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  1. Good job Don't think about cigarettes too much , all those frustrations you go through could be related to something else
  2. I love hummuse . I have been hit by a bit of high blood sugar and i changed my diet 3 days ago . No non-veg diet . nowadays i am mostly eating wheat , fibrous food and vegetables .
  3. Thanks jillar , For me nicotine gums are very very effective . Every time i have a craving or a thought about cigarette i eat a gum and it goes away . When i run out of it for 3 or 4 days , i have that urges back again . I have no idea why some people tell me to go cold turkey instead of using gums . I have been hit by a high sugar few days ago , i was very confused . I don't know if its the gums i eat that caused it . Anyway for some more time , i am going to eat it . 3 gums a day and i don't even have to think about cigarettes . Right now i am only concerned about my blood sugar levels . Going to see a doctor tomorrow .
  4. reciprocity , Thanks for the reply . That is a really good idea . I will eat 2 or 3 gums daily until this whole education thing is over . After that i am going to get out more and start working out in a gym . Enough sitting and staring behind a computer . I want to regain my health back
  5. Thanks reciprocity and catlover , I have this project work to complete which is a lot of stress and i am doing it alone since its a distance education thing . Otherwise i would stop sitting in front of my computer and have done a lot more outdoor activity . This is really making me sick . I feel like eating 2 or 3 gums daily to stop the addictive urges .Please do not discourage me from eating gums . Its like something that helps me to stay focused on my studies . The studies is going to end in October , and i am very happy about it too . By the end of October i will have my Degree .
  6. Thanks for all the replies , This is very weird , after months of suppressing and controlling it , all it takes is just one cigarette to again feel dependent on it . Just one cigarette makes you want to smoke more cigarettes . I have been stuck behind this computer following a distance education university course for the past 3 years now . The only good thing is the course will end in one more month . But this sitting , staring and studying for the past 3 years has made my overall health bad . OK , Not extending the quit date to 9/13/2019 . Doing it today itself . 9/11/2019 11:32 AM
  7. Thanks everyone for the reply . I was a bit busy because of my exam time , my course will be over within a month , so i have a bit of high workload right now . I also learned something new today . The feeling you get after you finish a cigarette is mostly a shitty one . There is no point in depending on this crap for whatever it is .
  8. Thanks a lot everyone for the reply . Yup , i have set my quit date . From that day on wards i will be clean once again . I am quitting again right now . I have a high work load right now . Everything should be alright within a month . Time to set up a new ticker .
  9. @Doreensfree I have a question , i cant find a proper answer anywhere . Does eating nicotine gums increase your sugar levels ? Last time i did a blood test my sugar levels are a bit high . I have control that too now
  10. Thanks a lot for the reply . Yes , Thank god , She is alright now . I have set my new quit date September 13 2019 , 9/13/2019 . OK , I am restarting this Quit again . I will soon put a new ticker too . I now know a lot about controlling most of these urges and triggers . Some days are plain dull no matter how hard you try .
  11. Some conditions led to the relapse , My 3 year old Kid had a light accident , she fell from the chair and had to put stitch in the back of her head . I had to smoke after coming from the hospital . It was one of the worse days of my life . I want to restart again .
  12. Thanks for all the replies , That was very close , because i don't usually buy cigarettes even when i have cravings . This time i bought cigarettes , but i was able to throw it away just in time before i lighted it up .
  13. I bought 2 cigarettes too , But then i took a bath , felt fresh ,killed the dullness and threw away the 2 cigarettes too . Somehow survived a very very dull day without smoking
  14. Nope , Staying away from cigarettes after fighting the cravings feels good

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