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    Two Storms

    Well, projections for these storms are not good. I am evacuating today and going camping somewhere to the North, hopefully out of alligator country lol. Not sure of internet 'out there' so I encourage everybody to nurture their quits and stay focused. Will be back when I can. S
  2. What GREAT news, Kate. Congratulations on your six months of Freedom ! Keep your resolve, keep nope-ing through and please celebrate !
  3. Sazerac

    Two Storms

    Here's the latest from Levi
  4. Sazerac

    Two Storms

    Hot Fun In The Summertime, ugh.
  5. I bump this to provide encouragement to people inquisitive about quitting Cold Turkey and to cold turkey quitters. again, all quits are good quits.
  6. congratulations on putting down the smokes for one week ! soon, a nicotine free life will be your JOY.
  7. NOPE Why would you even consider poisoning yourself while you celebrate your good news ? A fleeting moment because of old patterns, sure, but to seriously consider throwing your quit and failing yourself ? NOPE NOPE NOPE
  8. Bump. FREE YOUR HEAD ! You have a choice as to what you spend time thinking about. Nicotine addiction brings the obsession with nicotine...put your thoughts elsewhere... there is a whole universe of delights to think about, don't waste your precious time on nicotine anymore.
  9. Electric Cigarettes Users Having A Harder Time When Quitting Smoking Supercharging Nicotine's Addictive Potential
  10. The point is having control over your life and control over your addiction. The point is discovering reserves of self esteem and self respect. The point is finding you are able to trust yourself not to poison and kill yourself. The point is not suffering with nicotine withdrawals every twenty minutes, every day as a smoker. You must choose. The discomfort you are in is caused by addiction to nicotine. This will be eliminated when nicotine is no longer a part of your life and your body begins its healing.
  11. @ekptr ! Congratulations on your ONE YEAR of Freedom ! This is a tremendous accomplishment and I hope you have a great celebration. As the years pass, now...you will discover many more benefits and have access to even more of your power. I am sure you are a great inspiration to those around you as you are to all of us as you enjoy your freedom.
  12. Hey ! You're going to be a married lady ! I think that is splendid. and hey....you do not want to be smoking with oral surgery. Your recovery time will be an nth of what it was as a smoker. Treat yourself to your kindness.
  13. Congratulations on your quit Midmale, close to one month of Freedom for you ! Welcome to our merry little band of quitters. You will find a lot of resources here about nicotine addiction, this thread may help you navigate around and help you to build a sturdy, successful quit. 10 Ways To Effectively Use This Forum To Stop Using Nicotine
  14. Please add the lies you have heard in your head about addiction and the ways you have quelled that voice.
  15. NOPE NOPE your way through your discomfort, Linda. You will succeed.
  16. Tell us about your plan, Linda, your plan with the patches. Then others will be able to follow your path to success and we will know where you are in the scheme of things. Addiction is pernicious and you must begin clear your head of the lies. One of them was about stress and I addressed that upthread. Here is a thread of Red Flags, all about our voices of addiction and rebutting them. Understand that you are fully capable of quitting. None of us are superhuman (as far as I can tell, lol) and we took many paths to our quits. The thread that binds us together is our commitment to Not One Puff EVER. NOPE is the essential ingredient.
  17. Congratulations, on your First Month Nicotine FREE. Excellent work. I look forward to gold leafing a railroad spike for you to commemorate your first Year. Take each day, honor your commitment to NODE and learn life nicotine free. It is delicious.
  18. Nicotine addiction. It leads to despair, defeat and perhaps deadly consequences. None of here are immune. Please educate yourself. I cannot stress this enough and have given you a lot of resources. Go through your threads and take advantage of the links provided. Much of your stress is self-perpetuated, caused by administering nicotine. Smoking Does Not Help You Overcome Stress So, Linda, what is your plan ? How will you build yourself a successful quit ? Are you on a program with NRT ? Are you going cold turkey ? Your support is here, let us know how we can help.
  19. The point is TO QUIT ! I don't care how. Choose your method and learn everything about it.
  20. Linda, I am a cold turkey quitter and have experience in building a successful quit but, I know that others have chosen NRTs and succeed also. There is NO BAD WAY to QUIT SMOKING !!! The point is, choosing a method to quit, learning everything you can about your addiction and about the particular method you choose to quit. This information will help you understand what you may experience. Do not listen to your addict. Do not obey that voice. Stand by your commitment to NOPE and ride out the discomfort.

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