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  1. Most likely back to normal today it seems, fever at 99 , probably a mix of everything
  2. Thanks appreciate the kind words .... seems like one thing after another ; have a fever of 102-103 ... probably not related to quitting but dam when it rains it pours , frustrating
  3. So I do have one more question... is Smokers flu or Quitters Flu a real thing. not gonna lie, I was feeling pretty good the last couple days , thought we were on the gravy train rolling and then this afternoon unbearable headache and coughs ; no fevers or anything of that nature just the headache , coughs and stuffy nose ... ugh
  4. Good Morning all ... still going strong Night time anxiety seems to be getting much better , actually getting some sleep nowadays. Still have small episodes of anxiety and panic but much much better. keep on keeping on ...
  5. Yes Jillar it’s also the time you have the most to think ; wife is usually sleeping early, she’s been battling to stay up as late as possible to support, but she needs he sleep to be able to work efficiently in the morning ... it’s doesn’t feel like my mind is racing 200mph but it is ... and bam heart palpitations and panic ... ugh , this morning I looked myself in the mirror and asked WTF is wrong with you , calm the f$&! down Lol
  6. Ugh ... crushes it at the gym last night including 15 minutes of cardio, thought for sure i had worn myself out enough to get some sleep... laid down around 11:30, can feel I was anxious and mind was full of thoughts , dozed off for a bit only to awaken to a what I would call small panic attack, nothing like over the weekend , only lasted 30 seconds or maybe less ... but hay was the end of my sleep for a while , last time I looked at the clock it was almost 3am , up and outta bed around 6:00 , and the 3 hours was lousy sleep i really hope the anxiety and heart racing / palpitations stop soon .. need to sleep to function. still not reaching for a cigarette and 2 straight day with no nicorette
  7. Just an update ... had a hard time sleeping last night , definitely a bit anxious , especially with the series of events from the night before. eventually I was able to fall asleep for a few hours after taking some deep breathes for few minutes. holding strong thus far ; no nicorette yet today. a little discomfort in the chest area which is the norm, also starting to cough a bit.
  8. Great to hear. Stay strong and committed. sounds like you have some motivation with the wife quitting. day by day , win the small battles , it all adds up. keep us posted. We will be there for you
  9. Keep going; stay strong I am only a couple days into quitting , have already a few bumps (anxiety , heart palpitations) but sticking to the plan. we got this.
  10. Sorry for using this post as a way to post thoughts , but i did go out yesterday with my fiancé for her bday and had a couple of drinks. Didn’t smoke but that was the only thing that changed from the previous days, introducing alcohol. Will make a note just to see if it happens again. Lol trust me i was addicted to it as well. For now, i use it strictly for workouts.
  11. Thanks Jordan. Trying to ditch the gum. have only had a couple pieces today. But I think for the time being it’s the best for me but I plan to keep decreasing use as the days / weeks go by
  12. Thanks Abbynormal... I appreciate the support and honesty. And yes , they certainly are terrifying and i couldn’t imagine a worse feeling. But I am holding strong and committed. has been a relaxing day today and I feel better. Still pushing forward , not even craving an actual cigarette. To be honest, my last pack is still laying on the bench in the garage. Has been the entire time, not even a little bit tempted to touch it. Eventually , it will go in the trash. I am challenging myself. Finding other things to do to pass time. and I am very fortunate to find this forum, where people understand the struggle of quitting such an addiction.
  13. Thank you all so much. I am on 2mg of the Nicorette not the 4 mg. I have heard that the anxiety , nervousness and palpitations are quite normal when quitting , but never experiencing the palpitations in the past really cranked up the anxiety and made things worse. doctors were also on point , was able to get a chest x-ray, blood work , ECG and even a stress test ... it helped ease my mind a bit. but man, I hope the palpitations don’t come back . Still pushing , no cigarettes. th

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