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  1. .. .. Tangent 2....wondering why all phones have a different process for copying pics. Ok...so really came to say I'm sitting on the bus stop wondering if @boo has a playlist for his Sugar britches or is he old school and has a mix tape hmmmm....oh now I'm off to th we music threads.
  2. But @Boo...ya early...ya get 1 day mate...and I even had me theme lined up for this year..last year we did songs that featured state names in the title...this year i was thinking city names, in the title or artist....SO let's kick off early....
  3. I love marking the passage of time by your monthly posts @Jack1664.
  4. Meanwhile down under.... this one goes out to our Jo's with the extra bits (e's)... @joe, @Joe7...
  5. @Doreensfree you trend setter...pulling the votes for a win.
  6. Nope.... not with only 23 sleeps until Christmas in July.
  7. Do you think he liked my Aussie contributions?
  8. Because triangular boxes would be odd. Why do boxers fight in a square enclosure but they call it a ring?
  9. I'd like to take this time to tank Canada for Ryan Reynolds...and...um...Yep, that's it
  10. Yep you do too or yep it's just us southern ferrals?
  11. Is it just down here or does very else yell "Alice? Who the Fruck is Alice" after they sing living next door to Alice?
  12. Nope... A hit n a kick for being so quick. Happy New Year....to all the Aussie accounts people. BUT especially Happy Canada Day
  13. Freezin me ar$e off.....hooray dooley, 0°C (32f) sitting on a bus stop while t the bus sits at t h e stop ahead of me cos has ahead of schedule. Bus before was ahead of schedule...did he stop nah just flew right past me...oh well putting me blue fingers back in me pockets now.
  14. notsmokinjo

    True or False

    True...many, many times.... Tnp has been in a skulling competition.
  15. I think this is the article...bit grumpy that libs are backburnering this....so just to clarify ..the Liberals or the coalition ....down here they are the conservatives...so think Tory or Republican. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/australia-news/2020/jun/24/coalition-mps-revolt-against-ban-on-people-importing-liquid-nicotine-for-vaping
  16. In general or only when the carpets a shag pile?
  17. Terminator 2 "Your queen is in deep shit"
  18. The same laws that apply to smoking apply to vaping in regard to age restrictions and sick a l restrictions.

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