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  1. 10 Weeks In

    What a great post Shane. Thanks for sharing it. You packed a lot in there so there should be a lot that will resonate with others. It is good that Fab's post encouraged you to post. It didn't seem too likely that quitting was a cake walk for so many here as would be implied by how quiet the this discussion board has been for several weeks. The difficult things that you are experiencing are very normal for so many people at your stage of a quit. I thought it would all be a done deal within a month or so. I was so very wrong. This quit process can definately be exhausting. Hang in there and keep pushing through. Thanks for all the support you provide.
  2. Losing my way

    You have a lot of company here Fab. So many of us went through similar struggles at you stage or are currently going through them. None of us can push you through them, but many of us can sure understand them. I hope your quit buddy finds this place. There are so, so many still that have not. Thanks for posting. It brought out so many great responses. It has seemed so odd that there have been so few posts like this since the qsmb migration. I have wondered if is a getting comfortable thing for the migrants and that possibly the large migration may have inhibited some the natives. Hopefully, your post may bring out more from others, because there is no way there are not a lot of others struggling. Your post may help not just you, but also the responders and many lurkers.
  3. chicks or sticks

  4. chicks or sticks

  5. chicks or sticks

  6. chicks or sticks

  7. Welcome back Opah. Congratulations on getting your new quit started Glad to see you over here.
  8. KT1973 is 6 Months Quit Today!!

    Congratulations on your 6 months KT. Well done!
  9. Jules1977 is 4 Months Quit Today!!

    Congratulations on 4 months Jules.
  10. Grund Is 7 Months Quit Today!!

    Hi Grun Congratulations on your 7 months. Keep up the great work.
  11. Huge congratulations on reaching your one year milestone despair not. Very well done. Thanks for all the support that you provide.
  12. Question..who can relate ?

    I don't think that I have experienced the type of sensations/emotions from the time before I smoked that you referred to, but I started smoking at 13. Looking back I don't sense any difference from the early non smoking days to the smoking days. Since I quit smoking the changes to my emotions have been similar to those that you have expressed in the past here and at QSMB.
  13. **Game** Two Truths & A Lie Game

    Sunshine, purple seats, and Krispy Kreme. What more could you want?
  14. Peace Train Is 10 Months Quit Today!!

    Hi Peace Train. Congratulations on your 10 months.
  15. Spring is almost here

    Hi Rory, Two and a half months is indeed something to be very proud of. Congratulations. I hope the current testing gets to the bottom of things for you.

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