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  1. I just took this really deep breath, full on thru the nostrils, cool air ramped thru filling my lungs, Man that felt good. Its calm for me to day soft and warm, my body and mind seem to have taken a little time to just chill out. You know what I am going to day tomorrow ? I think I am going to take a walk in the rain
  2. Well its Friday again, get my one day off and it is hopefully going to rain, I really like the cooler weather, fog rain, snow. Can Play all day, or cuddle on the couch in front of the fire place or just sleep all day.. That 24 hour crave has passed I haven't watched the news for a day or so, all ready know what is going to happen, its not going to be pretty but it is what it is and it is o surprise to any of us. well got to get my guys working Maybe later
  3. Long day, stressful day,, ended out on the patio, the wicked smoking patio. But once again I bought my way out, a cucumber green tea and a strawberry tea. 180 calories of soothing sweetness. and now I am good came to grips on the election with the serenity prayer, All I can do is done, what happens from here is out of my hands and no matter which way this may go I will have to live with it. So now y game plan has altered just a little bit, when I can eat right I will, when I can avoid a beer or two I will, when I can get an extra bit of sleep I will and when I cant I can
  4. Man that was a horrendous night, driving home I had to have a pepperoni stick and once home I ate my way to bed and in the Morning I still had to demand myself to stop and we=hen I got to work seems we had a idgit crawl into a piece of equipment and dam near got himself squashed. Now that the craziness is over first thing that came to mind is hey this is bad stuff happen go grab a smoke, The negative factor, the lie that a smoke will make things better. C9jane29 thank you for your words of wisdom, I was caught off guard with al this stuff happening together and mr feeling that I nee
  5. Been tracking the election and not really liking what I am seeing, and then a cigar pops into my thoughts and in my mind says well we are all fonked now might as well. This one caught me off guard and made my breathing a little heavier. good for me None of my crew smokes and two of them have about 6 months smoke free, so we do support each other. Todd was my strength to night, he just sat there and listened to me rant and ramble and when I was done got up and said you got and left. Deep Deep breathes and some ricola lemon drops are calming me down, wish this crap was all over on
  6. Out of all that rolls out of my mouth here Jswiss this will be the one most important thing I say Confidence has two edges and the nicotine edge can lure you into a I have control, I am confident I can smoke just one. Yes sir I have been there and I have lost my quit because of this very thing Confidence, overconfidence, even arrogance, I was better, i knew more, I listened to all the warnings and shrugged them off. So please if I can offer just one piece of advise it would be never believe you can smoke just one, it is a lie a trap a road back to your addiction.
  7. See that is what happens when you jump to soon ! Now I must make an exception a Tuesday exception well to make it clear a TACO TUESDAY exception ! Yea cant pass on TACO Tuesday, Small taco shop 99 cent tacos, the guys and I tear them up, super great tacos.
  8. Hey Jswiss pick up some sugar free hard candies, butterscotch and Ricola lemon mint throat drops worked great for me get a craving and suck a drop or butterscotch it really helps me
  9. I am in a good place in my life right now, I have a lot of positive reasons to stay quit this time, I have good support here and in the family, I have some quality reachable goals I am shooting for, they are long term that will have gradual progressive results. Same O Same O health ( weight, and condition ) I really need to be stretching more , getting limber and flexible just to darn stiff right now, I think I will stretch when I get home from work before I go to Bed, i am in progress of attempting not to Eat when I get Home at 11:30pm, but I am usually too wound up to sleep right aw
  10. Yea it was a pretty putzy thing to do and I knew Better, but I wasn't going to let go along to far.. I was surprised this morning how the election could be a trigger for me, it was a hard trigger and it did take some serious mental discussion with myself and the drive to work is still there, not so bad except the truck still smells like the cigars. i need to clean it out and get some good deodorizer in it. It hasn't been a year more like 3 months of daily smoking, when it got to be more than a couple cigars a day I start prepping myself to quit again, started focusin
  11. First full day of work done, had some triggers but sadly I ate my way thru them, knew that could happen so I did bring some comfort food in my lunch. need to beef up my vitamins, I could very easily sleep the first couple weeks away and I just might do just that if my energy drags down to badly..
  12. Hey guys, screwed my head back on again and got it right, yes it has been back and forth, smoking for a weekend and then not for a month or two. But as we all know it came more and more often until there I was a cigar in hand most the time this time it has been a couple of months smoking pretty consistently. It started to not taste good, I started not feeling good after and finally I was throwing away 2 dollars of a 4 dollar cigar. so the Honeymoon and charm were gone. well today makes it day 4, and I have a full head of steam propelling me forward, I have my sugar free hard cand
  13. Hey Guys just letting you know I am not a hit and run, Thought I was ready to take a seat ut wavered. Just need to get my head straight with stopping again. It will be soon, I have promised myself.
  14. Hey you all, been on and off the wagon latey, mostly on, but need to get back on track. no excuses to present, no Tragic stories to tell, This conversation came to me via my Email and it was like the sun breaking thru Cloudy skies. Thank you

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