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    I'm back. I want to quit this stinking addiction for good. I have had one successful quit but I bailed off the train after 6 months smoke free. Just “one” is truly enough to start this addiction all over again. It seems to be harder this time in some ways but not in others. I know what to expect. I WILL win this time for good...a sturdy sticky quit. I would like to enjoy my wonderful Hubby, Travel, my 8 Grandchildren & Life for many more years to come.
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  1. Great article on what to possibly expect. Not everyone goes through this but most will in varying degrees. I did but it goes away....time heals. Just winning at quitting is a real “upper!” Totally worth it!
  2. I am very sensitive to Melatonin so I use the liquid form that comes with a dropper. The pills can contain magnesium citrate which is a natural laxative so read the label before purchasing Melatonin. For those who suffer from insomnia with their Quit, Melatonin can be very effective in my experience! I find it helps me get to sleep....for me that’s all I need. If staying asleep all night is an issue you would be best to speak to your Physician. Your Pharmacist can advise you if Melatonin could react adversely with any other meds you may be taking & advise on dosage. Less than 1 mg works fo
  3. Hey! I agree! My sticky Quit has finally arrived! About tyme...pun intended lol! Thanks so much for remembering ?
  4. Congrats to you on a well fought battle! You are doing an amazing job & best of all winning! Yahoo!!!!
  5. Thanks so much Everyone! I am SO happy to be 2 months smoke free & I am starting to feel better! Your support is SO appreciated! And thanks Nosmokinjo! I’m so amazed you remembered! Thank you! ?
  6. I have most certainly maintained my Quit since having a bilateral pulmonary embolism. It was diagnosed as “Unprovoked” meaning no cause found with testing. Smoking causes blood to clot faster than normal so I really have to wonder if mine was due to smoking....just no proof. Who in their right mind would smoke after this? ?
  7. Not on the site everyday but still NOPE!
  8. HUGE CONGRATS Doreen! I am SO HAPPY for your accomplishment! You have done well Girl! ?????
  9. The Good: I’m alive. I’m not smoking and have no cravings at all, whatsoever to smoke after what I have been going through. I’m starting to feel better and the pain & shortness of breath is gradually easing on Anticoagulant Drugs. The Bad: I have Pulmonary Emboli in both lungs. Spent Thursday in the Hospital & a CT Scan found the source of this horrible pain & scary shortness of breath The Ugly: Pulmonary Emboli can kill you. They are blood clots most commonly caused by a deep vein thrombosis that starts in a leg or arm. These clots can go to the heart, lun
  10. Nope! Have not been on site recently as I have been very ill with pulmonary emboli In both lungs. That kind of pain sure takes away cravings ? Even though the clots are not necessarily due to smoking, I’m sure glad to be NOPE ?

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