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  1. Stay strong Michelle ..how about a nice new book go read. To pass the time good reward ...
  2. Oh !!!!....He can fill it ...no problem !!!?
  3. Everytime you fight a crave ,your winning ...stay focused on the prize ...keep busy .... Jigsaws...crosswords ....take up a new hobby ......your doing great ...
  4. Nancy bought a gold bracelet and had NOPE engraved on it ....very nice ...
  5. Stay on your guard ...that sneaky Nico Monster can spring up anytime ...
  6. Well done Michelle... Smoking offers us nothing ...your missing out on nothing .... Don't think if one cigarette...think of the thousands that will follow....
  7. Congratulations,on your Fabulous 2 months Smoke free
  8. Your right on Joe,this is the hardest thing you will do ..so be kind to yourself...be gentle .... Little rewards for all your hard work....doesn't matter what it is ,as long as you think it's a reward.... Patience....we tend to think once we have quit ,that's it , Well after all I don't smoke any more!!!!! Noooo !!! We hammered our bodies and brain for decades with a ton of crap everyday...is is any wonder it's gone a bit crazy .. Day by Day...it gets better ...we retrain ourselves to live without our fix.... That's why we call it a Journey with lots of curves along the track ..this is a amazing ride...a once time trip,if you never smoke again ... I smoke 52 years..I sat my backside on this Train ,and never moved ... Freedom is worth fighting for ....your no longer a slave to the cigarette...
  9. Well done D !!! The more you do it ,the easier it gets ...feel proud ....you did great !!!!
  10. Doreensfree

    chicks or sticks

    13 Andy go have a beer
  11. Keep at it Peeps ...your doing great ...your achieving something wonderful !!!!
  12. Welcome Aboard . Learn from the past Quit ...where it went wrong .... You can do it ...stay close ,post ,post,...those that stay and join in ..are the ones most likely to succeed..
  13. All the while I smoked in the past, I said to myself that, "my father was "healthy" and smoked since he was in his late teens"--and he was around 80-85 at the time. He got prostate cancer somewhere in there, but survived. The irrational addictive thought was, "If I get cancer after 50 years of smoking, it' won't be a tragedy, it'll be a miracle!" (I'd be 120 years old There are millions of smokers who have died far to young ...for every one old person ...you will be surprised at the beniefts of not smoking ..it effects every part of your body..I have more energy now ,then when I was in my forties ... Stay close here Kate...
  14. I have to put Sonic on this list ...that guy had me peeing my pants more times than I care to admit !!!!!
  15. This blue butterfly was given to me ,when I first arrived at the forum...all i could do then was type HI... Nancy took me under her wing ,gave me a ticker ,and this beautiful picture of freedom ... She has been my constant support off board and here... I love this lady ...hugs Sweetheart.xx
  16. Here ya go Saz....The NTAP Shuffle
  17. Yaa eat to go Edy... How you doing ?
  18. Hi Peeper , Sounds like your over thinking...this can be dangerous ...and messes with your mind .. Try and keep it simple ..if it works for you ..then it works ..we are all different ... No matter what method you use ,books video,s... ect... You still have to do the work ...and never stick anything in your mouth and smoke it ..no matter what .. Take smoking Off the table ...it works ...
  19. Fear.... When I arrived here. I was in fear of having my feet amputated.....due to smoking.. Quitting when I did ...I avoided this ... Why would I go back there ..not a chance ....

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