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  1. Nope... well I'm guessing cos I don't eat these flat disks of yuck
  2. Has anyone else clocked how young frickin Usher looks?
  3. Yay @Boo both are exactly right. What's the sport movie where they are German pows and they escape during a soccer game?
  4. notsmokinjo

    A to Z TV Shows

    I'm playing the SLOX....and x=21 21 Jump Strret
  5. Don't shit where ya sleep
  6. When a fart is real rank don't you say "that fart needs a postcode/zip code"? (If it's real bad it needs an international dialing code)
  7. If you swallow watermelon seeds and fart can you shoot the dog?
  8. Did the fart have a postcode?
  9. Don't you just love auto-incorrect? (Weegie, a Feijoa is about the size of a small chook egg. You cut it in half and eat it like a kiwi fruit. It tastes like a cross between a pineapple and a guava and has the texture of a pear. You can make yummy jam from them and even cakes)
  10. Beetroot and eggs on an Aussie burger but only eggs on an Aussie Pizza. I have seen beetroot, baby spinach and goats cheese on a pizza menu before...still didnt want any.
  11. Would I post a pick of not rope fruit?
  12. Do you mob not have feijoas?
  13. Did you know the "hawaiian" pizza was bought to us by Canada. We even have an Aussie Pizza, and it doesn't even have beetroot...Nope it has the shredded ham, rashes of bacon and whole eggs cracked on it.
  14. Surely the only thing that comes close to pineapple is a feijoa?
  15. It's a simple yes or no peeps... There is no denying pineapple is the greatest fruit on earth, even better than mangos but does it belong on pizza? Personally I don't give a fat rats clacker cos pizza is an abomination from the foulest depths of hell but let's see what the people think.
  16. Do you think Mac is a bit obsessed with poles?
  17. Wot, now he's calling me big and a Mack?
  18. Why do i have to make all the decisions?
  19. @Mac#23 has shown much interest of late in running a poll....So I just did one for him...well actually it's going to be 2 but ya gunna have to head to the music thread for the second one. Usual rules apply...the votes are anonymous but you can spruik your choice below, campaigning is encouraged...pools close 28th June at 1:42am Melbourne time which will be some time on the 27th for all you mob not in Aus or NZ. To help you decide here are the candidates... 1. Return of the Mack 2. Call Me a Mack 3. Mack the Knife* 4. Jimmy Mack 5. Old Mac Donald Had a Far * There will be a cover or original poll on this in the music threads. So boys, girls, and others which Mack song is best!
  20. Dunno, what about call me a mack?
  21. Who knows the song Jimmy Mack?
  22. Depends, do you like boys or girls or both or fluffy animals?

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