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  1. How ironic it is that the very thing that smokers fear most when they contemplate quitting, that raw craving for nicotine, is the very thing you transcend when you do successfully quit. Nice to be free of all that.
  2. I'd rather take the frying pan to the noggin then smoke. A head ache only lasts a day.
  3. For those of my online friends that live on the other side of the pond imagine 7.5% (4.6 million acres) of the U.K on fire. It really is smoky here.
  4. ROFLMAO! Not smoking nicotine. But I've been inhaling smoke with every breath I take, (as has everyone around me) and it sucks. Air quality is considered hazardous. Seriously, step outside and the world smells like a campfire. Stay outside for any length of time and its very irritating. This has been a valuable education for me as I got to revisit the affects of smoking without actually going off my quit. Let me tell you all that there is no romance in the smokes. It's the Riviera of Hades.
  5. Came on all at once. Not just an occasional puff. Full on non-stop smoking. Although a bit less when indoors. Outside, though...yeah every breath I take. I know it's wrong but I can't stop. I've been smoking now for two full weeks and it seems everyone around me is smoking too! I don't think its from the restless boredom from the never-ending pandemic. No. I think its from the fact the entire frikkin' West Coast of the U.S decided to go up in flames. Having had the chance to revisit
  6. Ah, that recklessness of youth when we could overcome any indignity to our flesh with a good night's sleep. A child that understands mortality is not a child.
  7. This is one of those, "if you have to ask, you already know" kinda questions. As smoking is messing with your sleep schedule, interfering with your work, and taking the glitter from your sparkling personality, I would have to side with the majority here that smoking is adversely affecting you. Definition of addiction: Knowing something is harmful and continuing to do it (for no other reason then it's a compulsion).
  8. jpassmore, My advice is to do it your own way. You could succeed. I certainly hope you make it. I did know a person who quit by cutting down till it he walked away from it. It's not impossible, merely...protracted. However, if you run into difficulties with your plan I would ask that you reconsider the advice provided in this thread. I actually hope you succeed in your stratagem. That would make two people I know that managed it. Good luck and post often. We want to hear from you.
  9. When choosing an instrument to perform an amputation I don't recommend toe nail clippers.
  10. Quitting the smokes improves your health. Helping others to quit improves your soul.
  11. The thing is, NRT allows you to break your addiction in stages. You deal with the habit of smoking first. Later you deal with the physical addiction of nicotine. This method works for some people. I quit using NRT. That last step wherein you chuck the patches entirely is still the biggest step. Maybe not as big as going cold turkey but it still takes dedication, perseverance, and a complete commitment to change. Quitting is not something we do for a few weeks or months. Quitting is what we do until the end of our days. No exceptions, no time-out
  12. I was romancing the cigarette just the other day. Tossed my headset across the room and stomped outside from a virtual meeting with a bunch of baboons colleagues. A bright sunny day with a light breeze and leaves falling from black locust trees and I thought, "Wouldn't it be great to...put a hole in my head with a Makita drill?" I keep my mind on a leash.
  13. I've been where you are Linda. There is a part of you that still want's to smoke. A month free of smokes is impressive. It's obvious you can bull your way through physical addiction. Think back on what caused the relapse. Was it a particular stress? Frustration? Maybe some association like alcohol or circumstance (break time?). You will want to figure this out and ensure you're prepared for the "triggers." Drop the self-disgust and get back on the quit train. It's a guilt free ride When you finally achieve escape ve
  14. Maybe not out of the woods, but the trees are thinning...
  15. There was a well written article about this very thing over at: https://www.verywellmind.com/will-i-miss-smoking-forever-2824756 Will I Miss Smoking Forever? By Terry Martin Medically reviewed by Sanja Jelic, MD on January 19, 2020

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