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  1. I think of bakon's answer whenever I think of this question. A really profound answer from our mad, mad friend and ally. And while I am super confident about my quit, it is an integral part of my life, this freedom from addiction, I will only be confident tomorrow if I stay free today.
  2. Listen to Paul. I did and he helped me build a successful quit. I had to make the effort to replace the smokey thoughts with other thoughts. I chose to find something of beauty to look at or listen to which would bump endorphins. Beauty. That light on that leaf, a color, a beautiful cloud here for a moment, the face of a loved one, a special picture or painting, listening to a song that you love, reading a favorite poem or passage in a book. You know your own beauty and how to find it. Use this to your advantage. Beauty is all around us and it only takes a little focus for the happy endorphins to rush around.
  3. NO relapse is a small relapse or a hiccup. It is a very serious thing. We are talking about life and death here. YES YES YES It is ALL about one's commitment to oneself. This is the only path to freedom from addiction. Just like Mac says and, as a matter of fact, just like Mac is showing all of us with his commitment to himself and to NOPE. Y'all can do this also. Commitment. To. Yourself. To. N.O.P.E.
  4. WOW, Linda....beautiful Linda Congratulations on your TWO YEARS of Freedom, baby. Jo is right....your transformation was so beautiful. See how far you've come ! All you newbies should read Mee's story here is your first post Help and Support
  5. Steven, You should do deep breaths everyday for physical and mental health, when you practice this, it becomes automatic. Deep breathing immediately lowers your blood pressure and helps you to focus. I suggest you go through these to build a successful quit 10 Ways To Effectively Use This Forum To Stop Using Nicotine and importantly, Joel Spitzer's Daily Quitting Lesson Guide Watch all the videos, read the material. This is how to start your education about nicotine addiction.
  6. Congratulations Wee Fluffy YOU ! on your Three Years of Freedom . wonderful, wonderful years you sweet thing. plenty of purple for you...
  7. How long did you smoke, Linda ? You can't expect quick changes although physically the changes do come quick. Keep some patience, you will have good days and bad days just as you did as a smoker Hey You Smoked For 42 Years, Why On Earth Would You Think You Can Get Past The Addiction In A Couple Of Months ?
  8. Congratulations Mac on your FOUR Months of Freedom ! Thank you for sharing this quit with us and thank you also for all your contributions you are a super valued member, baby.
  9. Sazerac


    Recon data indicates that #Isaias still has max winds of 60-70 mph, though central pressure has risen a bit, a sign of weakening. However, the hostile wind shear is relaxing a bit, which may allow some re-strengthening of Isaias before landfall near the SC/NC border late tonight.
  10. Here's a song going out to @Boo, April and Maddie May
  11. Congratulations, Micelle on your Two months of Freedom !
  12. Congratulations Andy on your Four Years of Freedom !
  13. Sazerac


    Sunday Evening from Levi
  14. Sazerac


    Happy NOPE with Linda
  15. NOPE Congratulations ! Three weeks is a great accomplishment. I don't think you will be needing so many of these
  16. Sazerac


    Saturday Evening update from Levi
  17. Sazerac


    This next one is concerning also and the next .....
  18. Congratulations, John on your TWO Months of Freedom and thank you so much for all your contributions here on QTrain, you are a beacon of light for every smoker, lurking and every quitter also.
  19. Sazerac


    Here is Levi's blog I look at his twitter feed and the NHS
  20. There is nothing a nicotine addict can do NOTHING that doesn't have a cigarette attached in some way from the first thing in the morning till the last thing at night. The craves will come every 20 minutes or so. I put some craves off and usually only smoked 20 per day but, everything I did had an association. EVERYTHING. To be free of that slavery is magnificent.
  21. Hello Andrew ! Congratulations on your nearly SIX months of freedom. spectacular news. Here are some resources addressing allergies Your First Allergy Season After Quitting Smoking and Going Back To Normal After Quitting I hope these help you, Andrew.

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