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    Reading, Spending time with my family, Hiking, Camping, Fishing. A lot of out doorsy kind of stuff....
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  1. WTG Michelle!!!!! Congratulations on 1 month.
  2. I don't per-say that I have experienced that, but I have noticed as I get closer to the one month mark I get sporadic urges, that are really intense. I know they are there. I know they will go away, but in the moment I am like WTF why is that urge so intense. But like I said those aren't every hour like they use to be, just one every once in awhile. Other than not being able to take a satisfying deep breath how are you doing? I have my one month follow up with my doctor today, so we will see how that goes. I hope you are doing okay. I am hanging in there and I think I am kicking butt, and taking names why I am at hanging in there. LOL
  3. @Sarisaac Hey I am also one of the newbies that was mentioned. Quitting smoking can be scary, but you have done this before and you have a great support system here if you utilize it. We are all here cheering for you and are here if you need us. Post often and do your research on nicotine addiction, just read, read, read in those first few days and stick close to the boards so if you need us we can be here for you.
  4. Congratulations on your almost 3 year quit. Just think this time next month you will be 3 years smoke-free. I can't wait until I can post like you, but for now I will take it the easy way and that is one minute/hour/day at a time... I am coming up on my 1 month of being quit.
  5. Hey @Lilley how are you feeling? Today is the day? We are here if you need us.
  6. WTG @JohnQ for being smoke-free for a month. I am getting close to my one month mark as well.
  7. Nana20

    Checking in

    Congratulations on being free for 3 years....
  8. @Lilley I am going to give you some tough love here. You need to make the decision on if you want to quit or not. We can give you support and encouragement all day long and all night long. We can sit here and hold your hand and help you through it. IF you let us, but you didn't let us. You chose to light a cigarette up instead of coming here. If you decide to quit you have to figure out how to come here when you are in danger of a relapse. Not just when you need us to get through a craving, but all of the time. YOU have a wealth of information at your fingertips, YOU have a group of people here who will sit and talk all night with you if that is what it would take to keep you on the train of quitting, YOU have to make the decision, with YOUR heart, YOUR head, YOUR body, with every ounce of who and what you are. That is the ONLY way it will work. Also I remember I don't know you from adam, but I do know that this here is a complete line of Bull crap. You see you truly don't want to smoke. Because I have never seen anyone trying to give up something that they just genuinely love. They just don't. So all those times you quit and relapsed. Is yourself trying to tell you through the fog of addiction that it is done with the smoking, it is tired of smoking, it wants to be free of the smoking, then the fog comes in and that voice gets dimmed. All you can hear is the roaring of the addiction, "you love smoking, one won't hurt", but if you were to listen to yourself. You would know that what you truly genuinely want is to be free. We can be here for you, but you got to make the decision to let us be, not just when its new and fresh, but when life is getting back to whatever the new normal is and you think hey I got this. and the addiction decides to rear its ugly head. The decision is yours. TO be chained, or TO be freed.
  9. @JH63 I posted this on another thread, but I think it could benefit you as well. I think that the decision to start smoking when we were kids(yes I believe that even people in their teens are kids) it has lead to a life spent in survival mode. We go from one craving to the next just surviving in between. I think that when we make the decision to quit it sets off a fear. A fear to plant roots (make a plan to quit) a fear to think/plan for the future. To trust ourselves, to let the joy of not smoking in. BUT if we trust in ourselves, OUR plan to quit. We plant those roots. We look toward the future with hope and determination. Then a true blessing will occur. OUR mindset will begin to change. If we can stick with it, then OUR thoughts and thought process will go from just living in survival mode to actually thriving. We will thrive if we allow ourselves to. It won't be easy, but then again nothing in life ever is. BUT there is more to life than survival. More to life than being chained. To go from one day to the next just shuffling through trying to make it to the next cigarette. Trying to stretch your time between craves so you can feel better about smoking. If you don't want that then I guess You have to make a decision. Are you going to allow cigarettes and smoking control you? Or are you going to go from surviving through life and addiction, or are you going to allow yourself to thrive. To plant some roots and to let the joy of life back in. To have a future It starts with NOPE the only one who can make that decision is you. It's YOUR life.

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