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  1. Doreensfree

    MLMR is 5 Months Smoke Free!

    Well done ...you have had some bumps and bends in the track..but kept strong ...I'm proud of you ....nearly half year...
  2. Doreensfree

    3 months.....

    Congrats on your fabulous 3 months Smoke Free..... I can only mirror what all the above have said ...It really does get better ..Stick at it ....
  3. Doreensfree

     Is this actually happening....?!

    Great post M...don't look now...the magic has started to happen ...way to go !!!
  4. Doreensfree

    Daily exercise log for everyone :)

    Been to Monday Clubercise....give it my best shot ...scales say 3 pound lost ...keep on....
  5. I was having a chat with hubby,s carer this morning... She told me her Mum has cancer of the mouth, which has spread to her jaw bone...This coming week,she will have a operation to remove half of her tongue,and some of her jaw bone ...replacing it from bone from her leg... I say...please tell me she has quit smoking now.... Not at all she told me .. I could smell stale smoke on her breath too... I just found this very sad...they both still believe all the lies surrounded by smoking..... Very sad
  6. The art of folding ....spend all those minutes learning ...
  7. Doreensfree

    7 months down, forever to go!!!

    Hugs Congrats my beautiful Chicklette..... 7 months ....you are flying with this Quit ....We are so lucky to have you on board ....you bring so much support and fun... Because we are late ...I'm sending over a friend to clean your kitchen as a treat ...He may cook you a Reward meal too.... Enjoy the celebration....
  8. Doreensfree

    Calling our chicklette c9jane29 !!!!!!

    I am so with you here Linda....miss our Sparkly Lady so much .......
  9. Sweetheart ....the chicklettes are missing you....its been a while since you posted.... Let someone know you are OK....cos we worry..... I miss you in my garden....
  10. Doreensfree

    chicks or sticks

    7 Morning !!! You counters ....
  11. I'm a scruncher ...yep !!!.....haven't the patience to sit there folding ...it isn't origami....
  12. Doreensfree

    Kermit is 1 Year Smoke Free Today!!!

    Congratulations Kermit ....your on the Lido Deck !!! Take your well earned place ....and a drink from the bar...and take in the view .....all your hard work has paid off .!!!!
  13. Doreensfree

    Trying 2quit again bad timIng ?

    Welcome aboard ...maybe you read spend some time reading here while your chilling out .. Looking forward to getting to know you better ...
  14. Doreensfree

    chicks or sticks

    Yada yada ... 0000
  15. Doreensfree

    chicks or sticks

  16. Doreensfree

    What are you doing right now

    I haven't heard that in a long time ...good tune ...
  17. Doreensfree

    Smoking can Seriously Damage your Health !!!

    Awful....she says her bottom lip will be numb ..so will not be able to eat properly... This woman is in her fifties ... Im with you Jillar horrible ...I'm sorry about your friends ...I am so grateful i have been spared this ....well so far ...
  18. This little guy has it right !!!
  19. Doreensfree

    What are you doing right now

    2 cheese burgers ..I'm impressed !!!
  20. Doreensfree

    Wendy is 4 Years Smoke Free

    Way to go Wendy....4 years ....Congratulations.... Reward yourself well today !!!!
  21. Doreensfree

    Sitting here crying wanting so bad to smoke

    It's OK to wobble sweetheart ...just make sure you don't fall over ... I had a wise Old Pharte say that to me ,when I needed to hear it ... You didn't fall over ...we are all so proud of you ..xxxx
  22. Doreensfree

    Sitting here crying wanting so bad to smoke

    We love ya back .xxxxx
  23. Doreensfree

    Sitting here crying wanting so bad to smoke

    Time to get those hairy balls out again Linda...we saw them the other day...Get em .out girl....stand tall and proud xxx
  24. Doreensfree

    Sitting here crying wanting so bad to smoke

    You ARE loved ...by a train full of people here..... Keeping your quit will do wonders for your self asteem...you will look back here one day ...and be so grateful you fought like hell to keep this quit ..no matter what is thrown at you ...trust me I know !!!!...... Do your brothers not back you up..????....do they know how mean she is to you ????? Maybe if one of them pointed out to her how mean she is ...I would expect support of my brother ..specially if I asked him ...xxx
  25. Doreensfree

    Thursday 17 th January 2019

    A big NOPE from me !!!

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