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  1. 16....must be something else for you to do ..!!!!
  2. That makes a change from Amazon Prime .....I need to pay before they stop it ....
  3. 16....Lol....why aren't you shovelling snow ?
  4. I agree.... Joining in ,helping others with their quit ... Playing games ...posting a NOPE....it all helps to make your quit more solid ... I know going it alone always led to failure for me ....
  5. Dark chocolate digestive,s......just sayin !!!!!
  6. I'm sorry for your loss Linda .... The greatest Honour ,you can pay to your friend is Quit ....
  7. How are you doing today !!!!! You still on the Train ??
  8. Time .....every day is a healing day ..... I Remember shouting NOPE hundreds of times a day ....keep going !!!
  9. If your sitting on the fence .... Wondering if you should take the leap .... Come and take a seat ....what you waiting for ??? Now is the time to Quit the Smokes for Good ...!!!

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