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  1. Yesterday I was with my best friend. She is 46 and has COPD. I am afraid she will be dead within 10 years, if she doesnt make some radical lifestyle changes. Let me rephrase that: I fear for her life. Its not 'just' the smoking that worries me, but everything that comes with it: bad food choices and a range of associated physical worries, chronic slavery, underlying depression and financial problems. We did food shopping together. I was looking at her from a distance when she didnt see me and tears came to my eyes. The panting, trying to hide how tired she is. Looking at least 12 years ol
  2. The other week I ran into someone I hadnt seen in a while. Regular smoker, quitting was always on her mind and she did all the things so many of us have been doing for years: cutting down (result: enforcing her addiction) , limiting her smoking to 'only in the kitchen', quitting and starting again, etc. Living her life, but always with a sense of guilt about her smoking 'habit'. She told me she only just found out that she has advanced lung cancer. She's in her 50's.
  3. Thats what it's all about. You did well! Think about it: in one year you will celebrate your second smokefree new years eve
  4. ^^ what Jill says, plus updating can be a great way to keep yourself accountable and commited.
  5. Hey Fluffyduck, let me tell you that you'll be fine either way, with cravings or without. You will survive the tougher moments as well. You will learn new ways of dealing with anxiety, because of quitting. The rough moments are part of the package, part of life. You'll be fine, as long as you stick to your commitment of not smoking. Emotions come and go, all the more reason to make your resolve as strong as possible. When the going gets tough, this is what will help you through.
  6. @Fluffyyellowduck, you relied on smoking to feed your addiction. Quitting is all about debunking the lies that come with being addicted to nicotine. Hows your first day going?
  7. Wow, I just realised this will be my third smokefree christmas! ... and I just love love love not worrying about smoking anymore. There have been days, even months where quitting was the Most Important Thing Ever and I felt like I would be dragging that quit with me for the rest of my life... and now I hardly ever think of it. Its been quite the ride though. Im clearly not one of those 'One day I just quit and that was that' people. Oh, I've condemned myself for the struggle, for the sos-ing, for the anxiety. And what I found here was a brilliant combination of wise words
  8. Show us your crochet cardigan! Big fan of crocheting here. Look what I made during quitting, (some would argue about the lungs though..)
  9. Dear S. (aka Power House @Sazerac), Today its your 7 year aniversary - congratulations!! I admire you for your determination and hunger for knowledge. I know its been of tremendous help for so many readers on here. The effort you've put in teaching others and inviting them to come along is heartwarming to me. Your commitment has been amazing . And I hope today is about you! I miss you on here, your way with words, I whish you only good things. Qtrain is not the same without you. 7 years, hurray hurray!! Will be thinking of you today!
  10. Force yourself to discover what IS easy. There must be something. Make a game out of it. Simplify life.
  11. 'Motivation is not the spark that keeps you eager to do hard work. It is the RESULT! Real motivation comes after you start.' 'Motivation is the pride you take in the work you’ve done, fueling your willingness to do more.' Write and you become a writer https://medium.com/@sarahcy/motivation-is-overrated-the-motivation-myth-by-jeff-haden-98df2623dcdd
  12. Hi Bjean, wow what a journey. How are you doing now? I whish you well! Not too long ago I had a small but super intense mental break down. I was with a friend who carried cigarettes. I made her promiss to keep them close in case I was going to hurt myself. I knew I wouldnt smoke, but I needed something that reminded me of a part of myself where I was able to make a healthy, concious and safe choice. Including the choice of not hurting myself physically. Ive never been tempted that evening, on the contrary: it gave me back my sense of self.
  13. Gradual decline - did that 2 or 3 times and i am pretty sure i reinforced my addiction immensly by doing that. Dont go there.
  14. Waiting to be ready is like waiting for the niagara falls to climb up instead of falling down. Never gonna happen. Take that first step, be vulnerable about it, discover, grow day by day and suddenly you will see motivation and 'readyness' peaking around the corner. Take proper care of your health Linda, no one else can do that for you.
  15. Why is it needed...? There you go.
  16. Yes, yes and yes! I do love it. When I realised how strong that craving was, my mind immediately started reciting all the downsides of smoking. Counter brainwashing. I was raised so well here ... Your humor. Please come, eat cheese and drink with me ok?
  17. Ah you are so right. Thanks for reminding me about the early stages, where this was happening all the time. Djeez, yes. Yesterday was a piece of memory cake, compared to thát.
  18. Ahhh, yes.. two friends of mine recently blew their (long term) quits. I wonder if thats got anything to do with it. Maybe taking a moment today to intently destroy any leftover romantizing.
  19. Oh, it is. Its my go-to when im having a hard time or when im in doubt about something. Will not risk that.. nope. Just didnt see that vivid memory (surprise attack) coming. Pfiew
  20. Shoot! Two years and one month in and ... blown away by a super strong sh*tty craving. I will not give in. But heck. Like... WTF!!!! How is this even possible...?!
  21. What I love about being smokefree: That beating every single sh*tty crave meant personal growth and a better, healthier future. What else could I possibly wish for?
  22. When I quit smoking two years ago, I was totally anxious and had a lurking depression. Anxiety, panick attacks, depression, they all came along in different ways, without a pattern. It scared the sh*t out of me, because Id been dealing with that for way too long already. Some periods were obviously better than others. As much as I felt that I wasnt up for the task, I knew I had to make it worthwhile somehow. I had to hold on to something that, at times, I had no vision of, no image in my mind. Because my mind was busy with fighting itself. So, clinging to that one goal AND educating
  23. MLMR

    Two Storms

    Thinking of you Saz
  24. 22-08-2020: My two years milestone - yes! I guard this quit with my life. I seriously doubt if I would be able to do this once more... so, never ever again! Life is still life, after quitting.. but living it just feels so much more sincere, somehow. Most of all I cherish breathing and not working my way towards an oxygen tank anymore. Im immensly greatful for a healthy body and seriously, not one hair on my head would purposely jeopardize that!! To anyone who fears quitting due to mental health problems: please, dont let fear guide you. Quitting helped me with devel

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