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  1. Can't remember a zanier year. ALLOW
  2. Are my undergarments sufficiently edgy? SPENT
  3. Congratulations, Dizzy! That's an incredible achievement. I hope you did something to celebrate yourself and your commitment to your quit! :)
  4. I've gotten behind on my pledging, but I'm still here! NOPE
  5. I've read that it takes about a year to face all of your usual triggers. That's because, as @reciprocity said, you have to face all of the changing seasons. It's often called the year of "firsts"--the first warm sunny day after a long winter...the first campfire...the first outdoor barbecue...the first pile of leaves raked...the first chilly day...the first fire in the fireplace...the first snowfall...the first family gathering for the holidays (this will be a tough one for me this year.) These "firsts' can all trigger a craving. And it takes a full year to face the majority of them. It helps me to remember that with each craving I am forming new associations, so the next time I face the triggers it won't be so hard!
  6. I'm still here! I'm still quit! Life is currently rough, but the quit is solid. I just passed 100 days and feel stronger every day. I'm dealing with the sudden, unexpected passing of a loved one and the diagnosis of a very serious autoimmune disease--all without lighting up. I am proof that you can weather any storm WITHOUT smoking. There is absolutely NO good reason to light up.
  7. abbynormal

    chicks or sticks

    15 This is becoming an exercise in futility
  8. abbynormal

    chicks or sticks

    10 I'm in trouble

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