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  1. Hello all, Just for fun I am positing this message. 3 X 3 = 9, which means I am a non smoker for 3 yrs, 3 months and 9 days (including today!). Still happily enjoying smoke free life.. Cheers, Raj.
  2. Rajag

    3 yrs of non smoking..

    Hello all, thanks for your wishes. It is nice if someone appreciate me. I dont much come to this forum, but will post my success every now and then.. Some insights: When I was a smoker, I tried a lot to quit by reducing the number of cigarettes week by week...But after 3 months..I started again smoking a lot than before...and continued to be smoker for few more yrs..But time to time I use to think of quitting...Fortunately one day, while smoking half-way, I just throwed it..When ever I pass by the regular shop where i buy cigarettes (sometime I smoke there until i get a bus to go to my workplace), I informed the shop keeper that I quit smoking..1st one week was somewhat difficult..but afterwards it was really okay..And then I want someone to appreciate me..so landed in social forum for quitting.. Cheers, Rajag
  3. Rajag

    3 yrs of non smoking..

    Hello all, I am happy to share that I am being a non smoker for 3 yrs. I post here just because other can really benefit and encourage to quit their smoking. Cheers, Rajaj
  4. Rajag

    Happy 4 years Quit Train!

    Hi, My best wishes for continuing be a non smoker! How you all able to add the fancy counter? I dont want to add the counter provided by this forums/website. But there is some website for it..can someone share me.. Thanks. Rajaj
  5. Rajag

    ONe help

    Hi Jillar: Yes It was me! it was my very 1st msg in that forum! After few messages I added a signature, in which my last date and time was mentioned!!! Any not much important..but curious to know my last date... Regards, rajaj. PS: Just got it..I quit smoking on 15 May 2015, 3 PM! Now I will added this little info in my signature.
  6. Rajag

    ONe help

    Hello All, I was a member of qsmb. But that website is not working..Any idea what happened? I just want to know the exact quit date. I totally forgot. But it should be May 2015. Can someone find my exact quit date from that old website..so I can celebrate my quit date exactly. Or just copy and pas my signature from my message that website and send me. Off course I like this forum too! Thanks and regads, Rajaj.

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