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  1. Be weak or be strong. It is a choice. Sarge sees you choosing wrong. Stop. That. Shit. Right? EZPZ
  2. Not much ... really ... Sarge was running Full Monte Marathons *before* he quit ... he just had to look for The Smoking Area after The Finish Line, right? Quitting did allow The Climbing Hobby to continue and bloom, though - gear is expensive and not spending on cartons of Smokes each and every week freed up RIDICULOUS amounts of cash to put towards gear and travel for same ... EZPZ
  3. That's a lie we all used to tell ourselves. Step Number Zero: Quit the lying. Especially when lying to yourself. Just. Stop. "Planning" is mere excuse for procrastination and ... well ... not doing a damned thing. Nobody needs a plan. We ALL - every one of us - know what we need to do. The "plan" is set in stone as there is no other way. Just. Stop. Smoking. And never pick up another cigarette. No plan needed and if you maintain that there is, then The Sarge suggests you're not not gonna make it. Put the smokes down, FFS. EZPZ
  4. Because cold turkey is BEST turkey. EZPZ Fact: Anyone and EVERYONE indeed, CAN. Fact: For whatever weak-assed excuse they care give, they won't. EZPZ.
  5. No you didn't. If you had "quit successfully", we wouldn't be here having this conversation - right? You'd already/still be quit. You started smoking again because you are an Addict. Just like the rest of us. Ummm ... so don't? You don't need 'em. No you don't. We can't do it for you. Pick a day and go. Today, right now, always being the best choice. No "plan" is necessary. Planning is procrastinating. There is one - and ONLY one- plan: Put the smokes down and never pick them up again. It's the only thing that
  6. If you "want to quit" ... you will. It really is that simple. EZPZ
  7. So don't. It's a choice, really. No - really. You choose to put them down and never pick them up. Your choice and no one elses. HINT: Playing games doesn't help. You put them down. You never again pick them up. Quite simple, really. EZPZ.
  8. Have a Cigar, my man - hope they were worth it ... https://thehill.com/homenews/media/481234-limbaugh-says-he-has-advanced-lung-cancer Sarge heard all the bullshit back in the day: They're just cigars. You don't inhale. They're not *that* bad ... Sure, buddy. Sure. Old public quotes from Rush: "I think cigars are just a tremendous addition to the enjoyment of life,'' the wildly popular, conservative radio-and-television talk-show host says ... Limbaugh loves sitting back and relaxing with a cigar. "Of course you have to save the Cuban cigars for special oc
  9. Au contraire: You ... and ONLY YOU are in control. You are in FULL control of your smoking status. You CHOOSE to smoke OR You CHOOSE to remain quit You. It is a conscious, willful decision that lies only with you. YOU and no one but YOU, When you can acknowledge this without making excuses ... only then will you be successful at quitting. Stay in contol, my man. EZPZ
  10. Hey Doc - <This> hurts ... Doc: "Stop doing <this> ..." You don't need NRT. You don't need Patches. You don't need Lozenges. You don't need Chantix/Champix. You just need to lay off the Nicotine. You know what you have to "look forward to" ? A long life free of those pesky things (heart-disease, stroke, lung cancer, emphyzema, COPD, gum disease <the list goes on and on and on - take your pick (NOT LIMITED TO ONE-AND-ONY-ONE CHOICE ! (Enter as often as you like!) )) - you can look forward to HUGELY reduced risk(s) of all-of-the-above. There's
  11. You are a non-smoker. You know what to do. The rest, from here, is easy peasy. EZPZ
  12. Because you are an addict. Nothing more. Nothing less. Craves can happen ANY time. How do you think folks with years ... decades, even ... relapse? Either you are committed to quitting or you are not. If you are committed, craves come and craves go. If you are not ... you remain a smoker. Which are you? EZPZ
  13. Don't be stupid. You regret them all. You are simply unwilling/unable to admit such. When you can finally acknowledge this, you will be free and quit. Until then, you will remain a slave. EZPZ

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