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  1. We have a winner.... 1. She did have a Ginger Fluffball named Black Beauty....I mean this cat was high viz orange....saddly BB thought it could catch tiger snakes and survive. 2. She did have a ginger cat named Ninja, short for Ginger Ninja ( which in an Aussie accent rhymes)...Ninja was cute but not quite right upstairs, he used to chase card, well only red cars, and the car won. 3. Lie....while she did have a cat named Hunter he was a lovely soft grey colour. He was with us of over 10 years and the most beautiful thing, he just didn't come home one night ..the Ranger said we have someone in the area baiting cats but we will never know. Saz...you're up.
  2. Sarge, 83kg of smoke free dog who just can't understand why he can't sit on your knee.
  3. notsmokinjo


    Look at you go super hero. After that initial loss with the hair, give it a day or so and you don't notice it. Just remember when it grows back it's an exciting new present .... it could be the same or completely different. Love the wigs you chose though, they are very nice.
  4. notsmokinjo


    I went with a 1 buzz. It was just easier. I'm a big soon and didn't like the wig so just rocked scarfs and trubans and bandanas and I had these super soft and gentle headbands that had the triangle scarf bit built in. Scarfs/bandanas were the best because there were lots of different ways to tie them.
  5. notsmokinjo

    True or False

    True...only had the last lot out 2 weeks ago. Wanna see the pics? TNP has had a black eye.
  6. Let's stick with cats... 1. The kid had a ginger cat named Black Beauty. 2. The kid had a ginger cat named Ninja 3. The kid had a ginger cat named Hunter.
  7. Oh and for our resident map expert Cocoroc doesn't count because it doesn't have a sign in the freeway or a freeway exit.
  8. And the winner is @Sazerac... 1. Every morning and every night the train I take to work goes past the refinery in Altona where they filmed parts of Mad Max (the original) 2. I live in an outer south western suburbs of Melbourne and the next town on the map after us is Little River. When I was little I thought the town was named after the band, not the band named after the town. 3. While I can see the Westgate bridge from the front of my work it is another 800m or so until I am under it,same street but further down where the Boeing research centre is.
  9. Dry as a dead dingo's donga Really thirsty. I could drink a whole slab, me throats as dry as a dead dingo's donga.
  10. Oh it's me time.....ok let's see... 1. Every day when I catch the train to work I go past the refinery they filmed Mad Max (Road Warrior) in. 2. If you drive west, the next town you hit after mine is Little River, the one the band is named after. 3. I work under the Westgate bridge, right where the section collapsed killing the men building it.
  11. 2 is the lie, because you are actually a pretty good cook you just choose not to because you don't enjoy it.
  12. Blue A fight, often between two groups of people. Did ya catch that blue last night down the pub, it was frickin fully sick.
  13. notsmokinjo


    Bald is beautiful.. it says I'm a fighter. It says I am strong. It says I have untold power and strength.... And yet it's still daunting when it happens, I was fine when the hair fell out had one if the kids I tutored buzz it off for me but the day I wiped my eyes and I was left with a handful of lashes, I broke....cried and cried and cried. Not sure what it's like where you are but over hear we have free wigs , if you want to go that way. Check with the support groups they will know what is out there. Just think, often it grows back differently, and you will have virgin hair again, never coloured or permed. Mine came back darker and curlier. Completely different.
  14. 2 is the lie...cos convent school in Ireland, probably took ya pendix out as punishment for forgetting the different rosaries...and I don't see you as a tube tying person...but tonsil are vile little pussballs that should be removed. Wierd fact...when the poms shipped all the WW2 'orphans' to Australian orphanages they all had their tonsils removed before the boats sailed.
  15. Meat pies are Aussie as...we even do itty bitty party sized ones....the south Australians are a bit odd they float theirs but summer or winter nothing beats a neat pie.
  16. I in invoke the SLOX.... Where X=101 and give you.. Wonowon , BC ... Canada Why? Cos Canada??? yeah-NAH it's at mile mark 101 on the Alaska highway.... Next letter is Y
  17. notsmokinjo

    chicks or sticks

    -2 This is the only negativity I enjoy
  18. Yeah I was never a teen idol person...most of my music didn't make commercial radio. Although I do now have my next true and false..
  19. I wanted to say But late so will go with two.... @Jordan7 I've had that song in my head since your comment the other day...thought it only best I share ....and I never miss a chance to assault @Sazerac wars with the Aussie music legend Johnny Farnham ...lol
  20. ( , Y . ) .... Naughty naughty...do you like the pierced nip action?

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