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  1. 19 days sober. One month and twelve days since smoke relapse. Last week was challenging, for reasons I rather not mention here. It's not up to me to put it on display. It affects me bigtime, but its not primarely my sadness that matters most. S. and d2e8b8, thanks for being there. It helped. Crazy, scary sh*t. Also last week: the floods in europe are devastating. I don't understand how some people still think climate change isn't real! It's been a while since i took an alcohol break like this. What a difference. I think my energy levels are stabilizing somewhat, less of the up-and-down-going. Mornings are the best now. No more of that foggy sluggish feeling. I do miss a nice cold IPA now and then... yummm. But easy to resist and bye bye hangover.
  2. One or two drinks a day is totally acceptable here, @Kat. During the weekends often more than one. With friends, family - always been like that. I really enjoy a good red wine, i geek out on craft beer. I simply cant remember the last time i went for a drink with someone and ordered a soda, instead of alcohol (or coffee). A dear friend pointed out that alcohol is a depressant. Its weird how i work through things in my life but never seriously looked at my alcohol consumption. Ive always managed to keep it in the background, not paying too much attention. As so many others, I'm sure. My mind is wandering off... What if I.... took on the one year challenge? Wow. Should be doable. Ahhhhh. @Boohow did that work out for you, did you make a firm resolution not to drink anymore or just gradually grew into the idea of quitting altogether? First things first though, lets get to the end of this month.
  3. Day 11, said my I am sober app this morning. I felt proud - sh*t. Why am I proud for not drinking eleven days? Does that mean I generally drink more than I want to admit? Makes you think. Anyway. Glowing skin and unintended weight loss don’t lie. I like my clearer mind, it gives me more perspective on the past months. I suspect it will also bring up some things I’d tucked away. But, let’s get it on with. On another bright side: ginger cordial lemon capsicum juice is the best! Gives you that lovely sharp hit, when sobriety just seems too ... well behaved and tedious. Skoll!
  4. Video: Supercharging nicotine’s addictive potential This video explains why inhaling a drug like nicotine is the fastest way to deliver it to the brain. Evil business! Update on what’s going on. I’m pretty steady, quit wise. I’m grateful for that. The more time there is between that last cigaret and me, the more I realise how close I was to where I once started. Sad, really. Looking back, I almost can’t believe I let it come to that. I want to explain something I hardly engage in other threads. That’s not because a lack of interest, but mainly because I’m not very good at small talk, or advising others in what to do, or joking around. English obviously is not my first language, so it usually takes me some time to construct sensible words. And although I’m doing so much better with anxiety and depression, they can still pop up out of nowhere and make me worried about what I said, to whom, etc. etc. Trying to protect myself from that. (Remember Doreen, when I asked to remove this entire diary because it freaked the h*ell out of me, knowing it was here for the whole world to read? Haha. Whoops). I can only hope writing my experience here is in some way a bit of help to others.
  5. Related video: The danger of using internet quit sites as a crutch to quit smoking
  6. Oh wow, thanks, what a nice surprise y'all. Im doing Dry July, so I don’t drink alcohol this month. I started the 28th of June, one week I really need to come to terms with some things. Clarity.
  7. Week 4 is in the pocket. Video: The Smokers Vow
  8. Addiction is a major theme here, right now. Not so much addiction to nicotine, but ... craving approval, somehow being drawn to the same dynamics over and over again, though very aware that’s not what I want.. since the start of 2021 two major things changed in my life and I’m only now realizing I’ve really not been accepting the open space that’s in front of me, not one bit. Whoops. Shocker. Video: The criteria of addiction
  9. @d2e8b8 thanks for your advice! I bought this bike secondhand, from a friend. He helped me with the first adjustments, but I’m going for a bike fit tomorrow. I was planning on buying MT shoes next weekend, for now I’m just using my new skate sneakers, with a firm sole. They do fine for now, not slippery at all. I’m really an all or nothing kinda person, so I thought, let’s take things a bit slow this time. I want this bike and my joy to last, ha. I don’t want to overdo it and end with expensive gear that I don’t use, or injuries etc. Kind of hard to hold back though, so far I like it A LOT. May be wise to follow some beginner schedule? Plenty of that on the internet (and please feel free to enlighten me if you have ideas on that). And just so you know: I. Am. Wearing. A. Helmet. Oh and, the pedals are clipless, not sure yet if I want to keep it that way..
  10. Week 3, almost in the pocket. Can’t express how relieved I am to be back on track. Imagine: I’d be smoking like a chimney right now, I know that for sure. The excuses, the guilt, finding the courage to quit again, wiring my brain like crazy, always longing for the next fix.... oh dear. It’s here and now, smoke free. Yeah! Last week’s hard moments were actually doable and helped me strengthen my resolve. Video: Unexpected benefits after quitting Explains how some people first discover problems they had over time were in fact caused by smoking. Mostly talks about circulation issues but can principles apply to many problems.
  11. Definitely agree with you @Abby. Thanks for adding that. Last Tuesday I decided it was time for a new hobby, so now I’m the proud owner of this hot chick: I went for my second ride this morning and pfieww, did I understimate cycling . Apparantly my cycle shoes and pedals don’t match (yet), super slippery, a tieniewienie bit bruised now but It was quite the ride and I love it. I can’t wait to get better at it. Ive had a few lesser days, quit wise. Can’t find the English words to describe it. Not craving perse, but unrest, addict thinking “over there it’s better”, “I want something I don’t have” etc. Video: breaking free from nicotine’s grip is more doable than most people think
  12. Smoking crosses my mind often today. Not in any danger of giving up, but it’s annoying and what is there to say about it, not much. Every time I have a thought about one smoke, I imagine all the other things that come with that one cigarette. Video: will I ever stop thinking of cigarettes? Bwegh.
  13. When I post video's from Joel Spitzer, I usually write the title as an underlined link. Its clickable and lets you open the video in another screen. It seems to give some confusion here and there. Anyway. Week two is in the pocket. I had two tough moments and like I said before: when all is good I’m totally fine, but when the urge hits.. pfiew. It helps to reach out and talk to someone when it happens. video: The urge hits
  14. Didnt mean to give that impression no - Im all good here. @Mee no worries!

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