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  1. Welcome @Papagoat I smoked for nearly 40 years, I quit and failed many times because of similar junky thoughts as you've stated above. This time I'm confident that it is my permanent quit because I have learned so much about the Nicotine addiction, and getting the tremendous support from members here. I now realize that all the junkie thoughts about missing smoking because I thought it kept me calm, helped me relax, helped me concentrate, filled the emptiness, etc. were all lies. I now realize that I was just simply an ADDICT who needed to feed the Nico
  2. Congratulations Bakon! 8 years of freedom is awesome! An inspiration!
  3. Congratulations on your 5 wonderful months of smoke free @Mona ! Well Done!
  4. I used to think I enjoyed smoking too, until I learned the truth about this nasty addiction. Reci really hit the nail on the head here with "Knowledge is power", once I realized that I was feeding the "addiction" and not really enjoyed smoking, I was able to kick it in the butt! Welcome @Oona , please educate yourself about the addiction and you will enjoy the ride to freedom!
  5. Congratulations on your 7 wonderful months of smoke free Kate! Well Done!
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MQ! Thank you for this wonderful train ride!
  7. Doreen, your frying pan is all I need when I get a craving. Want to smoke? Here you go The best SOS tool!
  8. Still Friday afternoon here, but I'm already committed to NOPE!!! on Saturday!

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