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  1. sgt.barney

    Easy to quit.. easy to Start?

    The First Step is to quit lying. Nothing but 100%, brutal, in-your-face honesty can support a successful quit. Anything less is guaranteed failure. Guaranteed. Failure. Case In Point: (1) It was NOT "suddenly" ... at least no more "sudden" than any other cigarette you've ever smoked in your life. (2) There was FULL, conscious and willing "realiz[ation]" on your part of what you were doing. Before. During. After. (3) Your husband shares ZERO contributory blame. None. Diddley-Squat-F*ck-All. The Second Step is to internalize this: No one can help you but you. It is 100% your doing (and un-doing, as the case may be. ) We can't do it for you. No one can. We can't even help you - for you will do what you're gonna do regardless of any so-called "help" you get here (or anywhere else). *** These two steps are ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED ... or you will fail yet again. The Sarge suggests you start there, with those two highlighted points up there. EZPZ
  2. sgt.barney

    Relapse help

    Nobody can help you but you. When you want to quit, you will quit. When you don't want to quit, you will continue to fart around. Only you can choose one way or the other. Don't look to us. We can't do it for you. ezpz
  3. sgt.barney

    One Question

    O rly? ezpz
  4. sgt.barney


    The slightest hint of Dishonesty and The Sarge automatically assigns them a big fat "NO GO" at this station. Move along, you're wasting everyone's time. Seeing who's obviously gonna fail is not too difficult. Seeing who will make it is not quite as easy. There's a whole lot of middle ground where "maybe they'll make it ... maybe they wont" ... and The Sarge confesses: some of you have surprised him. On both sides of that grey zone. EZPZ
  5. sgt.barney

    Saturday Poll: Peas of Beans

    Peas taste waaaay better. Beans are waaaaaay easier in The Gardens. EveryDamnedThing is a TradeOff. What are your priorities? EZPZ
  6. sgt.barney

    sgt.barney is 7 Years smoke free.

    To be fair - The Sarge only gets up here 3 or 4 times a year. He is no longer a "regular", but sporadic here-and-there as (limited)time allows. EZPZ
  7. sgt.barney


    You are not so much "overwhelmed" as "looking for excuses". Stop that. Stop it now. Recognize it for what it is and do not find the excuse. EZPZ
  8. sgt.barney

    This is going to be long.

    > I'm concerned that I didn't get to properly have my last cig. >One can argue whether a proper goodbye is really needed but my bigger concern is this lack of goodbye maybe what makes me relapse. There is no "last" - only "the next". A continuous, never-ending chain of The Next. You know this. You experienced damned near 2 continuous decades of The Next. One after another. Hour after hour. Day after day ... Even when you have the so-called "last" you will still have the same concerns about The Next ... and the next ... and the next. It is the fundamental nature of addiction. The thing that keeps folks coming back for more. The driver of relapses. You have had your "last". All you need do now is NEVER, under any circumstances, have The Next. Do this, and you are Quit Forever. EZPZ 
  9. sgt.barney

    Feeling weird.....

    Something is most definitely "off". Namely: you quit smoking. EZPZ
  10. sgt.barney

    Why a relapse after so long

    Don't include all of us in your "we". The Sarge will NEVER relapse. Those who relapse, do so for one and only one reason : they smoked tobacco. EZPZ
  11. sgt.barney

    Quitting Soon...I Hope

    "Ready" is a limitless, neverending excuse. Quit now. EZPZ
  12. sgt.barney

    The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday

    They were all easy. You just don't know it yet. EZPZ
  13. Early payout on that Life Insurance Policy? EZPZ
  14. sgt.barney

    Ever feel like the Universe is testing you?

    No. You don't ... and No. You aren't. EZPZ

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