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  1. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to ALL. Be Safe and Smoke Free! John
  2. Congratulations @Kate18! Sorry I missed the celebration, Well Done. John
  3. Congratulations @Mac#23 ! Time to do the Happy Dance for you Bud! John
  4. Congratulations @BKP ! 5 Years is AWESOME! And thanks for your wonderful support on this forum! John
  5. Well Done Layla! Congratulations on this great Milestone! John
  6. Thank you everyone, it's a wonderful feeling celebrating 6 months smoke free. Sorry I haven't been around but I'm doing well, just been too busy with work lately. Hope everyone is safe and well, and thank you all for the wonderful support and encouragement! You guys are AWESOME
  7. Congratulations on your 3 years Awesome smoke free!
  8. Congratulations @sgt.barney! 9 years is an inspiration!
  9. Congratulations @johnny5! and thanks for all your support. John
  10. Hello all my wonderful QT friends. I just want to drop in to say Hi and let you know that I've just been so occupied lately with a new major project at work that I haven't been in the Forum lately. I'm doing well, rarely ever thought about smoking any more. I miss you all and really miss teasing Doreen in Chicks & Sticks, I'm still here and will check back when I can. Take care everyone, keep it strong! John NOPE
  11. Congratulations @Hope2Nope on your 4 wonderful years of freedom! That's a great milestone to celebrate!
  12. I'm doing great. Triggers are few and far between these days, I also find them very negligible. I love my new Freedom so I'm confident that I will never give in to this nasty addiction ever again. Thanks for following up with us newbies, encouragement and support go a long way. Sorry to hear Linda, hope you're feeling better. Hang in there, it will get better, I promise.
  13. I was so busy yesterday that any thought about smoking never crossed my mind, I think it's a good sign. I didn't even remember about this anniversary. Thanks everyone for this celebration, and for all your encouragement and support. 5 months smoke free feels AWESOME!!!
  14. JohnQ

    chicks or sticks

    11 Good morning and Happy Friday all
  15. 2 months is a great milestone! Congratulations @Oona !
  16. Congratulations on your 2 months anni Layla! Great job!

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