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  1. Welcome on Board my lovely, you are definitely in the right place, focus on a minute at a time if you have too, be kind to yourself, what you are doing is a wonderful thing. So much wonderful information is here, wonderful people, who will be with you every single step of the way. If you need to reach out and vent, rant, share a celebratory moment then please do, we are all here, it definitely feels like home XX
  2. Still holding the fort up I see Bacon, Oink oink. Happy birthday!
  3. Welcome on Board and you are certainly in the best place, I need to share a story with you if I may, I suffer very badly with anxiety and depression and have done for many years, 4 years ago was my worst breakdown ever, long story I am sure you don't want to know but half way through my breakdown I decided that it was time to give up the cigs yet again, I'd had enough of them controlling my life, and that is what it is about really, nicotine takes control and makes us think all these things that you are describing and we believe it and listen to it. I used to read all the wonderful advice that
  4. Thank you! It feels great to finally be able to say I bloody got there, I did it, and it feels absolutely wonderful. I remember each and every one who helped me on my ummm how many times did I try a lot I know, but you all supported me so much. If I can give back the support to anyone who needs it, would be wonderful, paying it forward xx
  5. Gosh I’m home, I joined this merry band of quitters way back when we jumped ship after a mutiny in the bounty. I had countless quits and falling off the train over the years BUT I’ve got my sticky quit now. To all of you who shared my journey in the beginning I’m blessed to have met you. You are family, encouragement , belief, hand holders and so much more. To all of you at the beginning of your journey push through the hard days, focus on the outcome because it is so bloody worth it. You can do this you are worth it, no not L’Oreal but worth fighting to stop. Stinky smelly cigs if you are tem
  6. NOPE not going to do that, and that is the polite way of saying it lol
  7. Sending hugs your way Linda, I was actually coming on to post a Help! I'm having a very stressful day, am feeling so very low, irritable, tired and just generally fed up of how shit life can get. The nicotine demon is inside my head telling me oh go on have a smoke, you will feel so much better afterwards, I keep telling myself no I wont, a cigarette wont make my life better, wont make my problems go away it will only add because I will feel so disappointed in myself. I think we all carry out own burdens and can often be hard on ourselves. Give yourself a big pat on the back and be proud that
  8. Not that I want to puff my chest out or anything, well actually I do.....but yayy I made it through. Hell week is over, 7 days smoke free that feels so good to say. Would it be okay if I did a little jig I know you would all get where I am coming from ?. I started my exercise regime yesterday as well, my cross stepper arrived, 10 mins didn't want to overdo it and then some squats haha now that was a sight for sore eyes. But week two I am ready for you, lets do this.
  9. Sunday seems a good day to keep saying NOPE
  10. I always remember someone on here telling me the first week was called hell week for a reason, quite literally it means just that. The nicotine monster is always lurking, peering around the corner, just waiting to pounce in a moment of weakness. Lets be stronger than it, roar loudly at him and I am sure he will run away, face up to the bullying tactics, stare him down and show him we wont be beaten. Gives ourselves the power to get through the first week, and being able to stand up and say hey everyone I did it, I got here in the end. You can do this, I can do this because we are stronger than

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