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  1. Very tired.... think I might pop my head on the desk and have a snooze... but what if I snore?
  2. I'm researching peeps....researching!
  3. I could post ya poll, but who are the impractical jokers?
  4. Um...lb Oz....who frickin knows we don't use that DF down here so I won't be math facts checking @Sazerac..... So the lovely miss Maddie Mae will be 3.544kg....which goggle convert tells me is 7lb 13oz.....how many Oz in a lb?...I thought it was 12 or is that those inches and feet things.
  5. Oh...um...hmmmm...first babies are often late...that said the kid was 2 weeks early....let me think about this....
  6. Won't the rules just change again tomorrow?
  7. Feeling inspired by @Cbdave so just raised the parents garden and decorated their house...
  8. I was thinking about just this the other day ... Someone asked me if I ever saw myself smoking again..only in my nightmares. I mean this is it people, I couldn't be any more confident in my quit than I am now. I don't even get the occasional twinge of want anymore. I love being free. Essentially I got meself some knowledge and I got meself some power.
  9. Hahaha @reciprocity.... Actually tinned fruit...stewed fruit was recommended for the first 2 weeks...only one who cooks in the house so yeah nah...just got some tinned stuffs.
  10. I really do live in the lucky country. So far, since I fell ill last Friday my out of pocket expenses have been $18.60 in medications, $40 in parking and some food supplies that wouldn't normally be in my house. We have social health down under, for everyone. We pay an additional tax each year and it covers medical. Something's are deemed elective, cos you will live without them and there are wait lusts, but most things are covered. I'm home this morning, just having a boring black tea after a second little trip in to Hossy due to some complications, dunno maybe sending me home less than 24hrs after the first op wasn't the best way to go...anyway...all good now on the mend...feet up, very tired but I am off for an iron transfusion on Monday which should perk me up a bit.
  11. I will say first, these are not ones you have used before.... But I think 1 is the lie.... I know you have a penchant for collecting religious ephemera and I like to think they 3 is true, there are many gifts to be found in random places...1, I just don't see you as the formalised structured religion gal...although it's certainly within your wheelhouse to go to all the religious services just because they all have their own beauty at times and watching others and how they worship is rewarding in itself in a way.
  12. Thanks everyone. First day home...and becsuse we are scaling back iso my parents insisted I go there for the day...where I got the joy of homeschooling...today's class were PE...where she went for a 45min walk to the lake (pond) and back....science where we did some elemental chemistry and I got to explain isotopes and mass numbers and protons and electrons....Fit for life (fake sport, its about diet and work life balance and tai chi and yoga and meditation and emotional health and I can't believe it's a subject) where she had to cook something healthy and record the process and feed people...dunno how she turned my 30min quick feed pumpkin soup into a 2 hour marathon but apparently it was lovely (not on the list of food i get yet)...then watch footy with my dad...he has been taping old games that my team won for me because we have had no footy....and then he made me laugh do much I might have bust some stitches.
  13. Ding ding ding....winner winner chicken dinner....Saz is right... 1. True...even though I have never seen it snow I have been "to the snow" as we say down here...Victoria has ski fields, but they are often the result of snow machines....I have been to the snow 5 times in my life and I skied, snowboarded and tobogganed but I have never seen it snow...I have however had ski patrol haul my broken arse down the mountain. 2. True...after going skiing on the Darwin dam (croc free I was told) we were going this drinking game/inner tube jackass thing which resulted in me being knocked unconcious, my mates got me out of the water, made sure I was concious and left me to sleek off me severe concussion in the not so shade of the tree...my knees and shins were so badly sunburnt I had to spend nearly a week in hossy. 3... LIE....I have only ever windsurfed on a lake or in the bay and nothing was ever dislocated windsurfing. Although I did once cut my leg and get alluvial gold in it and it healed over and I had this sparkly patch on my skin until my mum noticed and scrubbed it out with a steal brush whole she was getting out gravel the same way from another fall.
  14. @Sazerac ??? @Doreensfree ??? @WeegieWoman??? @Sslip??.
  15. notsmokinjo

    True or False

    False.. tnp has a cuppa tea every day.
  16. Right now I'm sitting on my chair in my lounge minus one gallbladder and with a repaired hernia. 2 for 1 who could ask for better than that. Didn't even know I had a hernia. 20hrs after a 4 hour surgery and I was discharged. But omg, besides feeling like someone's just used my tummy as a punching bag I am pain free. Wonderful nurses, great doctors, I love my socialist health service. @Boo there will be no farmers walks for 6 weeks as I have a 5kg limit...come on who am I kidding, there will be no farmers walks. If I didn't forget how you do a secret squirrel box I'd give you the gross op notes...the kids not talking to me because I didn't ask them to keep the stone. At least they got it out before it burst. On the us side, the post op nurse is putting me in her book...when I was coming out of the general she asked if I knew where I was..."of course I bloody know where I am, post op at fricken Sunshine Hossy after just having me gallbladder out" and then I was off with the fairies again....next time I was semi lucid she informed me they found a hernia while in there and fixed that to, do I said "Twofer, gotta love a twofer"...god only knows what else FL from my mouth but she thanked me for the laughs as they wheeled me back to the ward.
  17. Acute colecistitis .... Fasting for surgery. Might get bumped if an emergency comes in. No comications, back to work Friday or Monday.
  18. Still waiting on the ultrasound...so fasted all day, 6pm...no can't do the scan until tomorrow...oh well getting by....little old Yaya Maria went home and my new roomie is a bit of a nightmare...telly on full ball, speaking to the nurses like they are her servants, just rude and demanding and obnoxious. Probably Gunna be another long night.
  19. Still in limbo, spent the night on a ward alternating between walking laps and sitting in a chair. Just watched the sunrise over my city. So I am waiting for a ultra sound. The surgeon who admitted me said without the ultrasound his guess will be surgery today, tomorrow or 3-4 weeks...the charge nurse from last night thinks it will be sooner rather than later. I feel ok except for pain...and tired.
  20. 5 attempts, 2 with the ultrasound And we have an IV.
  21. Sitting in casualty at Sunshine Hossy (possible gallstones) watching the jacks interview a bloke who they think was in a hit n run....never a dull moment when ya a Westie. It kinda sucks I won't go to me local Hossy cos I know nurses there and I don't like their version of confidentiality.
  22. Dunno if I'm a fan of the old mother's Day....it was good when my grandma was here....and I thought it would be good when I had a kid but mostly unless I get myself something she usually forgets....but mostly it's a sad day missing my grandma...missing what I didn't/don't have with my mum...
  23. So with baby Boo's imminent arrival and @Boo's his future of Let It Go and the wiggles on repeat.... let's share nursery rhymes and kiddy songs from our childhoods (or our kids) to determine sensitise his sensitive ears.... So here are some of my faves...
  24. Wash your face with orange juice - Peter Coombs What's your beauty routine?

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