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    A spiritual soul on a most excellent journey with a penchant for wine and swearing.
    Tarot reading, Reiki teaching, Energy working, Astrology loving crazy lady. Quirky but happy!
    I think the best things in the world are children and animals due to their pure hearts.
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  1. awww nuff love leanna, I can't believe these timescales. We cool af!
  2. I am in! So humid, man I was not ready for this with my pasty Viking hues of pearly white skin. Imma burn today anyway, I am available for consultation Monday/Tuesday, day or evening so shout with best timings for you guys.
  3. Amazing, I'm hoping to sort my phone to roving, so we can stay in touch on Facebook.
  4. I'm still going to Florida!! I arrive on Friday 28th, I have Mouselands booked if you wanna meet there...for Saturday (animal kingdom) and Sunday (magic kingdom). No plans on Monday/Tuesday yet...more then welcome to come see me at my sisters house, she has a pool and I can do munch..or the girls and I can probably get my sister to drop me to a disney park on the Tuesday to meet up, she said she could drop and dump me at one before she goes to work lol. She's having a party on 4th July, which is also her 10 year wedding anniversary...you guys are more than welcome to that, she has other friends coming I think and my family is all sociable and friendly. So pick your best New luggage is lovely!! I'm so frigging excited!!!!!
  5. I like Boss Orange and Boss Nuit Chanel number 19 I struggle to find affordable ones that I like.
  6. Let's get this party started shall we .... When I bought my new phone a year ago I pretended it was problematic so I could end any calls I didn't want to have, or not answer them saying "this phone has never been right?", the phone is fine. My sister messaged me last year asking if I could have her kids and maybe keep them overnight but I'd already worked out she'd heard an advert for a concert and they are absolute brats...so I said I can't, I'm going to this concert with the kids and then had to spend £400 on tickets lol. It was a great day out though. My boyfriend and I split in January for about 2 weeks, I messaged and lined up meeting 3 ex's and he was messaging one woman but when I found his I was so mad I put laxatives in his lunch for work for 3 days straight. Then we got back together. I can't really be mad as we both did the same but I never told him I messaged anyone and still talk about that odd stomach ach he had hahahaha. No regrets lol. I'll need to think of some more, there's loads lol.
  7. Wine and stealing the kids easter egg chocolate! Living my best life
  8. Oh a March quitter like I was and uk based!! Look at you go and heading for your month, not long now Mind you I was March cause I screwed up the new year quit lol. I digress though. The fog is a real thing huh. I seem to recall feeling better, getting the odd bitch slap but better after 6 weeks. Much clearer after month 3 and although that sounds like a world away it really isn't if you just put one foot in front of the other for a while and start to educate yourself on the reality of what smoking does to us. Although everyone is different I seem to remember folks on my level reporting about the same. Try having a run though, even if you don't run...it's fab how much further you can get already (I got about 500 yards but prior to that I would have had to massively cough and regroup now run 3k comfortably without any training). You may feel cranky and grumpy, but what you are giving yourself is a real gift. Not just the quitting but the self respect and the ability to trust yourself to dig deep in future - the unexpected gains from quitting. Keep going. xx
  9. Hey wait, our faces are not meant to look like a slapped arse daily....??? Are you sure??? Jokes aside, massive congrats on your almost 1 month. The habit is harder than the nicotine withdrawal I think so I would suggest no matter what, it is you facing this down and winning. Such an amazing milestone!! Chin up, chest out and onwards, you got this chick! xx
  10. I'm late to the party but I can feel my tears coming on for how you felt. Sneaky bas**rd craves. But please please know, if you just shoot them down one by one they do go away and with each win, your mindset raises a little higher, your pride feels a little stronger and before you know where you are a solid quit is carrying you through. I absolutely promise this!!
  11. I dunno how it worked? Tres odd! But was ever so greatful! The car however needed selling so there's that lol.
  12. 100% smoked in my house...vinegar in a bowl extracted the smell. Scrubbing all the shiz in my house gave me a new lease of life. Both
  13. You got this!!! This step that step and that's how we roll. Change up your patterns...what was smoke and coffee....now wipe a work surface and coffee....
  14. Pleased to see you ready to roll. Attitude is everything when we can sometimes feel like we are arguing with ourself. Keep talking, reading, posting. Grab all the support you need! There are never too many times to post an ask for support. Sending strength and self belief for you, you got this!

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