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  1. Sounds GREAT Enjoy the day the moment and the time. One thing to look forward to is you may have some down days but they will NOT be as bad as your first days !!
  2. Hi Robbie, I am still checking on your posts, they pop up in my email and your situation is going so much like mine was it really has my attention. 31 Days is a great achievement ... reward yourself in some way without nicotine. My only advice I can really give at this point is you are in the middle of the soup right now where many of us have been. You are to far in to give up but yet not far along enough to be stable. Thats okay I called it "Being on the brink of hell". Remember these times because these are times you don't want to ever go through again, as frustrating as it
  3. Well Hello again Robbie, all I can say is these struggles and up's and downs last. I am going to be straight forward with you on this, I have suffered with anxiety almost my entire life. At the age of 5 I had a step father that imprinted the flight or fight trigger in me. By 5 1/2 I was out of the situation. Just a bit of back round, we will leave it at that. Anyway as a teenager I started smoking, hell cool thing to do. Anyway 25 years old I was blind sided by anxiety, panic attacks and the feeling of derealization. Kinda like when you get so stone on pot reality just doesn't seem real. Anywa
  4. Hello again Robbie, Just had to check in, just a quick post. There were a few tools that I used to help myself that I didn't mention because I felt I rambled on enough but here are some. Go with your emotions as I stated and believe it or not try to welcome them. That is the first part in accepting change. I know they can seem a bit over whelming sometimes but just go with it. LOL I was afraid my anxiety would get so out of hand I would pass out....but then I figured good let me pass out at least that will keep me from feeling like this for a while. Well I ne
  5. Welcome Robbie, My name is Craig and It's just strange as to why I checked in tonight. Call it intuition or just being at the right place at the right time. Well to start things off I am off the cigs for quite some time now. Years to be exact but I will not give the time frame only because you need to focus on now and today and each minute. I recognize a few familiar names here and it's great to see them here still also. I can so relate with you as far as the depression goes. OMG it was so bad for me it dropped me to my knees some days. Just prayed to God to get me through thi
  6. Hello EVERYONE !!! I posted this back on March 10,2018 it is now September 2, 2020. I just want to quick say all those infected with covid I pray that you are getting better, all the rest STAY SAFE !! On to my post, I am still smoke free have very little cravings if any at all. They come and go so quick and they are more of a pain in the ass then anything. So quick but just letting you know hey I'm still here. The only advice I can give now is believe in yourself and you will make it. I did gain 20 lbs though..ugg, working it off though. Had some stressers in the last few years but managed thr
  7. thank you everyone for the support. Yes it's true if i was going to light up it probably would've been friday night or saturday morning. I did go the whole night with no sleep on friday. I did see the doc and minister today. Both went well. My minister nailed right on when she said probably the thing that bothers me the most without realizing it was...There was nothing I could do. I wanted to move him out of the way but there was nothing I could do. Helpless and not in control which is completely against human nature. I will not light up I just wont do it. Thank you all again for your support
  8. It's been 2 years Feb. 24th since I put the lung killers away. Anyway I will put it bluntly. I am an engineer for the railroad. Last Friday at night I struck and killed someone walking in the middle of the gauge at night. I will not give any details other than by no means was it the conductors or my fault. Did all we were suppose to do and he didn't move. The fact remains its a bit traumatizing knowing that you inadvertently took a human life. That is the pill I am having the most trouble swallowing. They are still investigating for drugs possible suicide or any other reason for him being ther
  9. Sorry I haven't replied to this topic or thank everyone for the help and encouragement I received when I started my quit. LMAO ...you should ask how I spent my 2 year quit. Well I didn't do anything different other than near the end of the day I looked at my wife and said..Hey it's been 2 years that I haven't smoked today. She looked at me and said ..i wondered if you were going to say anything or not, I didn't want to bring the subject up. That my friends is how much I think of it anymore. I have no desire to reflect or think about just how next to impossible it seemed to do. Don't get me wro
  10. Hang in there Opah. It sucks but give it time it gets better. There is no sugar coating or magic wand or anything other than sheer free will and power. It's an out right SOB and will do everything in your brain to keep you coming back. Plain and simple that is what addiction is. Sometimes finding comfort is next to impossible, understandable. Just grab the handle bars a little tighter and hang on!!
  11. For me my triggers were stress and boredom. I have learned though over the past year I can deal with stress and I can find something to do when bored. Not everyday is easy but much easier than in the beginning. It short it's so true it does get easier, it may seem like it never will but it does, just hang on the ride will slow down.

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