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    I'm back. I want to quit this stinking addiction for good. I have had one successful quit but I bailed off the train. I WILL win this time for good...a sturdy sticky quit.
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  1. Jetblack! You sound like me...thanks SO much for sharing your story & how you Quit this awful habit! And from 30 per day! Wow! I only have ever smoked about 10 per day so if you can do it, so can I. Congratulations on being Smoke free! I too will feel the pride you feel soon. 🤗
  2. I totally agree that taking one’s mind off smoking will be most helpful. I’ll be doing everything possible to accomplish that. Everyone is different...we all process things in a different way...as long as it works that’s what counts 😀
  3. I have been very busy which has been helpful in preparing for not smoking. I have never been much of a TV watcher but I am finding this helps in dealing with stress! So I have been watching TV at night for relaxation & preparing for my Quit Date.
  4. Sweet Smelling Baby cuddles !!!

    CONGRATULTIONS Doreen! How lovely for you! Sweet baby cuddles...love it! Enjoy!!! 💗
  5. This positivity makes me feel positive too. “I WILL be a non smoker”. Man, that would feel SO good! Oh yes I will Sarge! 👌 And you’re going to be proud of me & eat your words lol! 😀 I CAN! I want this. It’s not going to be a walk in the park but at least I won’t freeze my butt off this winter. I CAN DO THIS. I CAN! Several of you have been 4 decade smokers too...that gives me hope. I do know I will need support from all of you wonderful people who have successful. 💕
  6. I have smoked for over 4 decades. Is anyone else in this same boat?
  7. My husband & I discussed my Quit Smoking Date last night! I have his full support...of course. I have decided to make my Quit Date Nov 15th, the day after my mother’s Cancer Surgery. This will give me time to prepare myself psychologically, handle stress in a new way, reduce smoking & give me the opportunity to not fail. In the meantime I will be reading, reading, reading on this site. Quitting impulsively has never worked for me. Although I would like nothing better than to “just quit” today, realistically I need preparation. I need to learn & practice new ways of handling stress. Last night I watched TV & it worked pretty well... I will also be seeing my Doctor about my anxiety. Preparation...I need to do this right. I will stay in touch as I prepare for my transition to being a non smoker.
  8. Lisa !!!!

    Thank you Lisa! A Quit Buddy would be great! I’ll get things under control...
  9. Hi Peace Train...thanks so much for your advice....I have been to Therapy regarding “mother abuse”. Unfortunately I have been told that removing myself from her is the only thing that will help. I can’t do that as she is sick & elderly plus my Sister would become even more stressed as well. As a retired nurse I think I just have too big of a heart 😢 However, I can & have recently removed myself from her constant texting so I DO get some respite now. Hoping that will help me to do something for myself...anxiety is definitely my trigger....I need to learn smoking does NOT help anxiety....my addicted brain just thinks it does. I quit before using this site...you are ALL helpful. I cannot just give up & go off the site this time because I will not win this battle without help.
  10. Lisa !!!!

    Hoping to follow your success in quitting Lisa!
  11. Lisa !!!!

    Lol Doreen! I’m not Lisa, I’m Tyme. But your post this morning to Lisa came to me...must have been “meant to be”. ❤️
  12. Thank you very much for ALL for your support! I think I will need to post a daily diary each day. I plan to start tomorrow. If Doreen had not sent me an email I likely would not have accessed the help I need but I’m sure not doing well on my own. None of my friends or family smoke...they have all quit. But they are not good sources of support for me. I need DAILY support. The cause of my high anxiety....not that this is an excuse....At the moment my close friend has Class C3 ovarian cancer & my Mother has a Class I tongue cancer. Neither have ever smoked. My mother is & always has been very abusive. And I can’t leave my Sister to deal with her alone... HOWEVER this is about QUITTING SMOKING. There seems to be no GOOD time to quit. So NOW is as good a time as ever. I need to deal with my anxiety & will see my Doc if necessary to deal with anxiety as I know that anxiety will be getting worse with quitting. BUT I must do this. Thanks!
  13. Hi Everyone. I’ve been here on the Train before. I had a successful quit for 6 months a few years ago then fell off the train. I want to quit badly but circumstances in life beyond my control keep me so anxious I quit for a few days then go back to this horrible habit. My brain seems to think it calms me down. I’m sure many others here have been where I am...in a dark, dreary place where smoking is adding to the already severe anxiety because I’m afraid it’s going to kill me. I have a big Birthday coming up...I wanted to be quit by then. I keep falling off the train because I am in a constant state of anxiety. It sucks. I hate it. I don’t know how to gather my strength to quit despite the fear. But I’m not on here to complain about that. I’m on here to quit. Please help me to help myself! I know HOW to do it....I just can’t seem to DO it. Trying alone is futile. I need help. 😕
  14. Lisa !!!!

    Wish I could say better but I can’t. Too much stress in life dragging me down. Last a few days then cave 😞
  15. Monday, March 20th - The First Day Of Spring!

    Nope! Happy First Day of Spring!