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    I'm back. I want to quit this stinking addiction for good. I have had one successful quit but I bailed off the train after 6 months smoke free. Just “one” is truly enough to start this addiction all over again. It seems to be harder this time in some ways but not in others. I know what to expect. I WILL win this time for good...a sturdy sticky quit. I would like to enjoy my wonderful Hubby, Travel, my 8 Grandchildren & Life for many more years to come.
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  1. Re-quit

    This is SO true Reci! And welcome back!
  2. Day 2

    Good advice Lin! Those first days really ARE fragile.
  3. chicks or sticks

  4. 1% Pledge

    Do what you have to do to QUIT Jo. No one here is going to judge you. Personally I credit the nicotine gum for my last 6 month Quit & I did not relapse because I quit using the gum....I had stopped using it long before my relapse. I’m using it again this time. I wish so much I had the strength to Quit without using it but in my own personal case I need the help. It may be a psychological crutch but whatever it is, for me it works. I am already using the same flavour of regular gum as well...I do not want a nicotine addiction to be ongoing of course due to the gum. And I did not ever use the package directions....I only chew it if my Quit is in jeopardy. I only chew 2 pieces of nicotine gum per day now (but I use regular gum more often) & it will soon go down to zero. I will do what I have to...it sure beats smoking. The more Quit Days I get under my belt, the easier it is not to use the nicotine gum. Everyone is different. You know yourself & your body better than anyone else. Just do what you have to do to QUIT. What works for me may not work for you. Just sharing.
  5. Day 2

    Don’t choke!!! I sometimes wonder if I will get TMJ from chewing gum so hard lol! But it works...so I’ll take the chance! Just keep posting...no one here minds in the least 👌
  6. Day 2

    The craves can be brutal Sunny but they usually don’t last more than 20 Minutes....usually way less. It’s not easy! I have to distract myself or chew gum like mad. BUT they go away thankfully. Just keep on resisting. Every morning I wake up & say “I don’t smoke anymore” so when the craves come at me I find a different reason for them (whatever it takes) & a different way to cope with them. They pass. Hang on!
  7. How’s the Atarax working Boater? I had insomnia on a 6 month Quit & it totally sucked. But this time I have used Melatonin Drops 1 mg only & I’m okay. Every Quit is different for sure. This time I have “gas” issues....I better not light up!!!
  8. The Morning Hack

    My hubby was a bit concerned about my cough too...only morning & night but it IS going away now. Not hacking up stuff from my lungs anymore. It seems to go away after a month or so.
  9. Does 420 re-ignite tobacco habit?

    I can’t put anything that you light up near my mouth...nothing! If I wreck this Quit I’ll be wishing I had lit a stick of dynamite...I am just resigned to NO lighting up ever again now. I just wake up every morning & say “I don’t smoke” then get on with my day. It’s a bit depressing, like losing an old friend, but I am relieved to be free of this toxic friendship. Nope, I can’t light up anything that might reinforce the old habit JB. Maybe some can but I’m not one of them.
  10. How were you able to quit?

    You have been given a second chance Onthemark & I am very happy to hear you are NED. Yes going through withdrawal along with surgery & chemo would have been much worse. Plus the Docs would have been reluctant to do surgery on a Smoker...high risk of pneumonia. Glad they are keeping a close eye on you & very pleased to hear that you are doing well. 💪
  11. Pig Is On Holiday!

    Enjoy your Holiday Recip! 🐷🏝🛩
  12. How were you able to quit?

    Thanks so much for sharing O. I’m so sorry your Quit was followed by such shitty news and I think your story hits home for many of us. We have read stories similar to yours before & you would think that would be reason to Quit immediately. I hope so much you are treatable as you are symptom free & it was caught early. I am so glad you are keeping that Quit...I wish you only the very best. 🤗
  13. Best Quit Smoking Products?

    Nic gum worked for me. But start substituting with same flavour regular gum as you progress. That way you don’t get hooked! Good luck with your Quit!
  14. Marti Is 4 Years Quit Today!!

    Congrats to you Marti! You are an inspiration! Way to go Girl 🎉
  15. OK So You Joined - Now What?

    I’m still here! On Vacation but not on Vacation from Quitting!

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