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  1. Opah

    What are you doing right now

    Yes healing well, but looks like I need to Proff read before saving when on my meds next time ! PROOF
  2. Opah

    What are you doing right now

    BBQ Rigs Today Smoked for hours with My home mage BBQ sause, which is different ever time becuase I never keep track of what I use to make it, It is a first every time.
  3. Opah

    HELLOOOOOOOO, I'm Back !!!!

    Kind of a Mistery Friday evening noticed some redness on the top of my hand Satuirday start to swell by Saturday evening was in sever pain Sunday in the ER and admitted to the Hospital Sugion made a small incision And all look good no Puss took a culture, Monday morning Full of puss, monday night the surgion made the cut you saw and spent 4.5 hours cleaning the infection out of my hand and forarm. Next 8 days massive amounts of Vancomiason and a probability of amputation, Day 8 looked well enough to send me home with two IVs and changing the dressing a day . Al worries of losing body parts gone if I could stay on the IVS, Second week of six weeks started having alergic reactions to the med, Hospital Doctors kicked me to the curb, saying I was no longer a patient Good luck ? Back to losing Parts if I could not continue my Vaco miason IVs, My PC doctor steps in and Thank God was able to treat the reaction to the Vacomiason and am continuing the IVs. Just completed the 3rd of 6 weeks treatment, Very rashed and intchy, Meds kicked up to Max for the Rash and Itch must complete at least 2 more weeks Twice a day 2 hour IVs. Hoping by then I test clear of the MRSA infection, If OK I will be Hunting my Hogs ! got two Tags to fill before the end of June, I will of Course have two 2018 pig tags with just in case. Really suck, seems I have had the MRSA for some time and it will opo up when it fells like it, is said that I will never to totally rid of it. But Yes the cut was made by the surgion all 18 inches over an inch deep, the pics do not show the Large X cut just behind the Thumb, but it has healed completely. Never hurt so much in My life Felt like Someone was Trying to break my wrist and it was just ready to break for 3 or 4 days, could not get pain meds for more than a week after getting out of the Hospital. I also was terrafied for weeks waiting for the word I was going to lose my arm, Hand or fingers due to this infection, Never want to go thru this again NEVER !
  4. Opah

    HELLOOOOOOOO, I'm Back !!!!

    Thank God for a great surgion and my Doctor after a month it looks like this
  5. Opah

    HELLOOOOOOOO, I'm Back !!!!

    Ready to say OOOOCH!!!!
  6. Opah

    HELLOOOOOOOO, I'm Back !!!!

    It is good to be healing well, thank you all for the love and care. getting ready to gross you out, going to post some of the pics unless you all don't wish to see?
  7. Well Well Seems to have been a while, Been Jacked up pretty bad. Seems I have some Bd stuff lerking around in my Blood an Infectous MRSA bacteria. It decide to take residemce in My right hand and after 8 weeks in the hospitle and now ?? weels with home care and twice Daily IVs I get to Keep my Hand. I must say Smoking or Not smoking has not been a Priority on my Converns, But finally could focas and remember the name of the forum. Hope you all ar well and doing great with your quits, I am still on the mend and hoping to get clear of this stuff in the next month or so.
  8. Opah

    The Morning Hack

    You know I did not hack at all up in the high desert and very little this morning now that I'm back. I work just a rock throws from the Ontario Air Port how much crap do you think is in the air from all the Jets taking off and Landing which both are the highest fuel burning time of a flight? Maybe it is more Location than Smoking?
  9. Opah

    A week end to relax !

    No smoking without Joe, not even a whiff except the mesquite in the BBQ, and Yes there were a couple of moments I romanced the cool crisp morning and while sighting my rifle but again they shu shued away easily enough. Goodness I love this scope, need to tune the Harmonics of my Barrel to the new ammo but otherwise it is soo sweat! A good weekend free of all hint of cigarettes is soo nice soo relaxing, I feel really good this morning
  10. Opah

    The Drug Dealer!

    Really Not understanding where this post got off of the dealer Moteaf the op was writing about ? And Yes as Notsmokenjoe said we all have a right to our opinions and a right to disagree, so hey why sweat it Kev ? what did you say anyway but the truth, if you sell are you a dealer of that product ?
  11. Jill Your Key board broken ?   I really miss your words !

    1. jillar


      Lol, it's fine Opah, just trying not to repeat things I've already said :) Have a great weekend at the refuge

    2. Opah


      OK I get with you on Monday,  got to get on my way !

      You have a Marvelous weekend Girl

  12. Yes to day I leave for my Refuge, Only minus one Joe, the only smoking presence will not be there ! Have enough to do to keep busy, have my new scope to sight in and Gary will be up so I have some non-smoking company. This should be a right nice weekend free of smoke, all smoke, fresh clean air, blue skies that hurt your eyes, good friend , good food, good times. Yes this should be a weekend to rejuvenate, refresh and relax, not sure if I can wait 2 more hours ?
  13. Opah

    The Drug Dealer!

    They are a Nation of their Own ! Wonder if they sell them to their children ?
  14. Opah

    The Morning Hack

    Guess I'll see how it goes for the next couple of weeks, My Doc appointment is at the end of the month.
  15. Opah

    The Morning Hack

    I'm ok with it for the now, just flem clearing in the morning, its the wife right now that is concerned. guess it wouldn't hurt to get it checked out what is it you all are talking about a low radiation CT scan ? something like that. I know I can get a med order for one, I just have to pay the co pay.

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