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  1. Thank you. It just seems a little disconcerting. My heart is breaking for her. She's so scared and like all of us try to do..... she thought she was doing everything right. Thank you. Nancy, this was really mean. I didn't post an SOS. I didn't say I was gonna smoke. I didn't even say I was struggling. I got on here and voiced a thought. Kinda a safe place. I can promise you this..... you will never see me on here again. Bye.
  2. ...

    Where is Sazerac ?

    I really do miss her. I sure hope she comes back soon.
  3. Enjoy the peace...... and quiet. It won't be like that long. I expect alot more peeps coming in after the new year.
  4. ha ha..... I still have my goat. His name is Carlo. And he is the bestest goat in the world !!!!
  5. I figured it out !!!! I'm so smart. lol

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