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  1. notsmokinjo

    Can you see what it is??????

    And cos we don't want to leave out poor old bakon here's one for him too..
  2. notsmokinjo

    Can you see what it is??????

    Here's one for Reci
  3. notsmokinjo

    A-Z Places with Strange Names..

    So this was a very popular topic in Topic of the Day when we had it so lets see how it goes as a permanent addition... its simple, going A-Z you need to list strange places names from anywhere in the world. Now a place may be a geographic feature like the Knobbies in Victoria or it may by a city or town or even just an inlet. Of course there are some letters which will be harder, like X & Z... so they can be skipped.. or in the case of X you can apply the SLOX and substitute a number for x... its algebra, just go with it. As usual "the" is invisible. Please list the place name and the country. So lets get this show on the road.... Anus, France
  4. notsmokinjo

    Christa326 is 6 months Smoke Free!

    Congratulations @Christa326 for being 6 months smoke free. Well done Christa and welcome to the 50%ers.... you are now officially half way to your first year of freedom. Its great having you around the boards sharing your observations and discussions and supporting others on their way. Make sure you take time to do something special today to celebrate because 6 months deserves celebration.
  5. notsmokinjo

    Can you see what it is??????

    Here's info for cat lover... And one for Jillar...
  6. notsmokinjo

    Can you see what it is??????

    Off to make a cuppa now.
  7. WIZZ FIZZ CREME EGGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hooley Dooley world you are missing out my Northern Friends... this year Easter has bought with it a brand new experience in oral pleasure..... so growing up in Aussie one of the best treats around was a bag of Wizz Fizz... which is a little paper envelope full of white powdery sherbert and a little plastic shovel to scoop it out and eat it... seriously where else but Aus would parent give their kids little bags of white powder that was sure to make them hyperactive and slightly manic.... then they branched out into to lollypops.... yum, sooo yum.... but their newest contribution to the hyperactivity of Aussie kids is the Wizz Fizz Creme Egg.... so I got one, mainly cos it is in shiney orange foil and well it said Wizz Fizz, and omg it was frickin ah-may-zing.... blow you mind good.... white chocolatey cream, with bits of pop rocks (popping candy) and sherbert.... coated in the creamiest chocolate... OMG it was so frickin' awesome.... I think I'm gunna roll me kid for her one. @Cbdave and @Fab do yaselves a favour and get one of these delicious little beasts in ya mouth.... your taste buds will thank you..... and did you know... Wizz Fizz was invented in Melbourne.... where all the best Aussie shit comes from 😜 for you poor deprived non-Aussies... this is Wizz Fizz.... the rubber gloves don't make it look dodgy at all... and so me mates know what to look for down the shops.... this is a Wizz Fizz Creme Egg
  8. notsmokinjo

    I'm so gland I'm an Aussie because......

    Darryl Lea did something like that hat here when. I was a kid, pretty sure the Easter bunny bought them and we just handed them to my mum...
  9. notsmokinjo

    I'm so gland I'm an Aussie because......

    We had those too but wizz fizz was better, and no licorice....
  10. notsmokinjo

    Who's on the train...

    Ok so this is kind of a re-introduction thread... it gives the newbies a chance to meet the regulars and visiting oldies without having to fill in blanks.... Name: notsmokinjo AKA: jo, looney bird Quit Date: 28 Nov 2017 About Me: I'm slightly insane, I use a lot of Aussie slang or Strine cos I'm from Straya... but I'm never insulted if you ask for a translation. Why I quit: It was time Biggest bit of advice: One day at time, only every quit for 24 hours, I just keep doing it every day... and it gets easier, one day at a time. Tag your it.....
  11. notsmokinjo

    Opah is 1 Month Smoke Free!

    Congratulations @Opah for being smoke free for one whole month! Well done Opah. So its been a bumpy month and despite challenges life has thrown your way you have persevered and kept your quit. So rewards are important, you need to make sure your do something special to celebrate your new beginning for the rest of your life smoke free.
  12. Congratulations @I Got This (T) for being 4 months smoke free. Well done T for being 1/3 of the way through your first year. I hope month 4 was easier for you than month 3, I know you did it tough in month 3. Remember it will get better every day. We would love to see you around the boards more and would love to know how you have rewarded yourself and celebrated being 4 months free.
  13. notsmokinjo

    Rozuki is 2 years Smoke Free!

