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  1. Wow just got a call from the hospital, they want to Take pictures of my heart working and the compromised arteries. Here's hoping for good results !
  2. Well time for me to go Home and spend time with my Mama, Thank you all for the support , conversation and Friendship/ The best to you and yours Bye
  3. Opah

    Non Smoking Cats

    Cats adopting other animals How Sweet it is
  4. Opah

    Non Smoking Cats

    M ama Cats protecting their kittens
  5. Opah

    Non Smoking Cats

    Hey you Bother me Kiddy
  6. Life offers you A second chance its called tomorrow and tomorrow ia a new day !
  7. The best to you and yours on this wonderful day celibrating the ones the cared and nurtured us thru our life's. HAPPY MAMAS DAY!
  8. Sounds like a super day Boo Relax and enjoy Best of all fishing to Papa Boo hope for a string of Rainbows
  9. The Longest Journey starts with one step
  10. Well Thursday I meet with the surgeon to get my lens measured for new ones and hopefully a week later get them installed. It will be so nice to see again, all's I can say if you are not taking care of your eyes you should , Not being able to see well is the pits, it can really change your whole life for the worse. for now lets leave it with this great song
  11. Well half way thru my day today and all seems well except for be tired. Been out turning some wrench with my guys, and staying busy, but just ate a meal and feel it is time for a nap. Yesterdays emotional dump seems more like a dream now than reality. I do remember my first time quitting after several years, before then I could stop basically when I wanted without any issues, but allways ended up smoking again down the line. The first real time I had the emotional ups and downs, My wife was not understanding and it was tough, so close to a year and feeling strong I decided
  12. As for today I plan to California Dreaming
  13. Thank you Lilley I really understand Suzanna and where she is coming from. Yesterday was a weird day for me, these emotions just welled up inside me. Sometimes you believe you have dealt with and issue just to have it pop up and rear its ugly head again. I really appreciate the support from you all. As for Tough love we'll let that dead dog lay, Doreen, no need to discuss our opinions. from here forward.

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