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  1. Thanks everyone. I'm definitely going to ask my doc. I have an appointment Monday. Other than that I'm doing fabulous. Cravings side I am so grateful I'm doing this. It's bliss
  2. Hey everyone good morning! I've had this on prior quits but I dont remember how long it lasted. Several times an hour I feel the urge to take a really deep breath. Early in this quit it was easy to catch that nice deep delicious breath everytime I tried. But slowly it became more frequent a need and sometimes kind of hard to get that deep breath. Anyone else?
  3. I'm in recovery from addiction. I abused opiates and alcohol for years....been clean and sober quite some time. I still have dreams of using or drinking, and I know countless people who have been drug and alcoho free for decades who have these dreams as well....so you're right where you're supposed to be Better to be a former smoker dreaming of smoking than a smoker dreaming of quitting! Great job, keep on keepin on!
  4. Good morning! NOPE....cravings can kiss my fanny...I'm still winning, and so are YOU!!!
  5. Nope nope NOOOOOOPE. So grateful for my quit and all of u
  6. Good morning Sarah! I'm one of the newbies mentioned Fear was the main motivator for me too. After starting my quit three weeks ago it was stubborn obstinence to not give in again. I've smoked/vaped for about 40 years so I can understand everything you talked about. I can tell you that once you've quit you'll notice so many things that have nothing to do with fear, like not feeling like an outcast when around non smokers, hair smelling better, clothes smelling better, family and friends' encouragement, drawing deep breaths (my favorite) Not having to stand outside in the rain or the heat, better sleep, taste and sense of smell. Of course the toppers are about health but these are some of the less obvious things I've discovered. You can do this. You'll be so glad you did! Stay close to the board and check in often. Read some of the pinned posts. Joel's videos are amazing. These are great people and they'll help you more than you can imagine.
  7. Hi Jeff, I just saw this post. I can relate to everything you said. Are you still here?
  8. Thanks....glad to know its normal at three weeks. Thats why I asked. I'm concentrating on the benefits I've seen already. I can catch a deep breath, I dont stand out in the rain or blistering heat to suck poison into my lungs, I dont have to interrupt whatever I'm doing to go downstairs and outside, and I dont have to constantly make sure its plugged in, charging and that I have backup batteries just in case....not to mention the money I'm saving. Wooooooo
  9. When do they stop???? or at least become only occassional? at 3 weeks, I've had a couple days here and there where I hardly have any cravings at all, then days like today when they hit at least once an hour if not more often. They are not physical, they're mental. I'll be going about my day, minding my own business and suddenly get that feeling of anticipation like I used to get when going outside to vape. I have absolutely NO desire to actually do it but the craving is very uncomfortable.
  11. Nope Nope I'm a big Nopester with a nopey attitude
  12. NANA!!! Congratulaions....Oh I'm so so happy for you!
  13. So I mentioned before that I have been taking Chantix. I lost all interest and cravings for my vape after about 3 weeks of taking it so on June 2 I took the leap. It was ridiculously easy for the first few days then cravings came back...more psychological than physical. Would you believe yesterday, 19 days in, was the first day I barely thought about cravings at all? I was never tempted to actually use nicotine but it was uncomfortable to have the urge. Tho it WAS entertaining to figure out what the trigger was. REALLY??? THATS why you want to smoke (talking to brain) How long did your cravings go on?

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