    Congratulations @Rozuki on 2 years smoke free!!! Well done Roz, what a wonderful quit you have going on. Your second year has certainly been eventful, getting your ticker serviced, retiring, relaxing by the pool. We are so lucky to have you still here sharing your journey, creatively NOPEing every day (your NOPEs were one of the things to inspire me as a real newbie) and supporting those coming behind you. So sit back, relaxing in your special 2nd year recliner, and enjoy as we raise a toast. Oh and don't forget to do something super special to celebrate your 2 years... and tell us just what you have planned, we would love to know.
  14. Congratulations @JimHannoonen for being smoke free for two whole years. Well done on taking back your life and keeping the quit for 2 whole years. It would be great if you could pop in and give us an update. What better way to celebrate the self confessed crocs king than the dance of his people...
  15. Congratulations @MindHacker for being 2 months smoke free. Well done Kate. Hope all is going well and you have done something special to celebrate your second month of freedom. Please pop in and let us know how you are traveling and what you did to reward yourself in celebration of your second month.
  16. notsmokinjo

    Andy75 is 2 Years Smoke Free!

    Congratulations @Andy75 for being 2 years smoke free. Well done on having two full years quit. We would love to hear how you are going and how wonderful it is to be 2 years free.
  17. Congratulations @Rosewothorne for being 10 months smoke free. Well done on being into the double figures Rose. It was great to see you pop in over the new year. Would love to hear how you are going with your quit, so happy you are still with us even if you can't pop in all the time. Make sure you do something special to celebrate your 10 month quitaversary.
  18. notsmokinjo

    Gracelove is 2 Years Smoke Free

    Congratulations @GraceLove for being 2 Years Smoke Free Well done Grace for have a wonderful 2 year quit. We hope you do something special to celebrate and it would be great to hear how you have rewarded yourself.
  19. notsmokinjo

    Niecie is 2 Years Smoke Free!

    Congratulations @Niecie for being smoke free for 2 years. Well done Niecie on have two wonderful years of freedom. We hope all is well and would love to know how you celebrated.
  20. notsmokinjo

    Jayhawk is 7 Month Smoke Free

    Congratulations @Jayhawk for being 7 months smoke free. Well done, and Hugh Millen can just move over, its seems the Pats have a new star wearing a 7. Congrats also on having a smoke free Super Bowl win I bet that made it doubly fine. So make sure you do something special to celebrate because you deserve it.
  21. notsmokinjo

    Sparky is 2 Months Smoke Free

    Congratulations @Sparky for being 2 months smoke free. Well done Sparky. Make sure you do something to reward yourself for being 2 months smoke free and pop in to let us know how you celebrated.
  22. I used to be an equal opportunity smoker...loved me a good old woohoo smoke but chain smoked when stressed... How did I do it... by realising that having a smoke was not going to cure me, get me a new job, pay the bills, put food on the table, erase my past hurts, comfort me, answer any of my questions.....and have the boys and girls here to remind me of all that when I needed it. Actually, learning that instead of helping with stress smoking would increase it and understanding the neurological connection between nicotine addiction and anxiety helped me learn to cope with stressful times without putting something iny mouth and burning it....I will confess when I get super stressed now I will reach for a chewy (non-nrt of course) or I'll suck a mint ... But for the most it is just life and the one thing I know for a fact that will not help any situation is a smoke. It was also having threads like this to read in the early days that made me realise that it wouldn't help and why, so thanks @Jet Black for starting such a good thread.
  23. notsmokinjo

    Sitting here crying wanting so bad to smoke

    ^^ It's nice in theory to just cut them from your life but there is a multitude of reasons not to. @Linda Thomas since you first joined our merry band you have taken steps to reduce the impact your parents have on your life. I get why it's so hard to say no and you know what regardless of why you allow your parents to still be in your life I respect that you do because it's a hard choice to make. I don't care if it's a sense of obligation or the fact you are a genuinely caring person (which you are) or if you are living the words "be the person you want others to be" or " do unto others as you would have them do unto you" or even if it's just the little girl inside living in the hopes of a thanks or a well done or a we're proud....or even if it's a mix of all of those... Just because you haven't cut them from you life doesn't mean you can't have whinge or a rant .. you go for it...whatever happens we got ya back babe.
  24. notsmokinjo

    What's For Dinner: Part 2

    ^^^^NNNNOOOOOOO.... I don't think my 2 minute noodles with peas and corn was note worthy enough for a pic.
  25. notsmokinjo

    chicks or sticks


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