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  1. Thanks for all the replies , That was very close , because i don't usually buy cigarettes even when i have cravings . This time i bought cigarettes , but i was able to throw it away just in time before i lighted it up .
  2. I bought 2 cigarettes too , But then i took a bath , felt fresh ,killed the dullness and threw away the 2 cigarettes too . Somehow survived a very very dull day without smoking
  3. Nope , Staying away from cigarettes after fighting the cravings feels good
  4. For the love of god , NOPE God bless this forum
  5. Thanks for the support Linda , Martian5 . Sometimes it is so important to write down a few things and get some proper replies Yes , it will pass . The suddenly cooled down atmosphere was feeling like a trigger . Anyway it have passed . Let me enjoy a cup of coffee instead . Thanks
  6. Thanks jillar , Whispers . This is probably because during my last rainy season i was smoking heavily , Lol I have at least 10 times more strength to fight these cravings nowadays . I don't like to worry about any smoking related illness either . So thinking positive and avoiding cigarettes . Thanks
  7. Until few days ago it was massive heat in these places . Now the rain comes in the June and it is cloudy , dark and always raining . I love monsoon . I have cravings too . Somehow i have to fight it . Thanks
  8. Massive rains outside because its June and monsoon Drank a beer and listening to music .
  9. Thanks for the reply Boo , QueenB

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