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  1. Just for Today ...I won't smoke ..
  2. Of why we wanted to quit in the first place ... It stops us getting complacent..... I Quit after the Doctor gave me a choice to think about ... Keep smoking ,and in the not so far future .... You will probably need to have your two feet amputated... I Quit ...but still carry some battle scars ......a little reminder to stay quit .. Why did you want to quit ?????
  3. ^^^^ This ^^^^ We believe in you Steven ....Believe in yourself ..... Your in charge ....and always have been ..
  4. Glad you are getting back on the Train right away.... Never give up giving up.... The SOS here has saved so many quits ....all we ask of newbies is .....you give us that chance to help you through the tough time your experiencing....before you go and buy smokes... Dust yourself down Steven ....and come out fighting ....!!
  5. If any of my Quit train buddy,s are caught up in this terrible weather I'm seeing here in the UK... Please be careful,stay warm ...and stay safe .
  6. Your all doing great ....if your not smoking ...your winners ..... We have all been where you are ... Don't forget to Reward yourselves ....it's important you treat yourself for all your hard work ...
  7. Way to go Dogbelly.... Your doing great ....your right ...worry about the weight later ...one thing at a time ...
  8. How are you getting along ....?? Come and tell us how you are feeling .... Have you noticed any changes ...? Share your feelings with us ....
  9. 1...Hey Piggy...you supposed to be shoveling snow !!!
  10. Yes !!!....that will keep you from posting numbers ....Go to it !!!!
  11. 1...sticks were caught napping
  12. 4 ..I think we can relax now chick

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