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  1. Sunday night... and I'd love a smoke :(

    The things we pay dearly for we prize highly. My quit is priceless and so is yours!
  2. So close!

    Ten days is significant progress and nothing you want to just throw away. Think of those craves as the tantrums of your inner child. Reassure the child that it will get better. Your in it together and you will weather this storm.
  3. Sunday night... and I'd love a smoke :(

    I used to chew on cinnamon sticks, jalapeno peppers, spare tires, dry ice, rebar.... Be angry. Angry is good. You're paying off the bill for the sins of yesterday. Never smoke again and you will only pay the bill once. Chew on some rebar and march on. I'm rooting for you!
  4. Stand Up and Be Counted...November Roll call !!!

    Present and still not smoking.
  5. Bad drivers

    535th Ordnance Company which supported 2/2 but later on I was stationed up in Wildflecken for HHB, 3/52 ADA Bn which was previously known as 1/1. Did a brief stint with HHB 2/7 ADA BN (Patriot) in the Gulf war. I was just a Rattrigger.
  6. So many things people have said were a help and inspiration for me. Here's one. You have to learn how to accept The Desire to Smoke. You just have to tell yourself, "Okay now I'm having this desire so I'm going to just sit with that desire and tolerate it. Hi, desire, what's up. I see you, desire. It's okay. Hush, hush, sweet desire, there, there."
  7. How Did They Quit?

    I'd quit for about a year before I stumbled across this site. My quit was to honor the memory of somebody who died as a result of smoking. Worked out well for quite awhile as the sense of loss overlapped. I was one angry cuss. But as with all storms, it eventually passed. I like hanging out on this site much better then raging at "there is no plod but entropy and chaos is his profit." Oh yeah, and I used the patch until I got around to quitting cold turkey.
  8. Bad drivers

    Bakon, were you Patriot or Hawk? I was in the 32nd AADCOM.
  9. Bad drivers

    205 KPH in a CUCV (military Chevy Blazer) going down the hill outside Kaiserslautern. The front end started to "float" so I gently eased off the accelerator and have never, ever contemplated doing anything that stupid ever again.
  10. Bad drivers

    I learned to drive at the venerable age of nineteen. I was in the army stationed overseas. My sergeant tossed the dispatch and keys to me and I was sent out to turn-in protective masks in Worms, Germany. The fact that we were stationed in Giessen just added to the experience(s). Inner cities, autobahns, it was a surrealistic blur as I learned to drive all manner of vehicles. I even got a safe driver badge out of it for some umpty-dumpty thousands of miles without an accident. I don't actually recommend this as a method for learning to drive but it was...immersive. The first month I was a very, very bad driver but I got better in a hurry. Always drove defensive and never exceeded 205 KPH.
  11. Uggghhhh, I Slipped

    I think we are all well acquainted with failure. It happened, but that's all in the past. The important question is what do you do going forward? Learn from this and understand why you lapsed. Identify the trigger and visualize what you will do different next time The train still waits for you.
  12. Belief in one's self is absolutely critical for a successful quit. If you think you can, or you think you can't; you're right. ...and of course we never "quit," so much as we devote ourselves to a life-time of abstinence. Embrace it. Own it.
  13. game: **The Coke Machine**

    ...and out pop a pair of pink cameo size 7 classic ballet flats. I drop in a hardback edition of Leo Tolstoy's "War and Peace"