not one puff ever.
  12. Sirius

    Sirius is 4 YEARS Smoke Free!

    The Quit Train provided loads of help on my smoke-free journey. Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement.
  13. Sirius

    Time for a Bonfire !!

    28,800 give or take...actually you can take them all.
  14. Sirius

    The Reason my Quit is Sticky.

    As odd as this may sound, I believe that quitting is a social event that goes on for as long as we remain true. We draw strength and encouragement from each other as we share are ups and downs. I get a lot of congratulations and back-slaps from this Quit-train (thanks, likes, etc.). Call it positive reinforcement and while I've never met any of you it would be a pity to let everyone down by losing my quit.

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