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  1. Jengelsnew1

    Failure on day 17

    Nope going on 7 years - celebrate every single nope - they add up quickly!!
  2. Jengelsnew1

    Saturday 12 January 2019

  3. Jengelsnew1

    Friday 21st december 2018

    Still nope
  4. Jengelsnew1

    MLMR is 4 Months Smoke Free!

    Great job - keep it up!
  5. Jengelsnew1

    Four for Gemzee

    Hope all is well Gemzee. Congrats on 4 years free
  6. Jengelsnew1

    Beacon has Four

    Great job my old friend
  7. Jengelsnew1

    Our joe has 3 years today !!!

    I'm late but congrats
  8. Jengelsnew1

    Beacon's ticker rolled 3 hours ago!

    Great job friend...congrats
  9. Jengelsnew1

    Gemzee, The Three Year Party !

    Great job...you're my inspiration
  10. Jengelsnew1

    Maybe we need a ! Who's here ! Count..

    Still Dangling
  11. Jengelsnew1

    Hey, I'm desperate... don't want to smoke

    Toe Jam I'm with you SARGE I remember those days...
  12. Jengelsnew1


    I got your stick
  13. Jengelsnew1

    Is this normal...

    No excuses...just quit. It sucks, its hard, we all go through crap...STAY QUIT. Do whatever it takes...NOT ONE PUFF EVER. The light on the other side is wonderful. Since I quit smoking, there is NOTHING I cannot accomplish. You control your fate. You CAN do this.
  14. Jengelsnew1

    Rod Stewart concert last night

    I threw mine
  15. Jengelsnew1

    Let's go Pens

    He is a professional stick handler...

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