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  1. Ahh I am so sorry, late again.. maybe do some afterparty? Congratulations on your first year, massive! So great to see people reach that deck. Happy next year!
  2. MLMR

    Sslip is 10 Months Smoke Free!

    Epically late, but.... Congratulations Shane!
  3. MLMR

    Johnny5 is 4 Years Smoke Free!!!

    A bit late, but nevertheless ... Congrats Johnny! 🎶😎
  4. MLMR

    Kdad is 2 months smoke free!

    Congrats kdad, well done! 👌
  5. MLMR

    This is going to be long.

    That all sounds very familiair, CF. I quit on a wednesday evening, worked on thursday and then had 3 days off, slept right through them! Glad I did though. Just do whatever feels right, except for lighting up ofcourse. Dah. You sniffin in second hand smoke (iehw!) made me think of a dutch clip. I really recommend reading and teaching yourself about what it is that you left behind. It will strengthen your resolve for those moments you are going to need it! And, it helps to make the clock go faster in empty moments
  6. MLMR

    This is going to be long.

    Hi CF, somewhere in your third day, arent you? How's it going? Can you come around here, with all the information? There's plenty, I hope it helps!
  7. MLMR

    Junkie roaring

    Thanks for your message I looked it up, this SOS was over a week ago, 9 days i think. Thanks for reminding me about it, i thought I had a crap day today, but back then it was even more crap, ha! Don't worry, I'll hang in for sure. You are doing a great job by the way, having quit again. And thanks for mentioning about that sense of pride, good to hear from someone so early in their journey. Be sure to write about it and please sos when you need it!
  8. MLMR


    Sally, yes, it's an interruption that demands attention.. and it's easy to be tricked in giving it the wrong kind of attention. In my experience there is not one specific way to deal with it. Often I can handle it by thinking AND acting on Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired. Sometimes walks do the trick, etc. Riding it out, like you said. Yesterday I had a date with my sisters, had been four years ago for the three of us to go out for dinner. I took the train, something I did for years but haven't done now in some time. Brain went insane! And it looks like I took these moments there with me into the next day somehow, cause I had a hard time shutting them up today. I figure i dealt with multiple triggers (sisters, train, going out, memories and some tears) and brain thinks that shouting junkie thoughts is a great way or coping. Anyway.. glad when there's another day done, to be short Haha never be sorry! The coffee was much appreciated indeed, with glitter stores empty... stash gone…. Yes, thanks for saying that about the brain loves taking the easy way out and all. It is SO DARN TEMPTING to identify with that and think, ahw to hell with it! BUT! I! WONT! DO! THAT! So, you have some little Stewies there with you, huh? Poor girl! Sharing my kidless house for the evening with you would be great, áhw such an expensive ticket though! :( p.s. Jane, do you here the drums roll…… trrrrrrrrrrrrtrrrrrrrrrrtrtrtrtrtrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrratatatataaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..... tonight i ate sushi.....chopsticks and all….. not even one tiny mistake…. got them all unharmed to my mouth….. Yeah!
  9. MLMR


    Thanks, amigo.! So thoughtful of you. And I whish it was a 4mo monthiversari, but got to do 3 first Ridiculous junkie thinking has been shouting at me today. Shouting back didn't work out, took walks and everything. Ah well. It's one of these 'world, please f yourself'-days, I had them back then and I sometimes have them now. At least I'm glad the stinky component is out of todays picture. But hey, there's bear coffee from Texas!!
  10. MLMR


    Day 85! Less than a week away from completing three months. Things have calmed down a bit, since somewhere between last saturday and sunday. Brain is still doing it's best to lure me into to smoking, but I'm back at where I was in my second month: able to detach from the thoughts and going strong in counter-thinking. Repeating over and over and training myself in that really does the trick and though it's annoying sometimes, I'm sure I'll benefit from it now and later on. It fascinates me. The time distortion, change of perspective (sometimes in the blink of an eye), having a sense of real power over the addiction versus 'I'm a victim and will this ever end' (yes, at times my brain thinks like that. I'm ashamed about it but it is what it is and I find comfort in the fact that I muster up the courage not to identify with that thought. Because that's where I would really have a problem and definitely would end up smoking one after another again). I remember somewhere in the beginning, I thought about balance, between surrendering to the proces (aka trust) while still deciding where to go next. Probably still working for me. So, I think I'm safe to say I had my fair share of three-month-hardship and thank god it didn't last the entire month. And now I have yet another major milestone within reach, ha!
  11. MLMR

    This is going to be long.

    Hi CF, welcome here. You made a great decision. Thanks for giving us some insight in where you are at, this moment. Keep doing that, it will help! I smoked my last cigaret conciously, or so I thought. Because, honestly I can't remember. I know it was 20:08 pm.. I have no clue about how I felt at that moment, except that quitting in itself made me anxious. But I am glad, because here I am! And the fact that I quit is soooo much more valuable to me than how or when or with which emotion I smoked my last one.. Jane is right about romancing. You can read a lot about that on the board. Take good care of yourself these coming days. You are doing the right thing.

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