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  1. Two commentators nailed it. Adam Watkins3 years ago Two men who get turned into monsters by war and keep fighting until there is no humanity left in them. Dang that's sad but this song was really awesome! EnochTheSpaceman1 year ago This song is amazing! And I love this video so much. The British pilot is fighting for his love, the German is fighting for his faith, both are trapped in this war that isn't theirs. They realize they can't make it home and there is no victory to be had. Love is lost and faith is broken. All that is left is sadness that turns to hatred. It's such a sad and powerful message.
  2. While we enjoyed smoking, smoking enjoyed us...
  3. "Now my empty cup is as sweet as the punch."
  4. As usual, I'm late to the party. Well done Sazerac!
  5. 292,000 miles (470,000 Km) and I think my poor Honda Fit '07 is going to be "totaled" by the insurer.
  6. Got rear ended in traffic today. Quite an impact. Got checked out at the local hospital and stepped outside to take a bit of fresh air and appreciate my continued existence. Smokers were outside smoking and it would have been no effort to ask for one. Just to calm the nerves that were all a jingle. I talked myself out of it. Celebrating my fortune by poisoning myself seemed like spitting in lady luck's eye. So yeah, we still get close calls and fender bender after we quit smoking. Such are the vagaries of chance that are outside my control. What's not chance is the decision not to smoke. This is something I can control. *NOPE*
  7. Sirius


    Well done Juan! Success reinforces success.
  8. 56 years old and still ahead of i'ts time.
  9. You went through a bunch of suckers but you weren't the sucker! Good job staying true. Intellectually I'm sure you understand that smoking isn't a reward anymore then tapping your head with a hammer. It will take some time for your emotional and physical expectations to catch up with your conscious decision to forego poison as pleasure. Stay the course.
  10. Well done Martian. Remember, your crave is like a beast, and all beasts need to be on a leash. The next time your crave starts crying you give that leash a firm tug, and tell the beast to "HEEL!"
  11. Glad to hear your doing well. Freedom feels nice, eh?
  12. Sirius

    Your Move....

    No problem. Games go in and out of style. There are so few people that play chess now-a-days that the people who do play are usually very good at it. A casual game of chess being a rather elusive critter.
  13. Sirius

    Your Move....

    Algebraic notation. It was all the rage back when people played chess via correspondence. Back when chess was a popular game. Bobby Fischer is castling in his grave.
  14. Sirius

    Your Move....

    White Black 1. e4

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