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  1. There is nothing a nicotine addict can do NOTHING that doesn't have a cigarette attached in some way from the first thing in the morning till the last thing at night. The craves will come every 20 minutes or so. I put some craves off and usually only smoked 20 per day but, everything I did had an association. EVERYTHING. To be free of that slavery is magnificent.
  2. Hello Andrew ! Congratulations on your nearly SIX months of freedom. spectacular news. Here are some resources addressing allergies Your First Allergy Season After Quitting Smoking and Going Back To Normal After Quitting I hope these help you, Andrew.
  3. here are some resources, Linda, that helped me understand. Why Am I Still Experiencing Nicotine Withdrawals and resources about Sleep Disruptions After Quitting Smoking (Nicotine)
  4. Linda, Congratulations on your quit. By using the patches you are still keeping yourself in constant withdrawal from nicotine. This is the truth and you won't start to feeling all the magnificent benefits of quitting until you stop administering nicotine.
  5. Find things to divert yourself. Perhaps, things you have never done before. You Quit Smoking ! Celebrate this EVERY moment.
  6. Congratulations on your Seven Days of Freedom, Steve ! Celebrate wildly, we will join you. S
  7. just about on your LUCKY 13 days of Freedom, Linda. Every moment counts. Every crave diverted, every trigger faced will lead you to a new era of self confidence and profound trust in yourself. Please reward yourself and assist your brain to deliver endorphins, that delivery system was gangstered by nicotine. S
  8. pushing the river, Chris ? is it still Thursday morning CST ? or Friday the 31st for YOU ?
  9. Hey Jack ! Congratulations on your THREE YEARS of Freedom ! I remember feeling so great at three years, all my patterns and associations with smoking were seriously in the past and I had a solid understanding that my future would never ever never include nicotine again. Have some fun, some celebration and of course, rewards. The crowd cheers for you, I can hear them from here.
  10. Understanding the addiction is an important component to building a successful quit, Steven. It explains much of what we experience. Here are some resources The Power Of Nicotine Addiction from Joel Spitzer Nicotine and The Brain a lecture found by MLMR
  11. Congratulations, Steven on your precious new quit ! Please protect this quit with everything you can, nurture yourself, be kind to yourself. YOU QUIT SMOKING !
  12. Hello SamDy and welcome to our merry little band of quitters. You may find this thread helpful in building yourself a forever quit. 10 Ways To Effectively Use This Forum To Stop Using Nicotine I am a cold turkey quitter and I know that if I can quit, anybody can quit. It is the quickest way to rid your body of nicotine forever ! and then be on to living your freedom. Here are a few resources from our friend, Joel Spitzer Feeling Handicapped In Your Ability To Quit Smoking I've Tried Everything To Quit Smoking and Nothing Works
  13. The semantics here are in the use of the word 'hell' and what constitutes 'hell' and a perspective on what real hell may be like if one continues to smoke. also some people DO NOT experience a hard time quitting so, the construct of anticipating 'hell week' is not always accurate. Smoking is an addiction not a habit and takes more than three weeks to break. Does It Take 21 Days To Break The Smoking 'Habit'
  14. Congratulations, @Linda on your beautiful ELEVEN days of Freedom. You may have good days and then a weird trigger, a random crave will pop up out of nowhere to agitate you. Know what to do ? That's right, NOPE NOPE NOPE your way through. Have some water, some food, some rest. REWARD yourself for wrenching another brain receptor away from nicotine's control. You quit smoking !
  15. Concerning Hell Week Our friend, Joel Spitzer, just came out with new videos about the concept of Hell Week and it struck a chord with me. I will include them below. I had a very challenging first few days, first weeks, first month, first year. Never did I think I was going to smoke again but, sometimes I thought I would never be OK again. I feared that I would always be locked in smokey thoughts. This turned out to be false, I listened to those further along in their quits who gave me hope that my new free self would prevail. As I learned more about my Nicotine Addiction and the health disasters from complications caused by smoking, I saw what real, quantum challenges were all about. My first week of feeling VERY uncomfortable was nothing in comparison. Nicotine Addiction had made me a spoiled brat, I was whiny at not being able to have my way. This was all it was. It was not the challenges of facing a fatal disease, of not being able to friggin' BREATHE. I posted a thread about this, Spoiled Brats/Nicotine Addicts So, I just want to say, I am not making light of anyone's challenges or pain. Sure, you may face some difficult moments, days in your quit, months but, none of this will kill or maim you like smoking will. Make it easier on yourself by breathing and NOPE-ing your way through any rough bits, by educating yourself so you understand what you are experiencing. But, YOU MAY NOT have many difficult moments at all ! "Hell Week' is not a given or pre-destined and The REAL 'Hell' is not quitting and succumbing to the slow torture of emphysema or other cancers, illnesses created by you. The Real HELL you create for your families because of your self-inflicted sicknesses and demise. Here are Joel's two new videos The Use Of The Term, Hell Week When Quitting Smoking Real "Hell Weeks" In Regard To Smoking
  16. Sazerac

    chicks or sticks

    5 good morning, my darling nicotine free creatures
  17. These four days are the beginning of your fabulous Free life, Steven. Keep your focus and understand completely that you quit smoking forever and will never ever be a slave to nicotine addiction again. Rewards ! Rewards ! Rewards ! The Significance of Rewards and understand than many craves are only a signal that your body needs something.... like FOOD or REST or WATER or a myriad of other necessities. Check out Riffing on H.A.L.T
  18. Such a thing is not for everybody. Nicotine stimulates certain things in your brain that we learn to manufacture without the prompt from nicotine. Endorphins are the major bump. This is why rewards are so important. When my attention waned in the fog, breathing and water helped so much. Exercise also, moving around, clearing your head.
  19. Congratulations to you, @Up In Smoke on your TWO WEEKS of Freedom ! Reward yourself and stay vigilant.

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