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  1. If one is walking in the middle of railroad tracks it is suicide. Nothing more. Nothing less. Suicide. The only question is was it intentional or not. Did he do it on purpose or was it accidental. In either case ... it is his fault, not yours. You did not kill that individual. He killed himself. EZPZ P.S. : Smoking won't help.
  2. Sarge quite once, and only once in 27+ years. 1,000 times? Sarge says again, but corrects himself: Why quit more than once? EZPZ P.S. - Sarge believes SOS to be quite a waste of time. If one is gonna smoke ... nothing anyone says will stop you (hundreds here prove it each and every year- they post an SOS and smoke anyway) ... and if you're NOT gonna smoke, you don't need some silly internet post to stop you . You weren't gonna smoke anyway. Sarge has never participated in the SOS thread here intentionally.
  3. You need one ... and only one thing to be a successful quitter: A desire to quit that is stronger than your desire to smoke that next cigarette. All else is noise to pollute the process. You don't need support. You need to want it. If you want it, you will quit regardless of your situation/support. If you want to smoke, you will smoke regardless of your situation/support. It is 100% an internal motivation. Externalizing it to outside events/people (a.k.a "support") is the rationalization of The Junkie Brain. Do you want to quit more than you want to smoke? That is both necessary, and sufficient for a success. EZPZ
  4. Of course not - don't be ridiculous.
  5. sgt.barney


    Depression is mostly imaginary. Mostly. EZPZ
  6. Not in the slightest. Never, at all, in fact these days. Full Disclosure: Coming up on year 8 this year. It took about 10 full months to get past any kind of "difficulty" ... but Easy Peasy nonetheless. EZPZ.
  7. Sarge always said : "Why quit twice ?" First you have to quit cigarettes ... ... then you have to quit NRT. What's the point? Why. Quit. Twice. ??? EZPZ
  8. Vape Nation: Vaping Is Bad, Kids The Surgeon General declared youth e-cigarette use to be an epidemic, but many vaping communities online downplay the risks. What does the evidence show? https://sciencebasedmedicine.org/vape-nation-vaping-is-bad-kids/ EZPZ
  9. Sarge had zero support from his Mrs. Sarge. She smoked. Full time. Cigarettes, lighters and ashtrays laying around all rooms of the house. Smoking every waking minute. It doesn't matter. It don't mean nothin' (not a thing (not a thing)) -- you carry on with your own plan regardless. Plot Twist: Mrs. Sarge saw how much better Sarge's life was and quit herself 3-ish years later. She's got 4 years under her belt now (to Sarge's near 8). Ignore those who still smoke. It doesn't affect you and is none of your concern. If they have some sense, they'll come around. If they don't, they won't. In either case your quit is your quit and depends on no one but you. Enjoy your new tobacco-free life. EZPZ
  10. Not at all his favorite smell but today, The Sarge smells of ... Vegemite. EZPZ
  11. Shame is such an utterly useless state of being. Don't go there. Don't do that. For any reason (not just this smoking thing) EZPZ
  12. The fact that you are a Nicotine Addict. EZPZ
  13. Facts don't particularly care whether you like them or not. Because closing your eyes, plugging your ears, and publicly shouting in the forum "Neener Neener!!!" always makes the facts disappear. EZPZ
  14. There is one-and-only-one "right way". Namely: Stop smoking and never smoke again. All else is noise, confusion, and distraction. EZPZ
  15. Industrial grade de-greasers cut the yellow/brown tar stains on everything. EZPZ

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