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  1. Mickymouse too tired to have conversations these days Mickymouse life too dull and lots of work to do
  2. I changed my name from Sunshine59 to mickymouse ,lol I needed to stop a few things soon So i changed my name Mickymouse stops eating sugar Mickymouse stops eating meat Mickymouse never works out , mickymouse must solve that too Ok , have fun everyone
  3. Thanks jillar , I will post it right here . I am traveling to UAE this month . So i thought i would post a picture here before i travel . That picture is at least 5 years old I am going there for a job search. There are more job opportunities there compared to India
  4. I am feeling so bored . Is there a thread for posting members photos ? I feel like posting a pic of mine . Not sure which thread to post .
  5. finishing yesterdays vodka drunk again . 2 more glasses of vodka left . i should find something to eat
  6. Hello intoxicated yoda , Yes, dried black pepper . I eat 5 of it when i have anxiety and cravings . I keep it in my mouth for few minutes then chew it .
  7. I am completely nicotine free . Nowadays when i have an uneasy feeling or restlessness or or some cravings which i cant control . I chew black pepper instead . Believe it or not , The cravings and the anxiety goes away after chewing it . Whenever the anxiety and cravings comes again , i chew the black pepper again . It has been working for me . That way i don't have to depend on sweets or junk foods for a better feeling . Maybe it will work for you too
  8. After reading that i ate some black pepper , 5 of it and it surely has some calming properties . It killed my usual evening restlessness and anxiety a bit
  9. Why are so many smokers huffing their pepper shakers to take the edge off? Let's investigate https://melmagazine.com/en-us/story/pepper-terpenes-cannabis-feel-less-high
  10. @Kate18 Thanks for the reply I was a person that used to exercise , but i was not able to continue it for a long stretch due to many reasons . When i was exercising , i remember even doing 120 pushups in the evening at my home workouts . That was 30 pushups x 4 During the past 2 months i have been thinking about workouts again , i could not decide between doing a 20 minute running or a 30 minute exercises like pushups , squats , crunches I have talked about this in some other forum and they told me to do what i can enjoy doing . I really want to do it . I am an evening person , so i will find some time in the evening itself to do some exercises
  11. @jillar Yes we have plenty of wrigleys chewing gum And its very cheap :)
  12. Thanks jillar , Doreensfree ,notsmokinjo Yesterday i was so tired , i don't even remember when i slept on my sofa . I have never used any of those chewing tobacco products ever I am going to the see gums too like one of those products from today on wards

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