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  1. Hello .@Helen H. I found these films disturbing and motivating, fueling my choice to be forever free of addiction.
  2. the green 'reply' and sign in boxes would look good in blue and be harmonious with other spots of blue going on with facebook and twitter symbols. and after looking at the new colors for a while... I am thinking a softer black and a deep red instead of orange. an unsolicited opinion from the peanut gallery, lol.
  3. Sazerac


    and if you are wondering why you are still having withdrawal symptoms after a month dig this Why Am I Still Experiencing Nicotine Withdrawals
  4. Congratulations on quitting smoking. Learn all you can about your nicotine addiction. Until October you will still be administering an addictive substance and many of the benefits of quitting smoking will not be yours until you quit nicotine also.
  5. Sazerac


    and I would recommend these from our friend, Joel Spitzer to start you on your education about nicotine addiction. Daily Quitting Lesson Guide
  6. Sazerac


    The Importance of The First Three Days of Your Quit I know you quit 'smoking' for almost a month but, confronting your addiction to nicotine is where you need to be now. Congratulations !
  7. Sazerac


    no, not crazy it is just the addiction speaking. Ok. no patches. GREAT ! Read about the first days without nicotine, that will explain a lot about how you are feeling. I'll find some things for you to read
  8. Sazerac


    Linda, are you using patches ? I can't remember or see what method of quitting you quit with.
  9. Sazerac


    Linda, what's up ?
  10. Sazerac


    Linda, Are you Hungry, Angry (emotional), Lonesome (bored), Tired ? often these things will be a false trigger for nicotine because we used to smoke instead of dealing with many of these things. Riffing On H.A.L.T.
  11. Sazerac


    Hi Linda, have a glass of water and I will find some resources for you Why are you feeling discouraged ? You are almost a month FREE.
  12. Days will get better. Do not cave to craves. Remember what our friend Sirius proposes, "The next time a craving plunks down on your face ask yourself, " What price you are willing to pay to own yourself?" and a bottomless cup of NOPE for me, please.
  13. Welcome @Squirrel You may find this thread helpful 10 Ways To Effectively Use This Forum To Stop Using Nicotine
  14. George, This is a thread about your first days Nicotine FREE. You are still using Nicotine and keeping yourself addicted. The point here is ridding yourself of nicotine completely so you can be Free, Of getting through craves WITHOUT any nicotine at all. This is perfectly do-able and something you will need to face at some point. I encourage you to read and watch and listen to these links below so you can better understand what you may be experiencing. Prolonging Nicotine Withdrawal Why Am I Still Experiencing Nicotine Withdrawals Nicotine Is Nicotine Is Nicotine I Am Afraid I Might Get Addicted To My Nicotine Replacement Therapy
  15. George, using NRT's puts a different approach to quitting smoking because you are still being affected by nicotine and still an active addict so, I'm giving you information relating to caffeine and nicotine, I hope you find them useful. when you quit smoking AND all forms of nicotine you may experience changes in the effects of Caffeine Possible Changes in Caffeine Tolerance and I post these for all interested in the subject
  16. Stand by your commitment, Linda. This will give you POWER.
  17. welcome, George Nyalwal, here are 10 Ways To Effectively Use This Forum To Stop Using Nicotine
  18. I seem to remember you are on a chantix quit. If this is so, please be aware that depression is a major side affect and consult your health professional about this. Chantix
  19. Well, sugar, look on the bright side ! You could be depressed, unemployed, in pain, mending from surgery, cooped up all alone AND keeping yourself in bondage. Willfully keeping yourself in bondage to nicotine.
  20. The band just got here and they're ready for some funk.
  21. Oh darling Doreen ! Congratulations on your SEVEN Years of Freedom ! and thank you so much for your support over the years and you continued support, your ongoing presence is a great gift to all of us. Celebrate with those beautiful feet of yours !

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