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  1. Dunno, what about call me a mack?
  2. Who knows the song Jimmy Mack?
  3. Depends, do you like boys or girls or both or fluffy animals?
  4. 1. Pretty sure all the blokes will say yes, and the univorns...and there's even a fair few chicks who like to ride the horn from time to time. 2. I don't think there can ever be enough stupid. Is it normal to want to be a carrot?
  5. First what Saz said 100%....I once gave myself a fully blown panic attack about using my sewing machine because the world time before when i did i craved so bad....it was a total waste of energy because when i finally pulled me head put me arse and just used it ... I was fine. ... Don't waste time on maybes...you got this mate. Right now I'm wonderin if smoking is still allowed in bars/clubs/restaurants where @Mac#23 is?
  6. Good old honey and lemon juice in hot water (like a a tea) really works. You can add some ginger (or rum, or brandy or whiskey) if ya want want. Even just a teaspoon of honey will help with the itchy throat feel.
  7. Seen em all Remember the Titans Impossible A League of THEIR Own The Replacements Phat Lap Seabiscuit The Cup Bled for This Coolingatta Gold The Club Friday Night Lights We Are Marshall Hoosiers Youngblood Invictus I'm trying to remember a recent baseball movie with a number as the name...oh and the one about the baseball team that got done for throwing games.
  8. notsmokinjo

    True or False

    False....I live in Australia's nanny state, our boys n girls in blue issued more fines than normal during lock down and that's not counting the lockdown fines. Top has never had a traffic infringement.
  9. So I have 2.... 1. Yesterdee searchers found a 14 yo highly autistic boy who had been lost in the bush. The poor bugger had been alone for 2 nights in sub zero temps (celcius) (it's winter here) with not super warm clothes. Not only is it bonza he was found and but is, the other feel good aspect of t his story is how the local community responded. Young cobsie is obsessed with Thomas the tank and Bunnings barbies....So locals were leavingput blankets and jackets, wear cooking barbies overnight to try and draw out with the smell and playing Thomas the tank on loop all day and night. 2. And a timely reminder, not all jacks (cops) are bad....So in one of the suburbs a cop attended a suicide, it was the second suicide he had attended in that area in a small tome frame and there were similarities between the two. So he went back and checked other suicides in the area and found 7 more....there is a racial demographic to this...he took it to his bosses and also to social services and now things are being done to help the women within this community...sure its sad, but the light is 1 off i her noticed something odd and though it wasn't part of his job he took the time to look i not it and effect change.
  10. No avoiding the fact there is a shit tonne of bad news in our world at the moment...economically, socially, environmentally, health wise....it's all pretty sad and depressing....BUT keep ya eyes n ears open peeps cos there are a heaps of bright lights shining in our world. So share the positives you see or hear because sometimes we just need a reminder that it ain't all bad....
  11. So I thought we had this thread some where but cant fgind it f or want of looking... Normally I'd ask ya top 5 but I have a top 25 ... it's kinda one of me fave genres....but seriously, I swear I'm a chick... What sport movies to you love...what do y on recommend...oh and everything I know about some sports I learnt from movies.
  12. notsmokinjo

    True or False

    False but I do have some artificial bits in one of my ankles. TNp hates change.
  13. There is an awesome Bowie version of this but growing up we had it narated by Peter Ustanof.
  14. You are my sunshine is my wake up song for the kid...top of my voice (can't sing for shit) while I flick the light on and off...so a charm.
  15. notsmokinjo

    See Ya Later

    Well bit sad to read this post but I get it....pretty sure 26 yo Boo (not sure wot 26 yo Boo was up too but he gets dragged out pretty regular) would never have thought he'd grow up to be so sage and wise and that he would have such a fricken positive influence on so many lives of people all around the world. Or that he'd get a mental Aussie "Looney bird" to add country music to her playlist and not just think of it as noise pollution. You better get back here from time to time to brag about princess baby boo or ill be usin' me latent ASIO skills and I will find you and nag you until you do, I can be clever like that. Or-right hooroo for now and enjoy the shit outa whatever rolls ya way. You will be missed mate.
  16. notsmokinjo

    True or False

    False.....two up, yep...cards hope. Tnp....hates pokies machines (slots, one armed bandits)
  17. Regretting having a taste test of the jaffa cheese cake I just made.
  18. Got up at sparrows fart to watch this and there was no frickin moon...cos clouds
  19. Well now I'm craving tofu....but I'm also trying to navigate yet another new phone.
  20. So... one day (very far away) I'm gunna have me some grandbabies.... and besides calling them everything but what the kid names them (cos I like to push her buttons) I'm gunna show them my surgery scars (14) and tell them it was from when I was in a knife fight.... coolest Grandma ever
  21. Getting there... just have to go back because the doctors think I am well enough. Spending lunch break changing wound dressings isn't that much of a break.

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