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  1. I haven't been around much but I've kept my quit thanks to your guys' support! THANK YOU!!
  2. NOPEY NOPE!!! Despite many cues and triggers today. Its getting easier. At least for now it is. Just for today.
  3. Thanks all. I'm doing much better today I hope all of you are too!!
  4. I am from California (currently living in Seattle) I have multiple family members -- including my kids' dad and my sister -- who live way too close to some of the fires. This is stressful. This is not, however, reason to vape. The thought that it will help anything is ludicrous. It wont help them. It wont help me. It wont relieve any stress or anxiety. What it will do is put me back on the path to self destruction. Affirmations FTW
  5. Thank you LInda and CONGRATS ON ONE WEEK. You're a rockstar. I'm so glad we are both here
  6. I'm starting to feel better. The power of fellowship around a common goal is magic
  7. NOPE NOPE NOPE IS RIGHT I'm feeling better after posting. I'm filling out onboarding paperwork and am planning a big sloppy bowl of ice cream tonight
  8. After five months of looking and interviewing I finally landed a job! I accepted the offer an hour ago. I can't stand the craving....the association with something exciting I guess. How do you celebrate when you no longer smoke, vape, drink, do drugs....and youre on a diet....I think I've finally put the thought of *actually* going up to 7-11 out of my mind but I could still use some support!
  9. I see what my addiction is doing.... I'm revising my resume. When I got to the job I held in 2016 it triggered a memory of that time...I was living with my partner at the time and we both vaped. So now I'm craving like crazy. I know its because of the mental and emotional association, you stupid addiction, now leave me alone! Boy you're tricky and insidious
  10. Thank you Linda! How are you doing?
  11. Guys guys guys....its been a dumpster fire lately but I'm still here. Thank you for reminding me that the cravings WILL decrease as time goes by as long as I don't give in. I've had several significant quits in my life but this is by far the longest I've gone still having cravings. Seems like last time after about three weeks or so they were manageable and infrequent. At 2.5 months I'm still having several an hour and they are very strong. IDK what changed, other than this time I quit vaping, not smoking. Cigarettes are supposed to have more addictive chemicals besides nicotine so you'd think it would be harder to quit cigs. Who knows. All I know is that I need to hang onto my smobriety the way I've held onto my sobriety (which by the way is much easer to maintain) Still, its helpful to be reminded of that so thank you to all who have reminded me.
  12. NOPE....its been an hour at a time the last several weeks and today is shaping up to be the same but NOPE. Someday the cravings will stop, right???
  13. @Up In Smoke WAY TO GO!!! Thanks for showing the way!!!
  14. Hi Linda, I'm sending you big hugs. I've been where you are countless times over the last couple decades and it feels terrible! I always hear "don't be too hard on yourself" and fully believe it because we are dealing with an addiciton that is physical as well as mental...yet its so hard to NOT beat yourself up. The most helpful thing I've come up with is to be as kind to yourself as you would be with someone else who relapsed. Talk to yourself like you'd talk to them. You'd probably empathize, reassure they can do this, tell them to stop kicking their own butt and get back on the quit with a positive attitude. Be that kind to yourself. We are here for you
  15. How is it August already? Anyway.... NOPE an hour at a time right now, remembering all the reasons I'm grateful for my baby quit
  16. Thank you so much you guys. I swear....I'm shocked I'm still nicotine free. It's been awful. I'm giving in to eating junk here and there because out of all my vices it's the least harmful. Gotta hit that steam release valve at least a little....
  17. NOPE for another couple hours....
  18. Thanks for Remembering. You're right. However I've been off the chantix for over a month now. I do have a mental health diagnosis, so it's not unusual for me to have this depression. It just complicates things sometimes because it's hard to stay focused on doing things that are good for me. Thankfully it'll pass. Thank you again, chantix can definitely cause depression
  19. Thank you so much for the support Jillar. Its calming down a bit. I have cravings all the time but its always just the urge, not really the desire. Its been bad today....like I can feel and taste it and have had the desire to actually go buy one. But.... I can catch a deep breath I don't have to sit outside on the cement steps in the morning to get my fix in the morning I don't have to run downstairs every couple hours I can run my errands and be out in public without worrying if I'm bothering others with my vape, trying to find places to vape politely etc I don't have to budget for supplies I can take healthy measures for myself without thinking "whats the point if I use nicotine" I don't feel like a social outcast My blood pressure came down! Each and every week I'm gaining a health benefit Someday I'll have the same risk of lung cancer and heart disease as someone who's never smoked (Last I heard it was at ten years) If I start again I know in my heart of hearts I'd never stop again. I don't think I have another quit in me Whew. Yeah feeling better. Thank you again.

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