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  1. Wow, will make this next weekend. Mother included.
  2. Few hours later and anxiety is slowly fading. Life and I will be alright.
  3. Messy business in the head. Good that I know its not broken, and soon enough the gray mass will be in the right order again... But how extremely grateful I about my decision to quit smoking. It even makes the short crisisii (?) more bearable. This is literally my best move EVER.
  4. Oh come on. This is just too stupid to be true .
  5. True that! Writing a pre-respond made me both acountable and more in touch with my initial reasons to quit. In the end its YOU that has to do the job, and only YOU truly know about your own demons and sabotage mechanisms, and ways to derail them. The answer has to be obtained within
  6. Thanks for sharing Jillar! Quitting obviously improved your overall health, although it must have been hard to believe sometimes, in the beginning.. Newbies, be inspired by Jillars story. Stick to your commitment, everything WILL be better!
  7. Yes, you were. You've always been. Your cigarette didnt light itself.
  8. Totally agree with this! And: give yourself time to go through all stages. Have self compassion and patience, reward yourself for every important milestone, even when it seems childish. Celebrate each moment of pride, of fresh breath, each and every moment that you experience how you do well for yourself. I exploited these moments like crazy and it made me much stronger. Dont lose connection with why you want to quit in the first place. Make endless lists, make quitting your absolute priority no 1 and then grow tired of your effort (for me, that was a huge part of being able to release myself from everything that kept me clinging to junkie thinking). You will also be able to quit
  9. Nice! How does it work out for you? For me, some days are easy but today for instance, all I can think of is oliebollen and appelflappen, and pie... what do you eat on fasting days, Linda?
  10. Well, S.... Thank yóu for your wisdom, your way with words but most of all your determination in encouraging total strangers to find out about the truth. You are one of a kind!
  11. Two of the strangest things, worth mentioning: • I actually lost 1lbs during the holidays and am now officially below my initial quit smoking weight of 493 days ago (total loss of 22 lbs) • Tomorrow I will start running. For the first time, ehm.. ever. I dont miss smoking one bit. These days, my mind often wanders .. last year around this time I felt like utter sh♡t. I had a lot going on and wanted it all to be over, fast forward to the summer of the next year. Ha, none of that! Just right through, breath, let go, hold on, whenever everything around you seems to fall apart, the one thing to hold dear is this toddler quit... and hell, did it work or what?! Looking forward to the 22nd of february: buying a brand new piano of my savings. A little bit later than planned, unexpected malfunctioning dryer and fridge got in the way... but hey, I had the money at hand for that, instead of an empty wallet and breathless chainsmoking anxiety!! Smokefree life is seriously great.
  12. I regret every single cigarette. I can only hope I quit in time, before any permanent life threatening damage was done. Educate yourself. Romancing smoking keeps your addiction alert, while you actually want to put it to sleep.
  13. Heather, these are the moments that give your quit weight and foundation, they are only stepping stones to a stronger quit. Use them for whatever it is that you want to (un)learn!
  14. Exactly that is why I still post my (rare) moments of addiction flare up. And working remedies. To some it may come across as 'wow, is that still an issue' or, 'maybe thats a bit overdone...?' But I feel like I need to utilize these moments and keep breaking chains as long as they present themselves. I see my second year as a chance to put everything to practice i learned the first year. It serves me well, I really still feel better every day, noticing changes in the way I handle things. Smoking is nowhere near tempting anymore, and when I do have smokey thoughts, I instantly recognise them as neuro pathway patterns. Lilly and others, keep going and keep making yourself aware of whats happening. Dont fall for the attachment trap. This will all be in the past somewhere soon.

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