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    Trying 2quit again bad timIng ?

    You need to learn and understand nicotine addiction. Education will answer many questions. Please avail yourself of all the material here. Start with this 10 Ways To Effectively Use This Forum To Help Yourself Quit Smoking
  2. Sazerac

    Trying 2quit again bad timIng ?

    Welcome to our merry band of quitters. I hope you quit smoking, I hope you want to quit more than you want to smoke. I hope you educate yourself about nicotine addiction and I hope you come back from your fabulous holiday happy and excited about your quit.
  3. Sazerac

    One Week!

    So glad you checked in and you are still smoke free. How are you feeling ? Any advise for newbies ? I quit cold turkey and have no experience with the patch but, there are folks here with successful quits who used the patch. Maybe, @WeegieWoman will pop in and tell of her success with the patch. Keep learning all you can about addiction, this will fortify your quit and don't forget to reward yourself when you let go of the patch. You will need to trick your brain receptors at first and teach them what rewards are all about.
  4. Sazerac

    Saturday 19th January 2019

  5. Sazerac

    Wendy is 4 Years Smoke Free

    Congratulations on your four years of freedom, Wendy !
  6. Sazerac

    Friday 18th January 2019

  7. Sazerac

    Sitting here crying wanting so bad to smoke

    Don't be ashamed for 'coming so close'. We are human and can only take so much. You are under tremendous strain, aside from your mother's abuse. 'Coming close' is allowed, posting an SOS is brilliant, protecting yourself and your quit is magnificent ! Get some rest, I can only imagine how tired you are.
  8. Sazerac

    Sitting here crying wanting so bad to smoke

    Take some really deep breaths. You walked away from abusing yourself with cigarettes. You will walk away from this abusive situation. Once the dust settles, you can use the same lessons you learned in quitting smoking and apply it to your abusive parents. Not One Puff Ever....Not One More Abusive Tirade EVER. You are a beautiful grown up woman who has quit a deadly addiction... I know you will be kind to yourself and remove yourself from abuse. We will help all we can because we know how precious and beautiful you truly are.
  9. Sazerac

    Sitting here crying wanting so bad to smoke

    You don't smoke anymore, Linda. Any 'relief' you think that cigarettes can provide is a big fat LIE. Sure, if you re-start your addiction, you will get relief.... but, that will be relief from withdrawals only. There is no relief in cigarettes for the drama/trauma you are dealing with. Please, get some help in getting your mother unit to your dad's rehab place. You cannot do this all on your own. Nobody should. Please put yourself and your quit FIRST. I know you won't smoke but, can you distance yourself from this family insanity ? I hope so. We support you, S
  10. This is a great post from Craig, Jillar. Thanks for the re-post. We must never become complacent because addiction doesn't disappear, it can only be put to sleep and kept asleep.
  11. Sazerac

    What are you doing right now

    Thinking of you and hoping you can find alternative transport for the mother unit. Be very, very careful with the snow coming up. DO NOT TAKE CHANCES with your sweet self.
  12. Sazerac

    2 Weeks Yesterday!

    Welcome to our merry band of quitters, Abby. Thank you for sharing your quit with us. I am sorry you are going through a very, very hard time and really happy you are keeping your quit. Remember to keep your blood sugar up with juices and please reward yourself for every crave you beat. You are on an incredible journey of self discovery. Congratulations on your first two weeks of freedom.
  13. Sazerac

    KDAD is 4 months smoke free!!!!!

    Congratulations, KDAD, on your FOUR Months of Freedom. Thank you for sharing your quit with us and helping everyone. S
  14. I just found this, hope you like it too.
  15. Sazerac

    What are you doing right now

    This is a great idea, Opah !
  16. Sazerac

    Thursday 17 th January 2019

  17. Sazerac

    Holy Vestil Virgins, BAT is 5 years Smoke Free!

    Hey Bat, Congratulations on your FIVE years of Freedom. It has been a pleasure riding on the QTrain with you. Your support has meant a lot to me and many others, for true. Thank you. S
  18. Sazerac

    Five Years

    Congratulations, Bat on your FIVE years of Freedom. It has been a pleasure being here on QTrain with you and thank you for being great support. S
  19. Sazerac

    Hello from Maine

    Looks like you are 19 days into your quit, Jack. Congratulations. Remember you are smarter than any damn crave. Stronger too !
  20. Sazerac

    What are you doing right now

    You DO give great advice, Linda, and I am glad to know you are heeding your great advise ! It is great that your Beloved is taking up the slack tonight. Is there any way Mother can get in a taxi for the rides to and fro or even just a to or a fro ? Your brothers ? Try to have a good time tonight, blow it out gfriend. Remember you are loved. s
  21. Opah, As with any major life change, emotions are bound to run high...even OTT. Crying is good for us, it waters our eyes so they can grow. While I was rooting around in the stacks, I found this post from Joel. It may be helpful. Understanding the emotional loss experienced...
  22. Sazerac

    Vaping Sends teen to Rehab

    Nicotine poisoning is a very real thing. Symptoms of nicotine poisoning Nicotine poisoning tends to occur in 2 stages. Within the first 15 to 60 minutes following exposure, symptoms are related to the stimulatory effects of nicotine and include: excess saliva in the mouth feeling nauseous stomach ache vomiting loss of appetite dehydration eye irritation headache dizziness tremors anxiety and restlessness confusion sweating cough rapid breathing increased heart rate elevated blood pressure Following this stage, the body begins to wind down. Nicotine's depressor effects appear within a few hours. These include: low blood pressure slow heart rate shallow breathing diarrhea fatigue weakness pale skin In extreme cases, symptoms include: seizures coma breathing difficulties respiratory failure Serious or fatal nicotine overdoses can occur.
  23. You will get to know your new life. Have patience and drink deep from the cup of NOPE.

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