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  1. Opah

    Opah is 1 Month Smoke Free!

    You know something heading up to the month it seemed like a big thing almost monumentous, but now that I am past it and look back it actually looks quite small and insignificant. especially when I turn and start back up this non-smoking road im on.
  2. Thats one for against the Grain ! Thank you Jillar
  3. Opah

    Opah is 1 Month Smoke Free!

    stressing this out of work thing a bit, alot of smoking and cant do dreams, Last night it was all about my Boar meat, getting it packaged and it the freezer. Kinda woke up tired and hve an interview his afternoon, at least I have jobs interested in this 60 year olds knowledge. OK time for a cup of Java
  4. Opah

    Remember when life wasn't so difficult

    Well Sgt Barney I will reserve a sunset and sunrise just for you, you pick the date and place, sit back , relax and enjoy the simplisity of something so beautiful.
  5. OK very close to Vacuum sealing the meat, I figured I would pack this boar in roasts and steaks. Make filimion out of the Back straps and leave the tenderlion as is with a Montreal Pepper Dry Rub. So I do have one question : On these Roast they are pretty huge, if I cut them with or against the grain ?
  6. Opah

    Remember when life wasn't so difficult

    Whispers are you the only one that remembers HAIR ! Sooner or Later reality will catch up with you, and if you are not prepaired for it you end up like Burger Bet he was the first one down when he got off of the Boat ! This movie really imprinted on me.
  7. Not the I was in this group, but wouldn't be without responcibilities ? But then it hits you, wether you want it to or not, Reality
  8. Opah

    2 Years and Counting

    you Know what makes me Mad ! My Father never smoked, Never Drank, didn't use salt, road his Bicycle to work and back every day for years,His biggest sin Dr Pepper. He died of a Massive Heart attack age 67, that is seven years more than I am now. Super work on your two years Jim, I know the Forum would rather see you still quit than to Spank you with the wet noddles. Keep up the Great work, Its good to have successful quiter to look up to. Once again Jim
  9. Opah


    Ya some of our humur can be misinterpited or misunderstood. and then sometimnes I can just be a Flaming Burro. Smileys do help
  10. Opah

    Opah is 1 Month Smoke Free!

    Yeee Hawwww, Doreen were did you get My work out video ? Yes Yes yes and one More Yes a whole month Baby
  11. Ya was very hesitant to post pictures, Do not want to Ofend !
  12. 57 days looming over us like a Gilotine, Hours getting shorter Pay checks getting smaller. Couple Interviews coming up soon helps relieve the pressure and tension, I guess I will get back to you all Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, really not sure, seems I have some people really interested in speaking with me. One is going to Phone interview Sunday, Hopefully a monday Face to Face, walk thru the Plant, meet the Man, interview will happen. But until then I have my Refuge to tend to, the Wife and I alone, Home on the Range, where no Deer or Buffalo Play, where seldom is heard a discuraging word and Opah stays Smokless all Day. Catch you all down the line here a bit Bye
  13. Opah

    What are you doing right now

    Planing for Two Job interviews, figuring how make the most out of my Health Insurance and FSA before they get turned off First time I have had time before I became unemployeed ? It is a Dummer, But then again it sure it better than waking up to a Pink Adios letter.
  14. Man I just barely survived yesyerday, the craving was almost fatal feeling. Heavy chest, panic feeling, glom and dome ! Seems come April 5th I will be in the company of the unemployeed in California, turning 60 This month it really sent me spirolling out of control. Yesterday after waking up and finding out it was not a bad dream the stress started to build. Up dating my resume, filling out Apps, searching and the gloom continued to build, the want and NEED for a smoke was growwing. It got so bad at one point I remembered where a 10 dollar cigar was ! All sealed in its glass Tube as fresh as the day it was rolled. Baby, BABy ! I called and my wife came into the room, There is a cigar on My rifle rack go get it crush it and toss it in the Garbage Please, and without a word she complied. Thank you LORD Thank you. Well it was not all bad news yesterday, I received a call about one of the Apps I filled out, a Interview ! YES ! Thats what I needed, I need to be reafirmed that I was still a marketable Item, That My Trade skills, knowledge and training were still a vital asset. So the first Interview is set for Tuesday 10am, now the research starts.
  15. Second week of curing started, soon it wil be to the Vacuum sealer and freezer. Think The first thing I make is going to be Carnitas with Green Chilli sauce

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