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  1. For a while now I have been getting the distinct impression you mob thing I talk funny. I mean dunno what ya issue is I speak perfect English. The Brits speak English, the Canadians speak English, the Americans speak English, the Scott's speak English and the Dutch, Portugese, Mexicans, Indians all speak English.... but it seems we are at times speaking in dialects all our own, well I am defo. So here is a little activity to build a translator service... I mean I bet there are dialect differences in your own countries let alone across boarders. SO I will post up 3 picks and we will say what we call them. Will let it run for a while then we will add 4, 5, 6....etc. Everyone welcome to add them at any time... just keep the numbers going .... 1........ 2............... 3...................
  2. So .... this is a big issue in our house... with 4 people, 1 who doesn't give a brass razoo as long as there is dunny paper... one who is adamant the paper should go over the roll and 2 who believe in having it go under..... so the one who doesn't really give a sh1t tends to side with the odd man out... well woman... on gender lines... its not really import, such a first world dilema but should the toilet paper go over or under (and would you change the way the roll goes in someone elses house if they had it "wrong"). So vote how you want but I would love to hear why you think the way you do... and just thing... you may change the mind of those like me who really don't care. In case you are thinking... what the hell is the crazy woman on about now:
  3. notsmokinjo

    Bloody Summer Storms...

    OK so I know Aussies are super competitive about the weirdest shit... I mean what other nature on earth would be proud to say "yeah well we have 9 of the 10 deadliest snakes"..... I think its essentially because we have an identity crisis as a nation and have a national inferiority and confidence problem but that's a whole different post.... so anyway... Aussies like to win shit... doesn't matter if its our PM can skull a beer quicker than yours or the 4 x 100 freestyle relay at the Olympics... we like to compete, we like to win.... and Victorians are the worst and Melbournians are like the death con 5 of competativeness... we like to win more than any other state... we really like to beat Sydney and Adelaide, and Perth, and Tassie and Qld.... I mean Victoria and Melbourne are the best... omg see what I mean, its probably just a little big man thing... cos geographically we are the smallest... hmmm again another post... anywho..... Melbourne get ya shit together... Just cos QLD had bush fires.... we had to have bush fires.... just cos Sydney had flash floods... we had to have flash floods.. ya know what... SOME competitions .... really not worth winning..... and as for the fricking nob heads on roads when there is a meter of the wet stuff flowing through an intersection... why?, why the fruck do you think your shit heap, tin can of a midget car can safely make it through water so deep the frickin trucks wont try it.... and Melbourne.... you wanna have flash floods bigger and more destructive than Sydney??? Don't frickin do it at 5pm on a frickin Friday night 2 weekends out from Chrissy.... cos.... CHAOS!!!!!!!!! So yes I had to cross Melbourne, through the floods, to get to the work Chrissy party... a 40min trip in peak hour (20min when not) took me just over 1.5 hours.... BUT..... I frickin beat most of the people who left 30mins before me (see crazy competitive... its just weird)... by more than 30mins.... why?????.....maybe my youth wasn't so misspent.... so while the thought of being drenched in gutter water now makes me cringe and shudder..... back in the day, when we ruled the streets on our BMX bikes we made it our mission to know all the best flash flood sites....as a grow'ed up this meant I could get in my car start driving where I had to go realise it was flooding fast and know how to get from A-B without dealing with flood waters.... for the most part.... and cos they are not standard roads all those morons who rely on GPS instead of proper paper maps (cos I had to check a couple of roads hadn't been turned into dead ends) got sent through the floods and I cruised to party without flooding the car or getting stuck in snarls. Oh and all you suckers who laugh at me for refusing to go to the underground train stations... hahahahahaha sucked in they locked you down there. Melbourne last night:
  4. notsmokinjo

    True or False

    True ...public transport is shiteful.... need a new car everything is so far away out here in the suburbs on the edge of country. TNP makes a christmas trip to the cemetery to visit the ancestors.
  5. notsmokinjo

    Saturday Poll: Toilet Paper... over or under?

