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  1. Zombie land 1 Zombie land 2 I am waiting for the third one
  2. @Linda Is that an additional third dose ? In india we haven't started any booster doses yet . Maybe in the future they will make it mandatory
  3. @jillar I can adjust with it but i thought there was some settings to make the background text area dark too . I cant find it either . Its ok i can adjust with this
  4. Thanks for the reply jillar , @jillar Is there anyway to change that bright white text area to a darker one ?
  5. I have already changed all the background theme to darker ones like this . But even with the changes in the browser settings all the text areas are in bright white Some forums let you change the styles I was talking about that , for example
  6. I spent a lot of time behind the pc and sometimes a dark theme helps . Its lot less strain in the eyes . I have seen in some forums where people can switch between dark themes and light . Is there an option like that in this forum ? Thanks
  7. I got the covishield vaccine (astrazeneca) and i am very happy I am still not smoking and i don't even have any cravings to smoke
  8. Thanks a lot Jordan7 Thanks a lot Doreensfree Thanks a lot Boo Thanks a lot johnny5
  9. I think of this picture whenever i think of smoking This was such a really stupid phase in my life Sometimes we all are dull just like this picture . Smoking does not change that dullness . Thanks for all the support
  10. Started working out at home again , Woke up at 7 in the morning and i was ready for workouts by 7:30 So i started working out from 7:30 to 8:10 Warmup 46 Pushups 30 Crunches 40 Squats
  11. @d2e8b8 Yup , Nowadays i don't find it that difficult to stay away from smoking . Its not even in my thoughts anymore . It is seriously pointless going through the smoking activity
  12. Thanks Abby @BKP, Thanks . Here is the details of the vaccine registration site in India .This and another site (one for business firms ) is where we register for vaccines . I work in a pharmacy distribution center , so all the employees there had to register in another site and we all got appointments today . We had shortages of vaccines here too even though we get most of the vaccines from Serum Institute of India ( It is an Indian biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals company. It is the world's largest manufacturer of vaccines located in the city of Pune, India . ) @jillar , Yes it is a relief after many months of waiting and more waiting
  13. Thanks Doreensfree I have a little headache in the evening , other than that i am alright And i don't even think about cigarettes these days .
  14. I got covishield (astrazeneca) first dose today morning . I am finally a bit happy Next dose between october and november 2021 Oh , i am still smoke free
  15. I hate smoking these days , which is a good thing . I even regret the period i used to smoke . It was a strange stupid activity . When you are tired and dull , you are tired and dull . And cigarettes cannot change that
  16. Its a strange state that we are craving for , I don't know why anyone wants to feel messed up like this . Please avoid the dirty habits .
  17. Quitting is not easy . But its not that difficult either It is like avoiding dirty food that is harmful to your body

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