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  1. I had panick attacks. I needed to smoke through them. Only to fuel myself up, making my heart pound harder and faster. And I was FULLY AWARE of what I was doing. Embarassing, really. I dont have panick attacks anymore. Probably for about half a year now or something. How awesome is that?! Quitting smoking has everything to do with that. Ohw Crap. I kinda missed the essence of this thread. Things you couldnt do before you quit. Well, before I quit I could not nót have panick attacks..? Oh heck, whatever.
  2. I used to catch two colds per year, plus regular flew. And often had a lingering, nagging headache. And now... Had one light cold, in my almost 2nd year of non smoking. No fever. Almost no headaches. Im a happy woman
  3. From and including: woensdag 22 augustus 2018 to but not including woensdag 27 mei 2020 Result: It is 644 days from the start date Or 1 year, 9 months, 5 days Or 21 months, 5 days Or... 55.641.600 seconds, 927.360 minutes, 15.456 hours, 644 days, 92 weeks. And... 176,44% of a common year (365 days)!!!
  4. Congrats on your awesome quit Jane!
  5. Having entered the 4th quarter of my 2nd year I just realised how good things are between me and the C. Turkey. Life after quitting isnt persé Nirwana, because life is not like that anyway. And the more I realise that, the more I see what i've got: my health, friends and family, my hard-fought-for wisdom. What stands out for me, is the patience to be with myself when Im uneasy or in real pain, without the need to get it out of the way. Ive never really experienced that before. And I like it, friggin' good! Yihaaa, Yes!!
  6. Wow, there really must be something awesome in that gum, killing your boredom and all! Oh. Wait... what?
  7. What I definitely love most about quitting: less anxiety in my life. Overall, I am much more calm and easy going than when I smoked. Being able to breath through sheer panic is the best thing that ever happened. Knowing I was able to quit has been super empowering, on many levels.
  8. Yes, Im still here. Been thinking what this is all about and I guess there's only one conclusion: escapism. All that I'm used to is gone all of a sudden: meeting friends, going to the pub, visiting my parents, etc. etc. etc. I work in a health care facility, and from one day to another the place has changed into a grim, still building, sort of waiting for the storm to come. While behind the scenes people and departments are preparing for a possible outbreak.. I feel hardly sufficient as professional, with all these restrictions of no direct ftf contact etc., video-calling, not being able to put arms around eachother. Its just so strange and empty. I sort of had it together, but that changed a bit after we heard our pm about the restrictions being continued at least till the end of april (and most likely longer). Its all slowly dawning on me, somehow. At first I got mad at myself for thinking about smoking. I mean, the thoughts were as vivid as in the early days. But the only thing they tell me is: take good self care these days. Its urgent. Thanks all so much for your answers, both oldies and newbies. Heartwarming. I often need a bit of thinking time, so excuse me for not answering any time sooner. P.s. please, please take care of yourselves as well.
  9. Shoot - smokey thoughts creeping up. Corona turmoil, many stressed out people, lack of hugs, full IC's, Corona dominated news, people challenged to turn their lives upside down. I really, really need my inner Superwoman right now.
  10. Hi Andrew, not sure if this is of any help to you right now... but my guess would be that its your body and brain re-adjusting. Do you know these magic doors with huge locks, where every piece has to fall in place for the door to open? Your brain is doing something like that now. Finding new ways. And Im not surprised about that bit of anxiety there. It will pass, Im sure. Figure out what you need to get through these moments safe and sound. Its an excellent time for some soul searching! My anxiety spiked somewhere between months 3 - 7, after that it gradually lessened. Im now better off than ever, anxiety-wise. Quitting smoking is a huge deal and Im so glad I did it.
  11. Wow. Briliant writing. Thanks @Sazerac for the re-post. Worth printing and putting on fridges, mirrors, car dashboards etc. In fact, rub your face in this poetry, drink it in and never look back!
  12. Nice one, Jo! Even though Im pretty far in the proces, I still love reading about everything positive in the long run and how thats working out for others. Wow, this really is fundamental, isnt it? I take your post with me, into my new day. Thanks!
  13. Thanks ladies and gent! Yeah, nice gift and looking forward to start playing again. @Linda Thomas I took lessons for 7 years, so Im not completely new to this. But... its such a long time ago and I think I will have to pick up regular studying again. @Sazerac most likely Bartok
  14. This beauty ....! A present from me to me, for my 1,5 year smoke-free aniversary. Will be able to play her in a few weeks. Looking forward to continue where I quit, several years ago. Its quite something.. djiez. Ahhhhhh!!!!!

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