    Well it done an dusted now me chinas and let the record stand that with a clear majority, and therefore the mandate of the people.... the OVER campaign is the clear winner.... I mean 60% people... it may not be like the sweeping victory of stars over angel/fairies but its a win... So all you under loosers... which was mainly the blokes.... change your ways the people have spoken 😜 OVER
  6. notsmokinjo

    English... its all the same language... or is it.

    Go you, birthday girl. ^^ exactly wot he said 17...?? UM ???... I think its pickled pork... but don't look like something we really do..... 18... tinnie 19.... stubby < just for Chris usually round 375ml... so same as a tinnie but in a bottle 20.... long neck ... think 750ml 21....A Stubby Holder....
  7. notsmokinjo

    English... its all the same language... or is it.

    15.. shit faced... or smashed... or pissed... or maggoted....spaz / spastic.... tired and emotional.... but usually pissed. (but pissed can also mean angry)
  8. notsmokinjo

    Wren18 is 11 Months Smoke Free

    Congratulations @Wren18 for being 11 months smoke free! Well Done on having such an awesome quit. So I see that ship coming in on the horizon.... see a Lido Deck function with your name one it so make sure you pack your bags well.. but before then, make sure you do something special to reward your efforts and commitment so far. We'd love to know how you celebrated.
  9. I have noticed a lot of people who hopped off the Quit Train jumping back on in the past few weeks. This is awesome. So for those of you out there who in the past few weeks have tossed the smokes and taken up the challenge to quit again I just wanted you to know we have your back and are so happy that you have decided to quit again. Welcome Back. May this be your sticky quit. My you learn from your last quit (however short or long it was) and take those lessons with you to help you KTQ. My you have a long future ahead of you as a non-smoker.
  10. notsmokinjo

    English... its all the same language... or is it.

    14. Ok this one depends where you live in Australia what you call it.... I know in WA it is only ever called a Rock Melon.... and in Vic it gets both but usually Cantaloupe ...
  11. notsmokinjo

    English... its all the same language... or is it.

    9... Softdrink or Fizzy Drink 10. Avo 11. Zucchini 12. Eggplant
  12. notsmokinjo

    English... its all the same language... or is it.

    8.... Thongs
  13. notsmokinjo

    English... its all the same language... or is it.

    6. Chips 7. Chips... @reciprocity what do you call 1-5???
  14. notsmokinjo

    English... its all the same language... or is it.

    Yeah we say knickers too.. but mainly undies... boys and girls have undies... girls have knickers and blokes have jocks. 5.... is Jelly.
  15. notsmokinjo

    English... its all the same language... or is it.

    I think I'll get in trouble if I say what my grandad called it.
  16. notsmokinjo

    Christa326 is 4 months Smoke Free!

    Congratulations @Christa326 for being 4 months smoke free. Well done on have such a great start to you quit. You may not post every day but you are here and reading and learning. Make sure you do something special to celebrate and reward yourself.
  17. notsmokinjo

    English... its all the same language... or is it.

    Melbourne Australia..... and I say.... 1. Capsicum 2. Macca's 3. Bickies.... there are even some cream ones.
  18. notsmokinjo

    game: **The Coke Machine**

    and out came a tourist down under for chrissy. I put in a chicken and a pig
  19. notsmokinjo

    The Last Letter Game

  20. notsmokinjo

    Phrase Connect Game

    Don't you rain on my parade
  21. notsmokinjo

    This or That game

    (barefoot) but on those month of chilly days we get socks... don't see the point of inside the house shoes. Would you or wouldn't you knowingly wear odd socks.
  22. notsmokinjo

    Saturday Poll: Toilet Paper... over or under?

    Tic Toc Tic Toc.... that clock is counting down.... voting polls will soon be closing.... and it looks like the Overs have it on a lock..... should I say they are about to wipe out the competition????
  23. notsmokinjo

    Phrase Connect Game

    Take a rain check
  24. notsmokinjo

    Answer a question with a song title.

    Daughter - Pearl Jam Weary - Shirley Flynn (just google Weary Dunlop... all you who never grew up learning aussie history... so basically everyone 'cept me n C) Where would you go for holidays if money was no option?

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