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  1. A good choice Lilly . I should seriously stop bringing up NRT gums in discussions
  2. @Lilly Edited the post It was a mistake
  3. Yes Martian5 , Heating up with smoke after all these months of strong quit is very wrong . I wont smoke even on the day of my graduation
  4. I really should eat some sandwiches
  5. Keep fighting . In my melodramatic fight with cigarettes .There was only one thing that have helped me to stay away from this addiction . It was the 4mg strong nicotine gums . If on any given day i have to choose between a cigarette and a gum , i would chose this 4mg gum . Also one simple rule too . No matter how melodramatic this addiction looks like . I am not going out to buy cigarette's for me .
  6. Thanks a lot for the reply reciprocity I have no idea how i managed to keep my quit this much long . The cravings was always there . I only followed a simple rule . Do not buy cigarettes It worked
  7. I had some cravings during these times , especially in the dull evenings . But i never bought cigarettes . And i am never planning to do it too . Anyway made it to 5 months mark without smoking . I am on my last semester of the degree course too . In the next 3 or 4 months the course ends too . So i am feeling a lot of relief and excitement
  8. Thanks Lilly , If everything will work as planned , i can start thinking about doing Post Graduation in business studies and accounting . I would like to see that happen , but not sure if it is going to work that way . I have wasted too much time already . Anyway i have started to think positively about life .
  9. @Linda Thanks for the reply . I have done Bsc computer science before , but after 3 years in the college and all i lost 2 math related subjects and i was never able to complete that lost subjects . I joined this course 7 years after that . Meanwhile i was working .Small jobs mostly . Anyway thank god , i am slowly slowly completing this course .
  10. Wow , here it is . After waiting for 1 and a half month , It arrives . Finally feeling happy . Now i can peacefully focus on the 6th semester which is the last semester .

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