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  1. Jill Your Key board broken ?   I really miss your words !

    1. jillar


      Lol, it's fine Opah, just trying not to repeat things I've already said :) Have a great weekend at the refuge

    2. Opah


      OK I get with you on Monday,  got to get on my way !

      You have a Marvelous weekend Girl

  2. Yes to day I leave for my Refuge, Only minus one Joe, the only smoking presence will not be there ! Have enough to do to keep busy, have my new scope to sight in and Gary will be up so I have some non-smoking company. This should be a right nice weekend free of smoke, all smoke, fresh clean air, blue skies that hurt your eyes, good friend , good food, good times. Yes this should be a weekend to rejuvenate, refresh and relax, not sure if I can wait 2 more hours ?
  3. The Drug Dealer!

    They are a Nation of their Own ! Wonder if they sell them to their children ?
  4. The Morning Hack

    Guess I'll see how it goes for the next couple of weeks, My Doc appointment is at the end of the month.
  5. The Morning Hack

    I'm ok with it for the now, just flem clearing in the morning, its the wife right now that is concerned. guess it wouldn't hurt to get it checked out what is it you all are talking about a low radiation CT scan ? something like that. I know I can get a med order for one, I just have to pay the co pay.
  6. Seems that this morning Hacking should be getting less and less, Not sure if it was still there after the 7 or 8 Months I was quit, But gave up my guit and started smoking cigars one here one there, and another then another. never got back to smoking regular or daily but It was too much and I was not in control. So here I am somewhere around a month quit and I still have the morning hack, I wish I could remember from the other quit, but I think even after months I still had it just a tamed down a lot. there are many 3 ,4 6, 8, month quits here so the question is do you still have that morning hack, that smokers cough ? Or did it go away ? and if it did about when did you really notice it?
  7. The Drug Dealer!

    OK got you, bottom line is no one can take your quit from you, you must give it away. stay strong stay NOPE
  8. The Drug Dealer!

    Yes indeed, sales type people are getting very aggressive, I had some young thing call me and start spuwing about some resort I told her no thank you and she just wouldn't stop ! I had to hang up on her ?
  9. The Drug Dealer!

    You know really in our lives do we have time to concern our selves with the assholes on this earth, I think not Smile flip them the Bird and be on my way.
  10. The Drug Dealer!

    OK I got it, they set the tone of the conversation. ass receives ass
  11. The Drug Dealer!

    The days of POP EM and DROP EM are long gone, sad to say, you can go to jail today for a misunderstood pat on the back and end up on the perv list to boot
  12. The Drug Dealer!

    You really would like to do something good, to get him, if you wouldn't go to Jail Like ? after he asked didn't you stop and restart, I would have like to un zip pull it out and say yes but pissing in public is far more exciting. Something like that
  13. The Drug Dealer!

    Total opposite for me, when I bought a pack of my Honey berry cigars I got boo hooed by 3 of the clerks I know Farley well, they even told me that I let them down. Damn shame what I did.
  14. Strike up the Band for Orgasm rewards ! AH maybe that was the thing about have a smoke after sex, I never did ? why move away from a soft warm heart throbbing body to smoke ? never made sense to me, I was always working on seconds !

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