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  1. A bit of unsolicited advice that sometimes helped in my situation. Walking. Get out and stretch the legs. Get the blood pumping and focus on movement and breathing. Watch for traffic and immerse into the here and now. After fifteen minutes increase the pace. When you tire, slow it down a notch, and circle on back home. Take in the sights, and sounds. It's spring, things are greening, flowers blooming, traffic flowing, rain falling, and you're a part of it all. Your breathing is rhythmic and natural.
  2. Had the exact same thing happen to me. Dreams, followed by waking and wondering what I'd done. Very confusing. It takes a long time for the subconscious to get on board with what we consciously decide to do. Perhaps these dreams are the last vestiges of our identities as smokers? For me, they started several months after quitting and slowly became less frequent; not that they happened all that often.
  3. I think I still have my whiskey jar half full of water and packed with cigarette buts somewhere in my garage. There were a few times I would unscrew the lid and take a big whiff to remind me of what I was missing. I...haven't felt the need of such reminders in quite a while.
  4. The problem with quitting is that its a passive process. The only thing we do, is, refrain. Its not an activity so much as a decision. When we first start this journey of abstinence, our brain and body ask us to smoke, to receive, the nicotine we've come to expect. So the decision not to smoke has to be made again and again. Maybe a hundred or more times a day during the first weeks. That's why it so important to stay engaged in activities, preferably social activities with non-smokers. If your doing something that occupies your attention, t
  5. A week into the new year and the capital building in the U.S. was sacked. I may need an even larger bowl of popcorn for 2021.
  6. 4. https://totalsororitymove.com/that-time-i-used-saran-wrap-instead-of-a-condom/
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdoTdG_VNV4
  8. Nothing gold about Marlboro. You know what's gold? Freedom. Freedom from pains and diseases that are the eventual endpoint of a lifetime of smoking. I know it, you know it, and that's why we quit in the first place. Don't let the momentary cravings of an addiction undo all your efforts towards a healthy and longer future. You know what I like? Walking into an airport or other smoke-free establishment and being unconcerned about when I can have a smoke. Because I don't need that crap anymore. Soon enough you will be sayi
  9. I'm addicted to eating Thanksgiving leftovers. I just can't quit cold turkey!
  10. It's either a short lifetime with the cigs or a longer time with your friends and family. Decisions, decisions...
  11. Well done Happy Quitter, If God Had Intended Man To Smoke, He Would Have Set Him On Fire.

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