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  1. Hello Ceeray, welcome to QuitTrain !!! The "impediment" you mention in your second comment, is that you have not yet made a commitment with yourself to stop putting nicotine into your body. You are a nicotine addict. You are addicted to this drug. Smoking is just the delivery method. If you do not make this commitment with yourself, then quitting cold turkey or using other methods to quit smoking, will never work. You will continue to smoke or battle with quitting smoking for the rest of your life. That is where you are right now, and that is why you are where you are
  2. Hello, Unless you were on QSMB years ago, you probably do not remember or know about Jonny 5. However, this very inspirational poster is celebrating his 8 years anniversary today !!! Happy 8 Years, Jonny 5 !!! Below is a re-post of one of Jonny 5´s famous posts from QSMB - Enjoy !!! YOU AND I ARE NICOTINE ADDICTS, THESE ARE THE RULES Posted 26 January 2014 - 02:48 PM If you smoked, and continued to smoke, even knowing it was very dangerous, then like me, you are a nicotine addict. YOU WILL A
  3. On October 14 2012, I woke in the morning and decided on a whim to not smoke for one day. I had been smoking for over 30 years, 2 packs a day for most of those years since I was a teen. I had not thought too much about quitting, my health was good and my quit was not planned - I thought I liked smoking - but for some reason on the day I quit I decided that I was becoming tired of it. After several days my wife realized I was not smoking and decided to quit also. My cold turkey quit was very easy. I did not ever have days that I thought were very difficult.
  4. It is so good to see that Bakon has a 7 years quit. We quit at aproximately the same time. My feelings about smoking at 7 years quit are the same as his: "No interest in smoking, and I feel sorry for people who continue to smoke". If you are still smoking and reading this thread, remember the title of Bakon´s thread: "Starting now....." It is never impossible to quit smoking, and you can start RIGHT NOW. Cristóbal
  5. Hi Jan, I am happy to see you have joined QSMB. Congratulations on 9 years !!! Cristóbal
  6. ¡Felicidades mi estimado! Cristóbal
  7. It can be helpful when you quit, to imagine your quit like this: This allegory is completely correct in every way possible that you can imagine what the reality of quitting smoking really is. Of course the Grim Reaper is still a smoker.....and you are not any longer......so the longer you keep your quit the more faster you can run than him. Cristóbal
  8. Hi Peeper, What you are missing from Most people who quit smoking do not use a forum, or study ways to quit. They simply make a decision to "Never Take Another Puff", and then keep the commitment with themselves. A big danger of studying different ways of quitting is to believe that studying is what will keep your quit. It does not. What is missing from your quit, is that you have not yet made your commitment to "Never Take Another Puff". It does not make any difference how many times you read Ala
  9. Hi Diane, You already know what to do, to not smoke again. You just do not smoke. You were not born as a smoker, so your brain in both conscious and inconscious manners has memory of how life was without cigarettes. Just because you learned how to be a smoker, does not mean that forever you are to be a slave to the addiction. It takes time for your brain to return to handling life without cigarettes, but it will. It did it before you became a smoker, and it will do it again now that you have quit. Just be patient, and most important thing is to n
  10. My wife and I quit almost at the same time. With this song (and a few others) at maximum volume for hours and on repeat, we cleaned the house all the time. And then when we finished, we cleaned again the clean house. If I never hear this song again, it will never bother me !!! Cristóbal
  11. The craves disappear. All of them. After a few years, there are only old memories left. If they did not, we would never quit smoking permanently. Cristóbal
  12. Hello Del, How much time have you spent learning about nicotine addiction and the process of quitting smoking ??? Quitting smoking is not about willpower. Doing it the right way, requires education about what you are doing. What you can expect, and how to deal with it. Many millions of people have quit before you. Any discomfort you have experienced, many others have experienced the same thing. Do not think your experiences are unique. Invest some time in yourself, your quit and your future, and start reading and watching videos about
  13. What is the point of this post ??? it does not offer any support to people who are quitting smoking. Cristóbal
  14. People think they love smoking, until they are explained the truth about nicotine addiction. Then they hate it !!! Congratulations on your two years, keep going !!! Cristóbal
  15. Hello Sparky, This is great news !!! Start this quit right, be sure to watch Joel Spitzer´s video below about relapse prevention, then do click on this link https://whyquit.com/joel/Joel_Index_04_Relapse.html This is the link he talks about in his video that will take you to many articles and videos that are about relapse prevention. Education is key to getting a stickey quit !!! Cristóbal

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