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  1. Fatty McFat Buffet Pants

    Sarge lost 36 pounds in the first six months after his quit, later down 64. Now he bounces up and down 25 pounds depending on season (training or off season) but still down huge from pre-quit. He attributes it mostly to the Marathon Training Plan he started the week he quit, and the subsequent 6 years of logging anwhere between 0 (off season) and 70 miles (peak - 3 weeks before race) of running a week. Besides the cardio-vascular benefits, and weight loss, running is a great quit tool. It's a 100% effective Crave Squasher. Want a smoke? Hop on a treadmill for 20 minutes at your 5k race pace. You'll be sucking wind so hard you don't want a smoke for at least the next 4 hours. Repeat as necessary. Maybe you oughta make some more changes, and get into an exercise groove. It only hurts 'til the pain goes away ... EZPZ
  2. Sarge says again: it is as easy or as hard as you choose to make it. Make your choice on how you handle your discomfort. Live with it. Nobody particularly cares what you're "real tired of". Least of all your quit. It doesn't give a shit. EZPZ
  3. Quitting is as easy or as hard as you choose to make it. It is, indeed, a choice. Mind over matter, folks: if you don't mind, it don't matter. Embrace The Suck, don't fight it. EZPZ
  4. The MQ once told The Sarge ...

    It was some long forgotten spat at The Other Place when The MQ proclaimed (paraphrased, of course) : "Oh yeah?!? Well when you have *A Six Year Quit* then maybe we can talk. Until then, bugger the hell off..." Sarge is traveling on Friday and won't have a chance to post on the actual six-year but he's here to say, with gusto: "Neener-neener ... Sarge got his Six ... Howdaya like dem apples ?" EZPZ (But he can't remember, for the life of him, what the quibbling was about at the time).

    You *can* but you *won't* Sarge can't put it any simpler than that. EZPZ
  6. I made it!!!!!

    That's how it starts. Now ... Two more ... EZPZ
  7. From The Latin, roughly meaning "Do as I say, not as I do." Ask Jess ... Easy Peasy
  8. Cristobal Is 5 Years Smoke Free Today!!

    Salute. EZPZ
  9. Uhhh ... Fac, ut ego dico, non ut faciam tibi. EZPZ
  10. BBB Bigger Better Boners ;) EZPZ
  11. Root planing, anyone?

    Periodontal Disease all but disappeared within 18 months of quitting. Sarge had the "deep cleaning root planing" thing and was headed for the surgery where they cut your gums to expose the roots at the jawbone in order to clean 'em out. There is now ZERO indication of active disease ... although there is permanent bone loss in the x-ray record and visibly receded gumline. Other than that they're pink, perfect, and no active disease. Been that way almost 5 years. Doc told Sarge the best thing he could do is quit. He was right. EZPZ
  12. Drinking and my Quit.....

    Nope. Sarge still drinks waaaay too much Irish Whiskey. EZPZ
  13. Sarge & Mrs. Sarge continue to fund (every year) 40 to 60 days in various mountain ranges, cliffs, crags, and other high places to Climb, Rappel, Hike, Camp, get drunk, have tent-sex, make S'mores, cook on an open fire, get devoured by mosquitos, watch the stars, sleep under The Big Sky ... each and every year. As well as Entry Fee and lodging for 2 or 3 Marathons ( although Sarge confesses to dropping back to Half Marathons in his old age these days). Same as it ever was. 6 years running now. EZPZ
  14. Another quit

    Sarge sees that you have correctly self diagnosed your problem. Namely this: You need to stop all the attempting and get on with the quitting. There is never, and can never be "another" quit, for once one is quit, one is done forever. There can always be "another" attempt ... but "attempt" does not equal "quit". EZPZ