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  1. Joe7

    chicks or sticks

  2. Joe7

    Linked Words Game

    Chance encounter
  3. Joe7

    chicks or sticks

  4. Joe7

    Linked Words Game

    Out last
  5. Joe7

    chicks or sticks

  6. Joe7

    chicks or sticks

    -3 gawn good with this Joe too.
  7. Joe7

    Linked Words Game

    Hole out
  8. Joe7

    chicks or sticks

    -4 Hi Wee
  9. Joe7

    chicks or sticks

  10. Joe7

    Back again with a new quit date

    Welcome back Michelle.
  11. Joe7

    What are you doing right now

    Now I'm smelling some kind of pasta sauce cooking from the stuff I picked from the garden this morning. Dinner is probably gonna be tasty.
  12. Joe7

    Game *The answer is a question*

    It was probably my serious sweet vise before I quit smoking.
  13. Joe7

    Game *The answer is a question*

    Can I get a little coffee with my cream and sugar?
  14. Joe7

    What are you doing right now

    My wife jams also. It's so good. I can smell that she is already making salsa from some of the stuff I picked today.
  15. Joe7

    What are you doing right now

    It's likely that many of them will be pickled Jo, especially the jalapenos

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