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  1. In celebration of my Six Years of Freedom, I wrote this little piece, now at seven years I re-visit my commitment to NOPE. Sazerac's Simple Guide To Freedom Desire: You must want to quit more than you want to smoke Decision: Make the decision to live life without Nicotine. Commitment: Commit wholeheartedly to live without Nicotine and intend on standing by your resolve. Choice: Choose to never smoke again, EVER. This choice will empower you in many, many ways. “Once you make a decision, the unive
  2. Thank you everyone ! Great to read each and every one of you beautiful nicotine free creatures. I celebrate EVERY DAY that I am nicotine free. To see 2,555 days of power accumulate is astounding to me. To all 'eyes' and newbies, Please understand that I am not a special snowflake or unique in my desire for freedom from nicotine. Everyone here has this desire and builds on their power to manifest their freedom from nicotine addiction. Nothing in my life has been as empowering as this freedom and I continue to honor and nurture it.
  3. Sazerac

    Two Storms

    I'm home. Hopefully the last evacuation of the season and Mother Nature will be sending nice early rains to CA. Is 2020 over yet ? (asking for a friend)
  4. Sazerac

    Two Storms

    I'm with a human friend and a dog friend in Vicksburg, Mississippi watching the 'S' storm. Hopefully, won't have to change my address or my name. Thank you all for your thoughts.
  5. a NY Times article, Vaping Links To Covid Are Becoming Clear
  6. Congratulations, John, on your three months of FREEDOM. You are building yourself a find a sturdy quit and I thank you for all your posts lighting the way for others.
  7. I quit almost seven years ago and have become an advocate of Cold Turkey but, believe me, I support and encourage everybody in their precious quits. Any Quit Is A Good Quit. Seven years ago (and still seek today) I sought information (in a galaxy of Misinformation) and was dismayed after googling around finding numerous instances of 'responsible experts' recommending to NOT quit cold turkey. Health professionals are quick to prescribe NRT's which actually have higher failure rates than a Cold Turkey quit. What kind of idiotic advise is th
  8. Our friend, Joel Spitzer, has a new video out with a page of important resources, Why Do I Smoke ? (resources) and it got me to thinking about why I ever thought smoking was enjoyable or benefitted me in some way. Now, that I understand about nicotine addiction it is very clear. I smoked because I was an addict. That is the ONLY reason. Smoking NEVER calmed me, or made me think better. Oxygen does both very well. Deep breaths are always available and consistent in their benefits. Why
  9. Nicotine patches are keeping your body in a state of constant withdrawal. You cannot expect the benefits of being nicotine free to kick in until your NRT program is completed and you no longer administer nicotine to your body. Please consult a health professional about your depression, you needn't feel the burden of depression while you are starting your journey to freedom. Why Am I Still Experiencing Nicotine Withdrawals
  10. Take a look at this 10 Ways To Effectively Use This Forum To Stop Using Nicotine it includes links to many educational resources
  11. My advice is to quit smoking today. Cold turkey. In three days nicotine will be gone from your body and you can start to learn new patterns that won't involve killing yourself. Please start learning about your nicotine addiction If you want to torture yourself, continue with your plan
  12. Sazerac

    Two Storms

    Well, projections for these storms are not good. I am evacuating today and going camping somewhere to the North, hopefully out of alligator country lol. Not sure of internet 'out there' so I encourage everybody to nurture their quits and stay focused. Will be back when I can. S
  13. What GREAT news, Kate. Congratulations on your six months of Freedom ! Keep your resolve, keep nope-ing through and please celebrate !
  14. Sazerac

    Two Storms

    Here's the latest from Levi
  15. Sazerac

    Two Storms

    Hot Fun In The Summertime, ugh.
  16. I bump this to provide encouragement to people inquisitive about quitting Cold Turkey and to cold turkey quitters. again, all quits are good quits.
  17. congratulations on putting down the smokes for one week ! soon, a nicotine free life will be your JOY.
  18. NOPE Why would you even consider poisoning yourself while you celebrate your good news ? A fleeting moment because of old patterns, sure, but to seriously consider throwing your quit and failing yourself ? NOPE NOPE NOPE
  19. Bump. FREE YOUR HEAD ! You have a choice as to what you spend time thinking about. Nicotine addiction brings the obsession with nicotine...put your thoughts elsewhere... there is a whole universe of delights to think about, don't waste your precious time on nicotine anymore.
  20. Electric Cigarettes Users Having A Harder Time When Quitting Smoking Supercharging Nicotine's Addictive Potential
  21. The point is having control over your life and control over your addiction. The point is discovering reserves of self esteem and self respect. The point is finding you are able to trust yourself not to poison and kill yourself. The point is not suffering with nicotine withdrawals every twenty minutes, every day as a smoker. You must choose. The discomfort you are in is caused by addiction to nicotine. This will be eliminated when nicotine is no longer a part of your life and your body begins its healing.
  22. @ekptr ! Congratulations on your ONE YEAR of Freedom ! This is a tremendous accomplishment and I hope you have a great celebration. As the years pass, now...you will discover many more benefits and have access to even more of your power. I am sure you are a great inspiration to those around you as you are to all of us as you enjoy your freedom.
  23. Hey ! You're going to be a married lady ! I think that is splendid. and hey....you do not want to be smoking with oral surgery. Your recovery time will be an nth of what it was as a smoker. Treat yourself to your kindness.

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