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  1. thats FABULOUS upinsmoke....Keep at it....just hit two months myself (whaaaaat???) and I can say it only gets better!
  2. Thank you jillar! You're right of course. And boy, all the benefits including circulation are fabulous. I can take a deep breath, my chest and arms don't hurt when I walk up stairs, I dont get out of breath so easily...and heres a weird one: the toes on one foot sometimes turned a little purple (comically, only in the shower) I'd look down and think "thats REALLY not good...could it be from vaping/smoking? They only way to know for sure is to stop, even for a few days, and see if it stops...but thats impossible...I just cant", then Id think of something else, leaving my precious toes, that are part of my being, part of my body that I'm trying to heal....to be purple. Nothing I'm going through will be better if I smoke. It will all work out as long as I sit still and do the right thing each day.
  3. Thank you John, you have no idea how much it helps to hear that it helps you to help me. Thats a core belief in the addiction recovery programs I'm in (for other substances) I"m so glad to hear it here, and yesterday I was so wound up that I forgot it. So thank you. The good news is I started feeling much better after posting here. I was out walking while running errands and I ended up walking something like four miles which is a lot for me! Getting healthier! Thank you Doreen. Everything you said is absolutely spot on. I started feeling better after I posted this, got lots of exercise and emerged smoke free
  4. Good morning all. Is this the proper use of the SOS forum...I want to smoke but do not **plan** to which is why I question the use of this forum for what I'm going through. I'm not sure what brought this on but I had a serious thought about buying some cigs when I go out for my physical therapy appointment later this morning. I thought well I could just have a couple...I've come so far and I've enjoyed being smoke free so much that I can't see myself going back to being a full time smoker....then I ask myself well then whats the point? Why try to have "Just a couple" if I don't want to go back to full time smoking? what is it that I **really** want? To be fair I'm walking through a lot right now. Besides quarantine and the loss of my job, I have financial, relationship and lonlieness (knowing its best for me to be single for a while but wanting a partner) and self worth/image issues going on, pain from recovering from surgery.....But smoking or vaping will not help any of these problems. It will make everything worse. It could result in a fatal smoking related illness. And all of us go through stuff and stay smoke free. I'm not unique, I know that. So I will not smoke which is why I question if this is an appropriate use of the SOS forum.
  5. Hello friends I'm not in danger of smoking but having some strong cravings today which is weird cuz the last few days have been a breeze. I'm firmly dedicated to NOPE but I guess I thought if I "said" (typed) this out loud it would take the power out of it. How are all of you? Anyone have anything exciting going on today? Big bunch o nothing here so let me live vicariously through you!
  6. NOPE NOPE NOPE despite wanting to NOPE
  7. @darcy I am late jumping here...your posts touched me because I can SO relate. I wanted to check in and see if you're still with us.....
  8. Hi Matthew, did you make it through? I'm struggling today too. We can do this though. Please let us know how you're doing....
  9. @Linda 11 days is AMAZING. Congratulations!! I hear you about cravings. Sometimes you don't know what in particular triggered them and sometimes you know and it's so silly it makes you laugh right? And some days it doesn't matter because they come all day long. Then suddenly one day the clouds part, the cravings ease up, and it starts becoming easier to stay quit. Im glad you're hanging in there!! You are a warrior!!!
  10. I'm closer to 2 months quit than 1 month quit. what a wonderful thing to realize, even if it did hit you just as you were falling asleep LOL G'nite all you smoke-free beautiful people
  11. Thanks you guys!!! I can't believe it's been this long and I've saved that much. Thank you all for your support LOL @interest....I wish I had a snappy comeback but I just woke up. Maybe after coffee
  12. PS where's my ticket? I don't see it on my phone. Can you guys see it?
  13. I like them all!!! Can we mash them all together somehow? Longest name everrrrrrrr
  14. Good morning! From Seattle, in the heart of the beautiful Pacific Northwest, I say a hearty, healthy NOPE!!! Have a beautiful day my friends!
  15. How is everyone? I had my surgery a week ago yesterday. It went well but the first 4-5 days were a blur of pain, heavy medication and lots of sleep LMAO. I'm finally feeling well....great, actually...and missed ya'all. What did I miss? PS where's my ticket? I don't see it on my phone. Can you guys see it?
  16. .... because you can't crave nicotine when you're so medicated you sleep most of the day lol

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