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  1. Just don’t smoke

    Bullshit. Sarge quit while Mrs. Sarge continued for another 3 years. There were smokes around the house. All around. There were smokes in the car. There were smokes packed in the luggage. There were smokes in the back woods and mountains of all the trails hiked and mountains climbed that The Sarges went to for 3+ years. Yes - there were even smokes in bed. It's was, as still is ... Easy Peasy. If one has a problem with smokes "around the house", then one is not fully committed to The Quit. Cigarettes are around. All around. Even in your house. Get used to it. Billions of non-smokers are around smokes and smokers every day ... and they still don't smoke. They don't find it any easier or harder to not smoke when there are cigarettes around. Nor should you. If you do, then Sarge suggests there's a need for quite a bit of self-examination, especially in the area of commitment to The Quit. This quitter gets it. ^^^ On a most fundamental level, we only make it difficult on ourselves. We can, just the same, make it easy. Sarge did. You can too. It is as easy or as difficult as we CHOOSE to make it. EZPZ
  2. Does anyone here NOT think that is the actual intent behind said legislation? I mean - Come on, folks ... EZPZ
  3. Lifetime of Addiction

    Sarge *is*, in fact, a crazy bloke. Very crazy, indeed. But that says nothing of his message. The message is righteous, valid, and just. Regardless of Sarge's sociopathic tendencies. Do not, under any circumstances, allow your government to infringe/impede your ability to make your choices in life, folks. No matter where you live nor who governs. You will be forever sorry you did. EZPZ
  4. Lifetime of Addiction

    Ben Franklin said it best ... in an altogether different and unrelated context ... but it quite aptly applies here. I will fight for freedom of choice - ANY CHOICE - in any situation at any time. The answer is to make the right choices. Not restrict others' freedom to choose. EZPZ
  5. Lifetime of Addiction

    > Please don't tell me to take personal responsibility. Sarge will tell anyone any damned thing he wants. He says what he wants, when he wants, and he means what he says. > You do not know what I do. Sarge doesn't care one iota what you do. It is not important here. It is irrelevant. The only thing imortant is that you are a Nicotine Addict and that you CHOSE addiction. The rest is distraction, rationalization, avoidance, and excuse. >But the tobacco companies have more blood on their hands than I do Failure to take full responsibility will ultimately lead to failure of your quit. You have a choice here. > They hurt millions. They hurt NOT ONE individual who didn't VOLUNTARILY, WILLINGLY, and OF THEIR OWN FREE WILL ... Choose to smoke. > You are confusing the two. You ... have a lot to learn. EZPZ
  6. Lifetime of Addiction

    Take some damned personal responsibility , folks. We knew what we were doing. We voluntarily chose this road. We were warned by many along the way of the dangers. From parents, to schools, to doctors, to friends, to PSAs on TV, to 11:00 evening news stories. Hell, the packaging itself has warned us since 1965(In the US) FFS. We made an informed choice. We chose to ignore the warnings. Once started, we could have chosen at any time to stop (just as you are doing now). We chose to wait. We chose to continue smoking. EZPZ
  7. About Me

    You will only have success when you quit all three. (Cig, Vape, Hooka) To do otherwise is futile frustration. There be Dragons and Daemons. You have been warned. What do? EZPZ
  8. Daily exercise log for everyone :)

    8-miler @ 1:03:04 (7:53/mile) Old Man Sarge is making progress. The goal is 6:50 to 7:05 for the full 26.2 Loooooong way to go. That's what happens when you sit on the couch for 11 months after your last race not logging a single damned mile. Mrs. Sarge has been training since Oct. Her first race is the Cincinnati Heart Mini Marathon[1] (15k (9.3 miles) in just a few weeks. Sarge is thinking about Bandit-ing[2] the race with her. He's up to the mileage but has no pace he wants on record yet. EZPZ ============= FOOTNOTES: ============= [1] http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/Affiliate/2018-Cincinnati-Heart-Mini_UCM_317611_Event.jsp#.Wohzi6inHb0 [2] Bandit : To bandit a race - to start and run the race without bib-number, without digital tracking chip, without registration. You just show up and run the race. Of course you are ineligible for prizes and whatnot ... but you get to run the course and log your time ... assuming you don't get caught and escorted off the course.
  9. So here i am again

    Modus Operandi. EZPZ
  10. Daily exercise log for everyone :)

    Sarge has completed the first 100 Running Miles of his IronMan training plan. Only 2300 more to go ... Plus bike miles. Plus swim miles . EZPZ
  11. Finally some freedom and peace of mind

    LOL. You must be new here. Sarge honors his committments ... but he forgets that not everyone was around in the old days (80's and 90's) on The InterWebs. We didn't used to have fancy browsers and aps n' such. We quoted like this: > This is a quoted line > this is another quotedl line. > > Sarge, surprised to hear you had a relapse? > Did I read that right? > > End quoted text Quoted content was prepended with the ">" character. Sarge will use this site's quote feature in the future to avoid any further confusion. EZPZ
  12. Finally some freedom and peace of mind

    > I will never take another puff of a cigarette. No matter what. My final cigarette was smushed out at 10:30 a.m. on January 18th, 2018. EZPZ
  13. Can you really claim quit?

    I quit eating chocolate but I still crunch peanut brittle when the urge strikes... therefore I have a "lateral move" crutch and didn't actually quit eating chocolate. Do you hear how ridiculous of a (non)argument of (non)logic that is? EZPZ
  14. Quitters Remorse

    Sarge did. Does. Has always and Will always say: It's Easy, folks. Easy Peasy Lemon Breezy. EZPZ.
  15. He started smoking again.

    They go away, Bro. EZPZ

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