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  1. Friday , From 11:30 - 12:15 Warmup Pushups 120 Squats 20 Crunches 60
  2. Thursday , From 11:30- 12:15 Warmup Pushups 120 Squats 20 Crunches 60
  3. Wednesday , From 11:00 - 11:45 Warmup Pushups 120 Squats 20 Crunches 60
  4. Yesterdays workout , From 11:00 - 11:45 Warmup Pushups 120 Squats 20 Crunches 60
  5. Thank you Doreensfree , catlover , Sazerac , ekptr Yes , i feel very happy nowadays without smoking or gums Sometimes its very dull but it does not last that long
  6. Sorry for the delay , There was some electricity problems here due to the rains ... Thanks for the reply johnny5 , Mona , Sazerac , reciprocity , Rozuki @Sazerac , No , i have not been using nicotine gums either .I have been using regular gums instead ... And yes its good to have all the bad habits under control
  7. Thank you Jordan7 , jillar , Mac#23 , Doreensfree I am feeling really good . I have been working out too , so feeling a lot more fit than the old days Thanks everyone for the awesome support
  8. And our rainy season Monsoon is almost here This time no cigarettes , no smokes Its raining heavily right now , and i am enjoying it a lot
  9. Try these to feel fresh Brush your teeth Drink a cold juice Take a bath That makes you fresh inside the head for a while When you have more fresh times like that , you will slowly forget cigarettes
  10. Nice name dullyboi , Yes that restless feeling and anxiety will go away soon . I had that a lot when i first tried to quit too
  11. @Sazerac I am feeling alright . I remember the first time i joined here , i was going through hell and i my head was very messed up . I have none of that right now I have cravings for everything else , but stuck at home since lockdown was extended till may 3 Thanks
  12. Thanks a lot everyone for the replies
  13. This is my longest quit after i joined here
  14. @notsmokinjo , Thanks a lot for all the food suggestion , i really do not like getting hungry all the time . I will try almond and walnut I am going out in the evening to buy regular gums , something in the mouth makes me forget about a lot of other unwanted things Time to be a little more stricter about my diabetes I am stopping the watermelon too @BAT, Yes , i am feeling OK without the gums The withdrawal symptoms of gums usually go away in 3 hours in my experience @Doreensfree , Yes , thanks a lot for all the support
  15. @notsmokinjo I did not know there were appetite suppressing foods like that Still no gums , i am going to buy some regular gums in the evening Thanks a lot
  16. @notsmokinjo Thanks for the reply Still only bit of appetite problems , i don't know why i have cravings for food all the time now , lol OK , flushing all the little amount of nicotine out of my system . Head feels a bit clouded in the morning for some time , but that is normal too @Sazerac , Yes that is how i was able to quit smoking the cigarettes In one or two days like this , i might even forget the gums too . Must manage the cravings for food properly Thanks
  17. Ate few slices of watermelon ,lol Same time i have to control my diabetes
  18. Thanks for the reply Jordan7 , darcy This NRT withdrawal symptoms are nothing compared to cigarette smoking withdrawals Yes , i can handle it . What i really don't like is the constant feeling of hunger Will wait three days and see if the three days have made any differences when it comes to my sudden hunger issues
  19. 4/5/2020 , 12:13 AM I still have a bit of craving for snacks I am still trying to avoid oily foods and junk foods Drank some water A bit bored Staying away from NRT gums have not caused much issue so far

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