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  1. The presidential race is freaking nuts, do you think my vote will matter?
  2. Dependents are younger
  3. Welcome John, It's so good that you have finally decided it's time to quit for good. This is going to be hard work and will take your full commitment to achieve. There is no such thing as I'll just have one and then I'll quit again. This is just you falling prey to the junkie inside you. I've attempted to quit many times as well and smoked for over 37 years. I have fallen for that whole thing of just one or two smokes or drags and then I'll quit again. This doesn't work Ever. I'm in the midst of what I believe is going to be my forever quit. I coming up on almost 2 months nicotine and cigarette free. I decided to fully committ to this and have decided that nothing was going to interrupt that. Then I decided to find a support system and ended up here. It is one of the best decisions I ever made. So, welcome to the quit train. Strap in and enjoy the ride. We will help you along this hard but truly rewarding journey.
  4. Hey Jeff, I'm sorry to hear about what you had to go through. That is a tough thing to go through emotionally and mentally. Something like that will test your resolve to remain smoke free. You weathered the storm and I'm proud of you. Way to stay strong and committed. Give my condolences to the family for their lost loved one. . Stay strong and you shall persevere.

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