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    Wine, food, pubs, bars, restaurants, cooking......I see a theme here :D
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  1. He's 5 and super annoying (I'm kind of joking but the school holidays are looooong).
  2. Hi guys! Congrats all. Had to pop by on my 10 year anniversary. Giving up smoking was one of the best things I've ever done. I'm proud of myself! Party party party
  3. Thanks all! Soo happy to be smoke free for 6 years Cheers! @Doreensfree Little boy is 13 months now - looks like butter wouldn't melt but actually a little monster
  4. You're a month early (it is 30th August) but thank you so much all xxx
  5. Gemzee


    Bakon - Europe, I live in South West England ? ...
  6. Gemzee


    Not been around for a LOOOOONG time! (who knew babies take up so much of your time! Lol) But I do love a selfie?This one is from Christmas day ?
  7. Thanks very much all! It's not quite 5 years until 30th August but thanks for thinking of me ? Hope you are all doing well xx
  8. Gemzee

    Some News

    Umm ... I wasn't aware of the court order, makes sense though I am North of the equator - it must only count when I was living south of it
  9. Gemzee

    Some News

    Haha very funny
  10. Gemzee

    Some News

    Hi all I hope you're all doing well. I hardly ever visit here anymore, sorry! I'm so rubbish Anyway, I just thought I'd pop in to tell you my news (I think theres still a few of you here I know/recognise) .. I am having a baby! I am currently 13 weeks so I'm due 29th July. Very excited and a little nervous! I have my next scan in March and will find out the sex then hopefully. Gem xxx
  11. I'm so late of course but wanted to say congratulations and THANK YOU! Your no nonsense easy peasy way of looking at this whole quit thing stuck with me from the very beginning. Congratulations on your easy peasy 6 year quit! x
  12. So sorry I'm late to this! Massive congratulations xx
  13. Gemzee

    Fancy dress

    I went to a J themed fancy dress party last night. I was Jane of the jungle and my husband was Julian Clary ? I did his make up - he wasn't too amused by it ?
  14. Hi, I seem to be getting a notification everytime anyone comments on any thread. I have gone to notification settings and turned them all off but I'm still getting them. Please can you go into my account and switch off all notifications (except normal ones eg: if I get a like or get quoted) Thanks Gemma

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