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  1. Its a strange state that we are craving for , I don't know why anyone wants to feel messed up like this . Please avoid the dirty habits .
  2. Quitting is not easy . But its not that difficult either It is like avoiding dirty food that is harmful to your body
  3. First time i tried to quit cigarettes i thought it was like quitting some bigger harmful drug . I thought about cigarettes like heroin . Because it was that hard to quit for me in the beginning . The cravings and firing inside my brain for cigarettes was so strong My head was more like trying to control my heroin addiction , lol I had to stop it and somehow i did stop it . What a relief these days Take your addiction a little bit more seriously Thanks
  4. I am going to control my sugar and cholesterol with this diet . Breakfast . Lunch (Rice , Fish and Vegetables only ) Evening food ... (Oats , Milk , Banana , Cucumber ) Dinner
  5. 1st few days of quit are the hardest . I think you have already conquered those hardest days without smoking . After 2 weeks i am sure you will have enough experience and will power to overcome your cravings . Train yourself to make your quit stronger and stronger Sorry for my bad english , i am from south india
  6. @Boo , I still cant move properly after that 1 days workout . I will try again after 2 more days , with 3 days rest maybe this pain will go away . My plan is to make progress slowly . Thanks
  7. @Boo , Thanks , yes i am focusing on diet and exercise . I have plans to avoid meat completely and then i am going to eat a bit less food and burn more . Today i have pain all over my body , not sure if i should rest today or continue working out Will decide to workout or not within an hour . Thanks for all the suggestions
  8. That beginning time when you try to quit is really mental . But life is always a bit mental with or without cigarettes . Try to stay fresh somehow . It can be really fresh sometimes and really dull some other times . I used to smoke to kill the dull times . I managed to stop smoking during all the dull times and somehow escaped this whole smoking habit . Try to stay fresh . Good luck .
  9. @Doreensfree I hope i can continue this workout everyday ... Hoping to loose some weight that way . It is going to be a slow process , but something is better than nothing . Last time i checked i weighed 80 kilograms , before that it was 76 kilograms ... i hope i can get back to 75 kilograms somehow . I am going to eat less , work out as i can .... i have some dieting plans too in my list of things to do ...
  10. Warmup Pushups 65 (30 + 20 +15 ) Squats 20 Crunches 40 (20 + 20 )
  11. I am going to start today evening . These were the things i used to do . Warmup Pushups 120 Squats 20 Crunches 60 My last workout was in May 23rd 2020 . So its going to take some time reaching those numbers once again . I have gained some weight too . So i am going to eat less and burn more . Thanks
  12. I am here too , Covid 19 has made life dull .. I am always looking for vaccine news these days
  13. All you need to do is just stop one strange habit of yours I think you can do that . There is going to be a lot of strange struggles in the beginning . 1 month later you will slowly start forgetting about cigarettes Just avoid this one habit of yours , continue everything else .

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