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  1. sgt.barney

    Ever feel like the Universe is testing you?

    No. You don't ... and No. You aren't. EZPZ
  2. sgt.barney

    Easy Quit ...Basics and hints

    As Sarge approaches his 7th year he wishes to reiterate: It's only quitting, folks. It ain't the end of the world. It ain't even the end of your life. It's only the end of your smoking. Hardly an inconvenience and totes worth it. EZPZ
  3. sgt.barney

    Why SOS is so important

    SOS is irrelevant. The only "so important" thing is to not smoke. That happens with and without SOS. There are those who will smoke with or without SOS. There are those who will remain smoke free with or without SOS. They are independent. Don't. Smoke. That is the only thing that matters, folks. SOS or not. EZPZ
  4. sgt.barney

    Ever feel like the Universe is testing you?

    "The Universe" doesn't give a Rat's Stinkin' Ass about you (or Sarge (or anyone, for that matter)) The only one testing you is you. Stay accountable to yourself. EZPZ
  5. sgt.barney

    Quitting again

    Sarge suggests an attitude change. There are no half-measures. You CANNOT be a NonSmoker and "cheat". You CANNOT be a NonSmoker and have an "occasional cigar". You CANNOT be a NonSmoker if you are full of excuses. Half-steppin' it doesn't get you there. Get that sh|t outa your head right now or fail again. Quit, or don't quit - Sarge doesn't really care. He's just tellin' you straight up - there is no "in between" where you get to quit and still smoke. There is no magic Limbo where you get to claim non-smoker status and have a cigar. There is no grey area. You are a non-smoker... or you are not. Oh - And quit making excuses. If you have to quit drinking, then you have to quit drinking. Harden up. Embrace the Suck and do what you need to do. EZPZ
  6. sgt.barney

    What's so great about not smoking?

    Sarge ran his first Marathon as a smoker. Time: 5:48 Sarge ran his second marathon as a non-smoker Tme: 3:49 Same training plan. Same miles logged. Same race course. 2 hours better simply by being able to breathe properly during training (and race day). EZPZ
  7. sgt.barney


    The "decision to quit" means exactly fark-all-diddley-squat without the ... y'know ... actual act of quitting ... right? Literally millions of folk a day "decide" to quit ... yet never act on said decision. EZPZ.
  8. sgt.barney

    Increase Smoking Bans and Regulations

    Sarge just closes his browser window and silently wonders to himself, shaking his head : "How 'bout just a little farking personal responsibility ..." It ain't up to your government. No matter who you are nor where you live. EZPZ.
  9. sgt.barney


    Sarge questions your motivations for and your conviction to your quit. Do you want to quit? Really? Sarge doesn't think so. EZPZ.
  10. sgt.barney

    Turning back the clock..before x boxes and computers

    Who can forget those wacky Jarts ... aka Lawn Darts ... aka Immediate Trip To The Local E.R. and/or ... Morgue ? EZPZ
  11. sgt.barney

    SOS - it feels like it will be like this forever

    Sarge had his very last crave/urge at about 10 months. He is now nearing the 7-year mark and not a crave since. It goes away. For everyone. Timing is unique and personal, but it does go. EZPZ
  12. sgt.barney

    Our Gardens

    He has now. He's too busy out in The Gardens to keep up online for a few months. He's gone Professional with the back yard gardens. Now, back on point: While heliotropism/phototropism is a thing, it is not a guaranteed thing. Clue: Genetic variability is also a thing. EZPZ
  13. sgt.barney

    Just don’t smoke

    Bullshit. Sarge quit while Mrs. Sarge continued for another 3 years. There were smokes around the house. All around. There were smokes in the car. There were smokes packed in the luggage. There were smokes in the back woods and mountains of all the trails hiked and mountains climbed that The Sarges went to for 3+ years. Yes - there were even smokes in bed. It's was, as still is ... Easy Peasy. If one has a problem with smokes "around the house", then one is not fully committed to The Quit. Cigarettes are around. All around. Even in your house. Get used to it. Billions of non-smokers are around smokes and smokers every day ... and they still don't smoke. They don't find it any easier or harder to not smoke when there are cigarettes around. Nor should you. If you do, then Sarge suggests there's a need for quite a bit of self-examination, especially in the area of commitment to The Quit. This quitter gets it. ^^^ On a most fundamental level, we only make it difficult on ourselves. We can, just the same, make it easy. Sarge did. You can too. It is as easy or as difficult as we CHOOSE to make it. EZPZ
  14. Does anyone here NOT think that is the actual intent behind said legislation? I mean - Come on, folks ... EZPZ
  15. sgt.barney

    Lifetime of Addiction

    Sarge *is*, in fact, a crazy bloke. Very crazy, indeed. But that says nothing of his message. The message is righteous, valid, and just. Regardless of Sarge's sociopathic tendencies. Do not, under any circumstances, allow your government to infringe/impede your ability to make your choices in life, folks. No matter where you live nor who governs. You will be forever sorry you did. EZPZ

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