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  1. REZ

    chicks or sticks

    -12 days of Christmas
  2. A little late but congrats Joe! Any beer left?????
  3. REZ


    Good job Latoya! Putting a patch on your arm is a lot better then sticking a piece of paper in your mouth with cancer causing crap in it and lighting it on fire!!! Keep with the patch for a couple of days and then try a day without it.
  4. I've changed it a little to a 4 X 6. The squats are the hardest so far. The knees are what they used to be. I'm sure as the weight increases everything else will be hard too!
  5. REZ

    State of the Union

    That just isn't normal!
  6. Tracey and I are differently in to this fitness thing for the last few months. I just started a Stronglifts 5X5 workout program and a high protein diet. We will see where this goes! PS - I love donuts!
  7. REZ

    Rez has Four

    Ooops! Thanks guys, time flies when your having fun. Been busy taking care of my sick mom lately so not having much fun. You all need to consintrate on the newbe's and less on us old farts! From the dirty egg steeling biker!
  8. So here's the party Bakon tied up in that yellow police tape to a chair in the middle of the room The ladies of the train are dancing around him Batman hanging from the ceiling, Stewart and reciprocity are taking notes Pearlie is wrestling with Stewie and sonic, Frez and runfree have traded shoes, Doreen has got her whip out, Colleen says I get first first crack at him, Boo says boooo,# beacon is looking for a place to live, Paul is hung over the fence, babs pasted out in the back seat, MQ is overseeing it all. Only the best for the Bakon! Congratulations! Keep marching!
  9. OK, Where is the party at!!!! I don't see any body passed out anywhere I don't see any empty beer kegs I don't see any underwear on ceiling fans I don't see BAKON in his underwear with his head hanging in the toilet ( scary thought) I don't see any police yellow tape marking off the area No feathers or sex toys laying around No animals roaming around or toga sheets So where is it????
  10. So 4 days until the Bakonator hits the big 50! My bad, I mean 5 years quit I guess he's buying, I'll have a Corona Extra

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