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  1. Hi Doreen! such a wonderful day to be a non smoker. I'm with ya, a big fat NOPE for me too!
  2. sherry

    Shoe pictures

    these shoe look like I felt try'n to walk in my drink'n days :laugh2: :laugh2:
  3. Just for you my friend :D
  4. Aw how wonderful to read this first thing this morning.. 6 months all done... I'm sooooo VERY happy for you!!! Massive congrats - and half a dozen of my special chocolate chip cookies just for you! :D :D :D
  5. LOL!! Mr. Mayor... ok, it's bakons bd and I have my onesie on ready for his party tonight... gotta tell Mr. Mayor, run'n the pizza place and the bakery, I'm gonna need you to put in a good word for me with Rob to come by and give me a good workout between bake'n cookies and pizza pies (cuz I have to sample everything- don't cha know- this stuff don't taste good all on it's own if you don't taste every other batch.. ^_^ )... yep.. gonna need a personal trainer fer sure!!! :rolleyes:
  6. Pizza for the birthday boy!! :P
  7. Awesome job one month smoke free!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! :D
  8. 10 down 2 to go,.. how EXCITING!!! Congratulations!! :D
  9. great work!! one month done and dusted!! Congratulations!! :D
  10. Ok... I've been patient... now y'all are gonna make me walk up and down Main St in my pizza onesie 'till someone opens a pizza shop :spiteful: ...so who's gonna open a pizza shop!!!???!!! ... ...cuzzzzzz.....this pizza onesie is gonna get awful itchy here 'for too long :huh:
  11. OH!! And I nominate DD to be in charge of the special effects at Pips castle to scare the bee-jee-jeez outta the tourist when the resident ghosts aren't in the mood to "spook" .... maybe we give her the title "Mistress Of Horror"..... LOL :P
  12. Aw sweetie, I'm so sorry you and your Tony have to deal with this because of this awful addiction ... somewhere by you sharing it here, someone will read it and say to themselves and say, "I need to stop, before this becomes my life" love you hun {{hug}}
  13. Congratulations!!!! One month is an awesome achievement!! Keep rock'n it!! :music:
  14. Our own town, love it!!... of course I'm run'n the bakery, specializin' in extra chocolate- chocolatey cookies and gloopy gingerbread.. :P and I nominate Leanna to be our manicurist.. I'd like an appointment right away please, my nails are a mess!! :wacko: and I nominate our Pip to be given the haunted castle on the island just off shore of our little town, and for her to not just live there but open it to up for tourism a few times a year (we need a tourist attraction ).. I'd like to go ahead and book the "Queens Suite" for June 8th to the 10th, Miss Pip..soooooo if you'd pencil me in :good3:
  15. Celebrate your 5 months triumph over smoking by doing something nice for yourself.. and start it with 5 of my extra chocolate chip cookies,!! :P Congratulations on a great job!! :D
  16. 5 wonderful smoke free months, I'm sooo happy for you! congratulations!!! :D
  17. OMG that was freak'n hilarious !!! :laugh2: :laugh2: thanks for start'n my day off on such a happy note!! :D
  18. I disagree...encouraging folks to take the plunge into the non smoking pool is worth repeating.. for once one of these "I know better the you human- computer programs was right...I say keep both :D
  19. awesome job 2 months free!!!!!!!
  20. good post Bakon.. and a happy easter,/ egg day to you too,.. ..heres a funny for ya, speak'n of Kojak, ..I got some lollipops last weekend- stuck some in a juice glass to keep on the end table next to my chair so they'd be handy (try'n to give up bbq fritos).. anyway.. I'm watching a movie and enjoy'n my trip down memory land with the different flavor lollipops....movies over - I go about my day.. I go to brush my teeth that night and scared the bejeezys outta myself as I'm look'n at the back of my black fungus covered look'n tongue :blink: .. till I realized it was the orange, lime,grape, cherry, butterscotch and root beer lolliepops all back to back will make your tongue look like it belongs in a horror film!!... felt pretty stupid for a minute.. then had to laugh at myself.. what a good "problem" to have :P beats the heck outta smoke'n! ;)
  21. I'm do'n the happy dance - happy dance- happy dance for ya !! :yahoo: . gooooOOOOOO JACKIE!! :give_heart: you get 2 of my giant chocolate chip cookies with extra frost'n,!! :good3: Congratulations hun!! :D
  22. Look at you rock'n this quit! Congratulations!! :D
  23. My turn,..Had the name Lace back in the day when I was young and sexy, (hard to believe I once was, oh age- what ya've done to me!! :huh: ).. had to use it (lace -not my sexy old body- haven't found that for YEARS!! :laugh2: ) ...when I signed on to the other place, cuz someone already had Sherry, my name in the real world... but changed it from lace to sherry here, cuz, well,I can - so there! :beee: ... :laugh2: LOL!! Spent some time in the "basement" and Tracey's bootcamp at the other place cuz I'm an odd duck-I had to quit my way-.my way danmit! MINE!!! :sarcastic_blum: ...got called a few nicknames over there.. some not so nice, maybe cuz my SOH isn't somethin' that's always easy to understand, or maybe it was more because of the where "there" was and the atmosphere .. but here and now with the qt family, I'm sherry, lace, hey you, or cookie lady :good3: Avatar is cuz I think it's important to remember that often times basic is better.. don't over think things.. sometimes -- a lot of times, things just "are".. don't go make'n a freak'n mountain outta a molehill !!......and it's funnycute ( "funnycute", thats a word now, I just made it up- feel free to use it :on_the_quiet2: ) Keep with the basics peoplezzzz - hugs lov and cookies!!xx :bye:

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