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  1. Hey all just checking in ... still smoke free , going on two months!!! not really having any urges to even have a cigarette. battling really dry sinus nowadays. Nose feels like is plugged at times but it’s just pressure it seems. I know smoking does a number on our sinuses as well. Other than that holding strong. Stay safe everyone.
  2. you’re not kidding. At times the anxiety seems to be controlling me , literally negative thoughts rolling through the mind 100mph. It’s strange to me as I have never really been a worry wart. Now I simple cough and all of a sudden, i must be sick ... crazy because it comes and goes. For example i was on several conference calls throughout the day, everything was fine ... soon as I have alone time , watching the news or checking social media , thoughts spin out of control.
  3. Wow where should I start ... initially it was insomnia and heart palpitations(couple times). recently it has been a feeling of being tired , strange because it has been about 5 weeks post quit, but have read that it’s totally expected. Also anxiety , anxiety and anxiety. Seems to worry about things much more nowadays. other minor things , skin breakout and minor headaches.
  4. It’s definitely anxiety: all the symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks. literally once i calm myself down everything returns to normal. I never realized how hard anxiety can be on someone until the last few weeks. with everything going on with Covid-19 it’s really triggering lots of bad thoughts. but still finding a way through it ... haven’t touched a cigarette
  5. I was actually thinking about doing this is it persists. I am not a fan of prescribed medicine unless it’s absolutely necessary. luckily when i had the panic / anxiety attack episode a few weeks back which resulted in the hospital visit, then ran all sorts of tests ... blood work, chest x ray , ECG , stress test , etc and all looked good. But anxiety is a different breed and somewhat new to me ... outta nowhere it strikes and then passes ...
  6. So guys / gals , honest question for you all. have you found your anxiety levels increased after quitting smoking. I was never a big worry wart per se in the past , obviously there were things that stressed me out but it seems that smoking kinda hid some of that ... nowadays I find myself freaking out about things. Anxiety seems to be elevated at times , kinda feeling anxiety attacks , brief but they come and go... maybe it’s just the extensive nature of the corona virus and coverage but it has me kinda going crazy to be honest. Obviously thinking of the worse case scenarios and it’s throwing my body off. Haven’t really had this in the past , but like i said, stress was previously comforted by lighting up a couple cigarettes. any suggestions? Yes !!! learning that the hard way ; caffeine makes me loopy!!! Took a pre workout for the gym the other day and I was bouncing off walls lol ; crazy heart rate , etc. not taking that again any time soon.
  7. luckily , I am not a heavy caffeine consumer. I rarely drink coffee , when i do it’s usually the latte or machiatto kinda drinks, yes yes i know it’s embarasssing lol I stay away from energy drinks as well and outside of maybe a cola at lunch at times, soda consumption is very low ... I can only imagine what a monster or red bull would do to me at the present time ... yikes but I think the caffeine stuff is spot on ; I took a pre workout the other day before the gym , loads of caffeine obviously and it was messing with my heart rate , breathing , etc ... not doing that again lol
  8. Hey all checking in .... still cranking , recently past the 1 month of being smoke free. overall feeling good , tendencies to be a bit tired at times, but that seems to be the norm post quitting. sleeping habits are getting much much better. Still waking up certain nights and having a hard time sleeping, but other nights are just fine. moving forward
  9. Hey all , checking in still going strong smoke free .. other than trying to adjust to sleep things are going well. Still kinda having a hard time getting a good nights rest but it’s been better than last week. plugging and chugging along. Having some stomach adjustments as well, which my doc told me is expected. getting closer and closer to 1 month
  10. Thank you so much plugging and chugging dry cough , no fever moving forward
  11. Thanks for the notes all ... I am definitely not taking the fever lightly or connecting it to quitting smoking. Took the day off work , been relaxing , drinking tons of fluids. Fever is essentially gone ... since I am a little anxious , I check my temp every hour or so (maybe more) thank you all for the concern
  12. Most likely back to normal today it seems, fever at 99 , probably a mix of everything
  13. Thanks appreciate the kind words .... seems like one thing after another ; have a fever of 102-103 ... probably not related to quitting but dam when it rains it pours , frustrating

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