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  1. MLMR

    Sitting here crying wanting so bad to smoke

    What a hero you are Linda, for so many reasons. Hang in there.
  2. Yep, sounds very familiair. It's something you have to find your way through. It won't last forever. Its a fase, it will pass. And then a different fase wiI follow... 😉 I did and still do lots of walking, to pass time and to stop my mind from racing on about smoking. One month, nice! Well done. 👌
  3. MLMR

    Vaping Sends teen to Rehab

    Disturbing. I know three people who vape and, not kidding, these people are loosing their soul ever since they started that sh*t. They treat that device like it's some precious jewel or something. They have become more nervous, less interested in the world around them. I talked to an acupuncturist, he said he's had an significant increase of customers, vapers, with anxiety problems. I don't really read a lot about this, but my instinct tells me that this is bad.
  4. MLMR

    Tuesday 15th January 2019

    I forgot to nope today! Brilliant!
  5. 'a Journey' is the philosophical way of looking at it. 'Shitty, empowering and highly challenging' is what I'd rather call it. If there's one thing I know after 145 days of being smoke free, it's that I. WILL. NEVER. EVER. PUT. MYSELF.THROUGH. THIS. CRAP. EVER. AGAIN. Crystal clear motivation. Quitting has had an effect on my relationships, my work, my daily rhytm, my everything. It's like I am reinventing myself, but not in a gradual, beautiful way. At some point the caterpillar seemed to evolve in something completely different than a colourful butterfly... The dust is still settling. I've come to some pretty sad but strengthening conclusions: I am capable of mourning and going to a funeral of someone I hold dear and not smoke. I can find myself in the middle of relationship crisis and still stand my ground. I found some consolation in staying true to myself, regarding my quit. I can deal with heavy panick attacks and remain without cigarettes . Anxiety seems to be diminishing by the way, but since that would be a glorious hallelujah and I am so afraid of disappointing myself with hope, for now I won't be focussing on that (but yeah. It is actually less of a daily base problem. Hoooly cow. Aaahhhhhh. Imagine if that pattern persists. I would get back part of my life). I discovered that I'm pretty much through with my job but I have to endure untill I find something else. Realisation of missing out on proper grown-up education hits harder than ever, now that I'm unable to dull these thoughts. But there's a tiny glimpse of something new: 'if I can do this, I may be capable of so much more'. Shitting seven colours... but looking in to re-educating. I am learning to dance my waltz with time. If quitting does one thing, it's messing with perspective. Since one month or so, I feel like I am regaining 3D view again. I am able to see depth once more and I am learning to be here now, without losing my horison. Next week will mark five months for me. I have many reasons to continue like I do. But one thought is most empowering: it's all in my hands!

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