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    I'm back. I want to quit this stinking addiction for good. I have had one successful quit but I bailed off the train after 6 months smoke free. Just “one” is truly enough to start this addiction all over again. It seems to be harder this time in some ways but not in others. I know what to expect. I WILL win this time for good...a sturdy sticky quit. I would like to enjoy my wonderful Hubby, Travel, my 8 Grandchildren & Life for many more years to come.
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  1. Tyme2B

    Back again with a new quit date

    Welcome back Michelle! Whatever you need to do in this tough journey is okay. I use gum. It helps. Glad you are doing this journey too! We’re all on the same page here...QUIT.
  2. Tyme2B

    Sunday 15 July 2018

  3. Tyme2B

    Friday 13th July 2018

  4. Tyme2B

    Starting again

    Oh no! I’m so glad you are doing well now! You need to take care of YOU!! I hope your daughter was there to help 💗
  5. Tyme2B

    Thursday 12th July 2018

  6. Tyme2B

    Starting again

    I’m good Doreen....working in the right direction. How did your operation go? 💗
  7. Tyme2B

    Increase Smoking Bans and Regulations

    I totally agree that this at least makes people THINK about continuing to smoke. In the part of Canada where I live cigarettes are $15 for a pack of 20.This is good! People are not as free as they used to be about not minding others others bumming a smoke. The price is a high one for kids to pay. It’s a ridiculous price for anyone to pay! . And if kids don’t start they don’t have to Quit....so easy to say “I can stop any time.” I’m so grateful my kids don’t smoke....sure they tried it but fortunately never liked it. My parents never smoked but all of my siblings did. One paid for it with his life in his early 50’s. I can honestly say I didn’t start smoking because it was “cool”. I started because I liked it & found it relaxing and my friends in the early days all smoked. Now none of them smoke and I am the last to Quit.... It was easy to get hooked. Now wish I had never started. Health problems due to smoking are a late & unfortunate wake up call. If you’re lucky, stopping smoking will suffice. If you’re Not lucky you are a burden to an already strained Healthcare System and your quality of life goes downhill. It’s not easy to Quit but until something happens to a person they really don't Worry about it.....very few people smoke for a lifetime without paying with their health. Best to Quit while you are young and have a full lifetime ahead of you to enjoy!
  8. Tyme2B

    Starting again

    Yup the early days suck! However better days ahead!!!
  9. Tyme2B

    Wednesday 11th July 2018

    NOPE 👎 Smoking sucks!
  10. Tyme2B

    Tuesday 10th July 2018

  11. Tyme2B

    chicks or sticks

  12. Tyme2B

    Tuesday 10th July 2018

    NOPE! Never again!

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