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  1. Rez has Four

    Ooops! Thanks guys, time flies when your having fun. Been busy taking care of my sick mom lately so not having much fun. You all need to consintrate on the newbe's and less on us old farts! From the dirty egg steeling biker!
  2. 5 years free for our Bakon!!!!

    So here's the party Bakon tied up in that yellow police tape to a chair in the middle of the room The ladies of the train are dancing around him Batman hanging from the ceiling, Stewart and reciprocity are taking notes Pearlie is wrestling with Stewie and sonic, Frez and runfree have traded shoes, Doreen has got her whip out, Colleen says I get first first crack at him, Boo says boooo,# beacon is looking for a place to live, Paul is hung over the fence, babs pasted out in the back seat, MQ is overseeing it all. Only the best for the Bakon! Congratulations! Keep marching!
  3. Today is the Last Day....

    OK, Where is the party at!!!! I don't see any body passed out anywhere I don't see any empty beer kegs I don't see any underwear on ceiling fans I don't see BAKON in his underwear with his head hanging in the toilet ( scary thought) I don't see any police yellow tape marking off the area No feathers or sex toys laying around No animals roaming around or toga sheets So where is it????
  4. Only 4 days left!!!

    So 4 days until the Bakonator hits the big 50! My bad, I mean 5 years quit I guess he's buying, I'll have a Corona Extra
  5. I've been on a holiday !!!

    We have quite a world traveler here I see!
  6. Irma

    We had to cancel our vacation to the Bahamas because of Irma! That bitsh! Know lots of people in Florida, everyone was OK thankfully. Have a friend in Texas that hasn't been heard from since Harvey. Hopefully next month we will make it to the Caribbean if anything is left.
  7. Congratulations on not 4 days, not 4 weeks, not 4 months but 4 years!!!! Most excellent job!!!!
  8. Shape of the World

    Work sucks since big company bought the place I work. Went from 3 employees to over 100. Maybe quit and open up a T shirt shack down in the Bahamas or move to Pittsburgh PA and become a cop. Well, about 3 years to go so going to stay put where I am at if I can last 3 years. Wish aliens were real and scare the hell out of the world so the world can get our sheet together.
  9. trying this again.

    Welcome to the train! All the drugs and all the advice can not help you quit unless you want to quit. The wanting to quit has come from nobody else but you, it is your decision, all the other stuff is useless if you don't have it in your heart and sole that you are doing this. You CAN do this!
  10. chicks or sticks

  11. Tuesday 13 th June 2017

    Nopping all day long!
  12. Getting up and going outside as the sun is just comming up, nice and warm at 75 degrees, birds are singing, dogs are fed, and buck naked! Just kidding on the naked part, but in my undies, wounder if that is the reason that the neighbors are building a 10 foot high wall? Except for not going to work only thing better would be waking up to the sound of the ocean on a beach next to my wife with one of those funny little fruit drinks in my hand with a umbrella in it! :)
  13. chicks or sticks

  14. chicks or sticks