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  1. Not sure if these are a thing elsewhere in the world but down under we have had a few music trivia tv shows... my two go to ones were 'Spicks n Specks' ... 2 teams of 3 celebs and 'Rock Wizz'.....2 teams with a muso and 2 randoms from the audience. These are specials Spicks n Specks did a nd not normal weekly episodes
  2. Wouldn't it just be better to make the pillowcase outta shamwow?
  3. I think it is 2 for the lie. (One night there was a new, shiney, barely legal bouncer (down here that's 18) and he says you Bruce, the old bouncer, should we stop them? And Bruce says "yeah-nah mate, no ones pissed emselves yet or got hurt")
  4. @Sazerac Jordie is awesome, I've seen him at the pubs a few times....his mum is a pretty fan p us Aussie stand up comedian, tv personality, author, etc...Denise Scott (his mum) is a grouse old chook. Off to post some Denise in the comedy spot.
  5. And the winner is @jillar ... 1. Nope, when drunk I would occasionally think I could walk the tightrope and do so on the balcony rail at my pub but if I fell it was only 1 story and I'd usually land on people waiting below....Never have I ever attempted a tumble line. 2. Yep, many times. I always wondered what the randoms getting my letters would think. 3. Poll questions included helmet or no helmet, bare or hair, left or right.... we were regulars, the bouncers thought it was a hoot...my cousins, not so much.
  6. notsmokinjo

    chicks or sticks

    14...counting in moderation, I did my time in the COSA program.
  7. Oh..yay...me... digging into the bag of goodies that make up all things Jo...... When i was drunk ... 1) I would think I had amazing gymnastic skills and try to do tumble lines that ended in disaster and injuries that I would realise until the next morning. 2) I would scrounge a pen from the bar, write a letter on the back of a coaster stick a stamp on it, pull a random name and address from the phone book and send it. (Omg remember when there were public phones with phone books, them were the days) 3) I would conduct random yes/no dunny polls which involved me (And my cousins' gurlfriends who i may or may not have been corrupting) blocking entrance to the blokes loo until they answered the question of the night.
  8. And then again it may never progress and you might be one of the lucky ones. Just think the longer it stays inactive the more advances can be made in treatments. Kud o s on having such a positive attitude and living your life to yhe fullest, thats more than half if every battle.
  9. I'm guessing 3 is the lie cos that's all that's left. (I really think 2 is the lie cos you have more t h an 1 cat, not enough to qualify as a crazy cat lady but defo more than 1....besides if you had just one cat, how could you avoid saying .... me and my pvssy at least once a day in the what are you doing thread....me n my pvssy are enjoying the latest Hemsworth film...)
  10. Yes. Do you think you can feel the covid germs crawling on you?
  11. Only if ya on stilnox. Why do we say we're "on" the bus when we are really in it.
  12. Omg...they are all such crap options...um I'll just go for the truth sanga and say 2 is the lie.
  13. Dumb and Dumber "When you need me, but do not want me, then I must stay. When you want me, but no longer need me, then I have to go."
  14. Nope...not during lockdown 2.0....not while livjng in Co-Vic....not ever , forever !
  15. Times just a relative abstract so does it really matter? Why is a top when it spins?
  16. Did you just confess to shittin the bed?
  17. They got the death penalty. How much can a Koala bare?
  18. Overboard "And hell is just a sauna."
  19. Nope, cos chicken wings are cooked in the oven or on the barbie anywho do you have a problem with lying?
  20. "The good oil" means a hot tip. Do you not say that up north?
  21. The good oil reckons ya have a good chance of a win. What's stopping you? (Translation for @Mac#23 : if you go and play you will win the current round. So what is stopping you from joining in?)
  22. I think Macca should come play the 2 truths and a lie game, don't you?

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