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  1. Proud your still Quit Linda .. Those who stay close and post often and support others are more likely to,succeed easier .. play games ..post funny animals etc…it keeps you occupied …. It might help
  2. 1 another win for the snidely sticks
  3. 5 months is a Quit to be very proud of .. Dont let stinking thinking creep in …nothing comes good fro smoking .. use your tool box to stay on track … Does it get better you asked … definitely… I come here and talk smoking ,nearly all day of every day …of course I think of smoking ..like I think of …what’s for dinner . Keep going …The magic will happen x
  4. Hi SP.. Your quit is still very much in the early days ..you are just about 7 months in …on your journey .. yes you will still have urges …it’s what you do with those urges … The more you keep on fighting ..the easier it gets … There are no negatives here …It’s all positive … Your heading for the Lido Deck Well Done x
  5. It that time again .. We need to send each other a Christmas Present… To my fellow Moderator …I’ve sent you these …Cheers xx
  6. 7.. it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas ..
  7. 0000 well done chicklettes ..I’m off for a fun time slapping .
  8. Huge Congratulations Tracey . Hope your Going to Reward yourself well.. A massive Achievement..

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