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  1. Opah

    Cure is done

    I do have a new aditude towards life and my health now Came into the hospital at 245lbs Now 210 will end up around 200 when i leave I am already calculating calories and meals. Physical therapy is a defenent I am bed bound
  2. Opah

    Cure is done

    I pro.ised when i got out of the county death trap here to Kaiser that i would be a perfect patient I have kept that promise
  3. Opah

    Cure is done

    Cure is done Now for the healing Doc says it will be a slow process
  4. Opah

    Good mornings

    Morning has been good to me to day Doc say lirrle bits of improvement every day Going to take time
  5. Double pnemona Still dependent on oxy high flow air pump
  6. In the hospital since Feb 1st Was touch and go there 2 maybe 3 more weeks. Here
  7. Hey guys finally able to text In the hospital since feb 1st covid Been touch and go finall some in provemenr 2 maybe 3 more weeks in here
  8. Yes in deed I am and in all my glory !
  9. We love them, care fore them and one day far to soon will have to say good bye to them. We'll Cry and miss them and then one day far to soon, we will be introducing our adult children as 16 years old's and so it goes.
  10. Time to buy some AZO and keep it on hand. I will check with my Daughter she is the one with all the info They were talking about an infection at one point when she couldn't pee. Thank you Girls you both are a bit of sunshine in my dreary days
  11. My mom is on her way home, still not sure what happened. the paramedics said a heart blockage, by the time she got to the hospital her heart was fine. Then it was high potassium she has had that before but it was medicines. round of dialysis and its is good, oooops next morning not good. ok where is the potassium coming from ? another round of dialysis. so skip the Cardiac people and bring in the kidney. they say her kidneys got injured by something ? what who knows for the now. but she is home and I am happy, found my Joy ! Love that woman.
  12. well he word is my Mom will be getting out today a bottle of OXY and a slap on the bottom. I will be good having her home
  13. Man two vehicles broken, and now my Mom is back in the hospital. Looks like we got her there before it got really Bad, but then again they still don't know what the hell happened to her. Things would go wrong and then get back to normal before they knew why. Looks like it is going to be a FM cure this time, I am sure they will find a way to mix Covid into this, even with two negative tests. OK that is anough
  14. New day, new Mind set, Jumped up and grabbed the Day by its Testies. I said to the day, Today Is going to be Better, I am going to have a bright and sunny day. So here I am working on a Sunday had to wake up at 430am and had a sorter machine down at the get go. I figured live is challenge enough, why go thru it feeling like crap when you don't have to. So we fixed the Machine wrote all the reports called all the big wigs and sat down to a bowl of menudo, God I love that stuff in the morning. Guess I found my Joy
  15. Still breathing in and out, get out of bed in the morning and awaiting the estimate on my Yukon, figure I will give them to Monday before I call. All right Opah snap out of it, "it is what it is" "What will be will be" where is my Joy ?

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