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  1. My Friday is over, you all have a safe and smoke free 3 days.. BYE
  2. This is one of the most important lessons we should learn in life, we heard the sayings all of our lives if at first you don't succeed that maybe we forget it is valid, not just a old saying.
  3. OK this morning wasn't the glorious awakening I should of had, but not to be denoed my great day I deserve I suck it up and get up an hour early. Make Breakfast for my Mom and I and it is wonderful sausage and Taters peppered, tasty and tender morsels, coffee rich and aromatic and tons of time to get ready, let me OOOOOss into my Day. Showered Happy and on my way to work and oooh no my morning movement is calling and calling NOW. I make it to work in the nick of time and spell relief. Again not to be denied my great day I figure that I am at least a couple of pounds lighter a
  4. Thank you guys, couple more hours and my day will be done I will be home safe and secure. I was happy to have the tools left in my bag, haven't had to open it in a while.
  5. Woke up feeling great again this morning, organized my Meds, made breakfast for my mom and I and got t work. work going so well I decided to buy my crew steak and shrimp for lunch and then it happened ! After eating all full and content instead of wanting a nap it was a smoke, I couple see it smell it taste it and really, really want it. Thank god I do not have anything stashed. My BPM have went fro 72 to 90 and the want is strong, , very strong. I thought it would have passed by now, I pulled out all my old tricks sucking on a sugar free Carmel, sipping on a coffee and here
  6. If you could pick any car or truck to own from the year you were born what would it be? Me The 1959 Cadillac cyclone, before its time and priceless just like me !
  7. Run with it Steven and if you fall picked your self up and start running again. Don't give your self time to validate the fall, just get up and run with it again. It is hard, we all know that and the ones that win are the ones that never give up. So focus straight ahead and pick up momentum as you go, you will succeed Steven!
  8. Endorphins ! Endorphins ! chocolate, sweets, exercise and you know Can really help getting you up out of the dumps
  9. Just one more, bet you girls remember this one ! OK I lied
  10. Linda: your friend has a ruff row to hoe, I am sure you are a comfort to him, bit of sunshine in his time of need. I am sorry Linda the only thing I can Offer you Is:
  11. I could do these all day : and
  12. Now in reflection how any of us remember these
  13. Funny how age helps you see clearer, even if your eyes are losing their sight. Once I was invincible, no challenge left unchallenged, life was a pleasure. I ran with my eyes closed for the thrill and now I find that I am not invincible that my past has reeked havoc on my present. I sit around a ponder things as elderly people do, refusing to admit I am getting up there. I still climb mountains, I walk don't run, I have learned to savor the moments that use to race by hardly noticed. I appreciate my body for all the years it has held up to the abuse and neglect
  14. Yes lets get that Butt moving

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