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  1. Hi Doreen! such a wonderful day to be a non smoker. I'm with ya, a big fat NOPE for me too!
  2. sherry

    Shoe pictures

    these shoe look like I felt try'n to walk in my drink'n days :laugh2: :laugh2:
  3. Just for you my friend :D
  4. Aw how wonderful to read this first thing this morning.. 6 months all done... I'm sooooo VERY happy for you!!! Massive congrats - and half a dozen of my special chocolate chip cookies just for you! :D :D :D
  5. LOL!! Mr. Mayor... ok, it's bakons bd and I have my onesie on ready for his party tonight... gotta tell Mr. Mayor, run'n the pizza place and the bakery, I'm gonna need you to put in a good word for me with Rob to come by and give me a good workout between bake'n cookies and pizza pies (cuz I have to sample everything- don't cha know- this stuff don't taste good all on it's own if you don't taste every other batch.. ^_^ )... yep.. gonna need a personal trainer fer sure!!! :rolleyes:
  6. Pizza for the birthday boy!! :P
  7. Awesome job one month smoke free!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! :D
  8. 10 down 2 to go,.. how EXCITING!!! Congratulations!! :D
  9. great work!! one month done and dusted!! Congratulations!! :D
  10. Ok... I've been patient... now y'all are gonna make me walk up and down Main St in my pizza onesie 'till someone opens a pizza shop :spiteful: ...so who's gonna open a pizza shop!!!???!!! ... ...cuzzzzzz.....this pizza onesie is gonna get awful itchy here 'for too long :huh:
  11. OH!! And I nominate DD to be in charge of the special effects at Pips castle to scare the bee-jee-jeez outta the tourist when the resident ghosts aren't in the mood to "spook" .... maybe we give her the title "Mistress Of Horror"..... LOL :P
  12. Aw sweetie, I'm so sorry you and your Tony have to deal with this because of this awful addiction ... somewhere by you sharing it here, someone will read it and say to themselves and say, "I need to stop, before this becomes my life" love you hun {{hug}}
  13. Congratulations!!!! One month is an awesome achievement!! Keep rock'n it!! :music:

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