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Hey all it’s been a little bit since my last post , coming up to almost 6 months post quit. Can’t believe it’s been that long already, not even a hint of trying to smoke during that time.


I posted previously about some sinus issues and congestion. After some testing and visits to allergists and Ear/Nose/Throat Doctor it seems that I have Allergic Rhinitis that’s causing swelling in my sinuses / nasal passages. 

I have never had these types of problems during my smoking days. I have searched and googled and have found some instances of people’s allergies getting worse during the first allergy season. It’s the body’s way of recovering after all the toxins coming out. Also, it seems smoking /nicotine can mask allergy issues. 

all in all just curious if anyone else has had these types of experiences. 

currently getting allergy shots , taking anti-histamine and nasal steroid sprays which aren’t exactly treating me right , never have been good with meds. 

thanks in advance. 


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First hayfever season post quit (about the 9 month mark for me) I got smashed wit h the worst hayfever of my life except for when pregnant. Let me tell you the year after, so much better. Hardly needed anything.


Do you eat pineapple or drink pineapple juice?...try having some rest pineapple, or a glass of unsweetened juice or even rimmed pineapple in natural juice each day...pineapple is a natural antihistamine and if you start having some daily it helps with hayfever. If you are having gv a bad day j just drink some ju i 've a nd it eases the symptoms.


Oh and congrats on your quit...that's a great start you have going.


Oh and d not forget to vote on your choice f or ty hhe 2020 quit name.

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Thanks for posting. I literally quit right before tree pollen season in Michigan. It’s been a rough go if it since that point with respect to allergy and sinus symptoms. 

Nice to know I may not be the only one. Hopefully follow down your path and things get easier next year. 

appreciate the post. 

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I had some nasal congestion post quitting but don't think it was allergy related. Mine has been considerably clearer since then and hopefully will stay that way. Hoping your's improves as well.

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