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  1. Welcome to the board Tigermatt , Congratz on your 2 week quit . Keep fighting the nicotine demon .
  2. Yesterday i felt like smoking a bit because i had high temperature and sneezing .I really wanted a smoke yesterday . I always used to smoke whenever i felt really dull . Anyway somehow managed not to go out and buy cigarettes I am glad i did the right thing . Don't wait until you damage your teeth permanently . I have some stains in my mouth too . Anyway keep fighting the nicotine demon . You will feel better in the long run
  3. Before i die , i want to visit Europe once Before i die , i would like to meet Jennifer conelly Before i die , i like to spent 10 days in the kashmir Before i die , i like a bottle of jack daniels That too
  4. Thanks a lot for the support QueenB and Sazerac
  5. Thanks a lot for the reply and the cake Vivianne , I am also never going to inhale this poison ever again too
  6. Thanks a lot Boo , johnny5 and Joe7
  7. This is my 3rd big gap from cigarette First time , I had a 5 months gap Second time , i had a 7 months gap . This time i have a 2 month gap . This quit must continue forever . I feel more mature these days Thanks for all the support
  8. Back from gym again , 4 different type machine workouts 120 pushups 10 crunches only (crunches really hurts , so i could only do 10 ) 10 leg raises ( same thing , this one hurts too ) 60 dumbbells 20 minutes treadmill
  9. Me on cigarette Me without cigarette Make a wise choice
  10. You have managed to come this far , that too after a lot of struggle 1 month and 4 days . The initial quit days are the hardest . Things usually becomes more easy and easy . So think of all the positive things and stay strong . Fight the cigarette demon
  11. 24th November is too much time and too much cigarettes . Fight the demon soon and regain your health soon . Stop worrying about unwanted health issues by smoking a lot of cigarettes Fight the devil , Yes you can
  12. Congrats Old Man Coffee , You overall physical health will improve soon . Continue the mental fight , you always have to fight it off . It is not that easy
  13. Welcome to the forum Mysticcat , You have an awesome 7 year old quit Congrats

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