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  1. My wife and I quit almost at the same time. With this song (and a few others) at maximum volume for hours and on repeat, we cleaned the house all the time. And then when we finished, we cleaned again the clean house. If I never hear this song again, it will never bother me !!! Cristóbal
  2. The craves disappear. All of them. After a few years, there are only old memories left. If they did not, we would never quit smoking permanently. Cristóbal
  3. Hello Del, How much time have you spent learning about nicotine addiction and the process of quitting smoking ??? Quitting smoking is not about willpower. Doing it the right way, requires education about what you are doing. What you can expect, and how to deal with it. Many millions of people have quit before you. Any discomfort you have experienced, many others have experienced the same thing. Do not think your experiences are unique. Invest some time in yourself, your quit and your future, and start reading and watching videos about quitting smoking. You can start right here in QuitTrain, here: https://www.quittrain.com/forum/15-joel-spitzers-quit-smoking-video-library/ Cristóbal
  4. What is the point of this post ??? it does not offer any support to people who are quitting smoking. Cristóbal
  5. People think they love smoking, until they are explained the truth about nicotine addiction. Then they hate it !!! Congratulations on your two years, keep going !!! Cristóbal
  6. Hello Sparky, This is great news !!! Start this quit right, be sure to watch Joel Spitzer´s video below about relapse prevention, then do click on this link https://whyquit.com/joel/Joel_Index_04_Relapse.html This is the link he talks about in his video that will take you to many articles and videos that are about relapse prevention. Education is key to getting a stickey quit !!! Cristóbal
  7. I learned that smoking in reality is a cruel slavery of all that you are. Today, after quitting smoking over 6 years ago, I still feel like a happy drunk every day with this beautiful freedom. Cristóbal
  8. ↑↑↑↑↑ I agree 100%. I am sorry to learn you have lost your father Kate, that is a horrible loss. At the same time, you may want to ask yourself, Is there a valid reason why you must wait to start your quit ???? Cristóbal
  9. Be sure to enjoy the benefits of your best holiday gift ever.....your quit !!! Stay focused on being able to smell and taste your holiday food - think of it while enjoying every holiday meal, it will blow away any trigger thoughts that you may have. Be sure to watch Joel´s video about the holidays: Cristóbal ???
  10. Thanks for posting this, Eric made some wonderful posts !!! Cristóbal
  11. Hello, So sorry to see this has happened, please let us know how you progress with the recovery. It could have been worse - be glad that you quit 3 years ago, it could have been the difference between death and surviving this. It is never too late to quit smoking. Cristóbal
  12. Hello Wansit, Congratulations on completed Week # 3 !!! Your Dad still wanted to smoke because even after 26 years of not smoking, he did not have enough education to eliminate the lies the addiction had created in his head, telling him there were benefits of smoking. As long as you believe there are benefits of smoking, you will not have a happy quit and you will feel like you are depriving yourself. So how do you go from the Point A of being a smoker, to the Point B of being a happy non-smoker who has internalized that there are no benefits of smoking ??? It is done through education about nicotine addiction, and how it affected you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Quitting smoking involves stopping smoking, but that is not all of it if you want to have a stable and happy quit. Invest time in yourself and your quit, and educate yourself as much as you can: Check out http://www.whyquit.com Watch Joel Spitzer´s videos here on QuitTrain https://www.quittrain.com/forum/15-joel-spitzers-quit-smoking-video-library/ And spend some time every day on this forum, asking questions as you did right now. All of this will help you put your mind and body where it needs to be - with a strong educated quit, ready to live life again as it should be lived: in complete freedom of all that you are as a human being, from addiction. Cristóbal
  13. Hi Lilly, I am glad you have been using these resources, they certainly have helped so many people quit smoking over the years. The education you are getting is critical to helping you put your mind in the right place, and finally ending this awful cycle. The support from this forum is also very important. There is almost always somebody here to help if you have a bad day. Both education and support are key in their own ways, and both will help you finally end this awful cycle. Cristóbal
  14. Once you internalize that smoking has no benefit - and learn that one puff will start the active addiction again - then you will have your stickey quit. As human beings, we do not want to do things that will not have a benefit for us. So once you internalize that smoking has no benefit, you simply will not want to do it. It is exactly for these same reasons, that most people who have never smoked, never start. Cristóbal
  15. This is good, you are leaving the active addiction by going out, through the same door you opened to come in. Do you remember when you first started smoking ??? I think we all do. Those first cigarettes were not something we liked at the beginning. We had to pay the price of coughing and feeling dizzy, to become a proud smoker. That was what happened when we opened the smoking door to the addiction, years ago. Now, you must go through the same door to get out of where you were. The price of your exit, is withdrawl symptoms, however the process of leaving involves much more time and discomfort. Smoking sucked when we started. Smoking sucked when we smoked. Smoking sucked when we stopped. What does this tell you ??? Your perverse feelings of enjoying withdrawl, show that you have had enough of this garbage. Keep going and never look back, there was never anything good about smoking, it all sucked - you are doing excellent !!! Cristóbal

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