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  1. Mind over Matter ==> If you don't mind ... it don't matter. EZPZ
  2. No you're not Juan. You think you have a hard time but you don't. Just imagine: twice weekly Chemo treatment ... breathing from a tube up your nose fed by some Oxygen concentrator. An hour or so baking your internal organs under the Radiation Emitter. Wasting away on a Terminal Diagnosis with mere months to live.. That's a hard time. A. Real. Hard. Time. This? This is nothing. NOTHING. EZPZ
  3. ALL of them. The Sarge has NOT SMOKED every last cigarette manufactured, world wide, since he quit. Each and every one. Everywhere. ALL of them. EZPZ
  4. The FIRST PLACE to start is to both understand AND acknowledge that the above is a lie. "I had to smoke". No. You did not have to. You wanted to. If you can't start there - complete honesty. Drop the excuses. Drop the lies. If you can't start there you have no hope. You will never be successful as long as you type and think things like the above drivel. EZPZ.
  5. Randomly tossed the rest of the pack out the window on the commute home from work ( go ahead - arrest Sarge ... he littered ... ) and haven't looked back since. Unplanned. Unforseen randomness. Sarge admits to thinking about it for months prior (due to a bad Doc Visit (High blood pressure, high cholesterol, pre-diabetic - ( all the metabolic and health/lifestyle bullshit we're free to change but rarely do)), but it just sorta ... happened ... completely at random one otherwise un-noteworthy day on the ride home from work. It's been 8 years. It'll be a lifetime to go ... EZPZ
  6. The Hardest Part, barre none, is deciding: "It's Time To Quit ==> NOW " ... All the rest is pretty easy. EZPZ
  7. Because : Addiction. Duh ?!? <boggle> It's kinda the WholeIssue™ with this thing, right? EZPZ
  8. What the ****, Juan? EZPZ
  9. Sarge would suggest you stop looking for an external "cause" to blame It was you that "caused" you to have a smoke. You and only you. You wanted a smoke ... so you had one. Why did you want one? Because you are an addict. Nothing more. Nothing less. You. EZPZ
  10. Two groups of people tell The Big Fat Lie: Successful Quitters: Boy that was THE HARDEST THING I ever did. I'll never do that again ... Failed Quitter: Shit, that was TOO DAMNED HARD. I'll never make it. Don't believe 'em, folks. Quitting is as easy or as hard as you choose to make it. It is, indeed, a choice. You can choose to embrace The Suck and be happy about it ... ... or you can fight it the whole way and live a life of difficult misery. The Suckage Level is gonna be high at times for all of us. It's what makes us addicts. The Big Choice is in how we react and keep drivin' on to The Goal. We can make it easy on ourselves. We can make it hard on ourselves. It's as easy or as hard as we make it. EZPZ
  11. American Association of Retired Persons. Yes.
  12. Yeah ... first "The Letter" from AARP for Sarge's official "Too Old For This Shit Discount Card" came earlier in the week ... Now this from Phillip Morris ... EZPZ
  13. We can't help you. No one can. Only you can help you. When you know this, you will be quit for good. Sarge wonders if you will ever know this. EZPZ

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