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  1. That's a very personal question Kat, which I'm not going to answer.
  2. Can’t believe it - 100 days sober already. Its definitely not all fun and games, but worth it in every way. I think this is the longest time, since I was sixteen, that I’ve been both off meds, cannabis, nicotine and alcohol at the same time. I've had really tough nights, but also the wonderful experience of being less anxious. Childhood memories bubbling up both super sad and very joyous. Some days my senses are completely numb, but there’s also the odd moment that colors seem brighter and everything in me just seems at peace. I cherish these moments and I know they will eventually happen more and more often. Its a big thing for me, to see beauty in slow progress. It takes courage and patience. Its much more a matter of not doing things and being with the uncomfortable, than to throw myself in battle and fight. I’d love for my cheery self to come back soon.. when she does, I welcome her with open arms!
  3. Hi Kate, I hope the ketamine infusions will ease things for you. I admire your perseverance.
  4. Sounds like you are in it for real, well done. Keep that attitude up, it will help you big time. I dont have cravings. I quit smoking three years ago and then messed up one weekend. Put my ticker back at day one and had to start all over. Hence the three month quit. The first week was tough, but I had the same approach as before, maybe even more ferocious: watching, reading, writing (did you see that enormous diary Introsucktion, its mine )about quitting. It was a close call. Never again.
  5. “Nobody will protect you from your suffering. You can't cry it away or eat it away or starve it away or walk it away or punch it away or even therapy it away. It's just there and you have to survive it. You have to endure it. You have to live through it and love it and move on and be better for it and run as far as you can in the direction of your best and happiest dreams across the bridge that was built by your own desire to heal.” ~ Cheryl Strayed
  6. Hey @JustinHoot99 how are you doing? How’s your article search going, want to share some of the things you are reading/watching?
  7. Surfing blogs and articles and stuff about addiction on YouTube definitely got me through the first months, along with writing here. Make quitting your Most Important Project, for a while. For as long as you need! Which ‘adulting’ project will you be tackling first?
  8. Hi Justin, good to have you here. Hows today going?
  9. @Katgirl ... but what is 'normal' anyway?
  10. Yay, week 11 of Project Sober in the pocket. I feel like I'm wrapping up the past two years. Two years dominated by ending a longterm but unhealthy relationship, processing a horrible violence incident at my work which cost one of my coworkers his life and left another severely injured and my team upside down, working my way towards burnout and back. And ofcourse there was Corona. The painful disunity amongst friends and family.. It makes me so, so sad. But also: all the more gratefull for the road I'm taking right now and the people there with me. The lessons I've learned from quitting smoking are immensly valuable and usefull at this point. I feel connected to the world around me and I see and hear things that I completely missed before. Depression and mental clouds made me selfcentered, for years. In a continous survival modus. But there's a world and I am a tiny part of it. Better make it worthwile!
  11. Hi there Gracie, remember and say to yourself out loud: this will pass. Pictures of black lungs often did it for me, as strange as that may sound. Quite sobering…. Good for you that you choose health. Did you take a look at Joel Spitzers videoclips? There’s plenty of material here:
  12. Hi Tara, in the beginning I made endless lists. I listed what I didn’t like about smoking, what I liked about being free from nicotine, I even wrote down my most embarrassing smoking moments. I thought, if it has to be this bad, why not work my way through with everything that I’ve got? It really helped me. Have you found Joel’s Library yet? Many powerful video’s about quitting.
  13. Hi Tara, welcome back. What you wrote there says it all, right? Congratulations on your decision! Do you remember what helped you last time and is that something you can incorporate in your plan again?

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