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  1. Thank you, I'll keep moving forward, each day a success, one day at a time.
  2. Back in the Day the chimney was an everyday necessity, bellowing smoke it warmed, cooked the dinners and provided romantic ambiance. Yes it was what we used. After years of being excepted without question, things started to change, slowly at first. Stoves and heaters were developed, that did not bellow smoke, Oil replaced wood, Gas replace oil and now electricity is replacing gas. With technology our awareness grew, we found more healthy and more environmentally friendly ways Without the smoke we live healthier lives, our skies are clearer, and our air is fresher and all with opened arms most ran to except this new knowledge. If we can except technology to stop smoking chimneys , I ask why is it so hard to stop being a smoke bellowing chimney, polluting our air and lungs, ruining our health and life’s of all around us ?
  3. Man how time flys, this man was one year older than me, and by age 10 had already made his mark on the world. Remember when he was just a very talented kid ?
  4. Thank you Jordan: Yes you are correct, This is a good fit for me, very comfortable.
  5. I made the interview, I called before the time I was to be there and they move my appointment back one hour. They were OK with my explanation I believe. Just wish this was done, A nerves Belly and this waiting are really wreaking havoc on my digestive system. The tension has been minimized by me mentally saying the serenity prayer in my head every time I start getting wound up about it. This to shall pass
  6. I got on the wrong freeway and was an hour late for the last interview, I am never late, well I was never late. Surprised they still interviewed Me, but the interview went exceedingly well. I just hate this waiting I was eating chill pills for the last 2 days and when I looked at them Close I found out they were M&Ms
  7. It is looking just like that more and more Jill
  8. Thank you Jordan: This may be like a pot of water on the stove, It wont boil till I stop watching it ! But the signs are there ! Every where I look, there they are SIGNS ! SIGNS !
  10. No that is not a canary in my mouth ! I am holding my breath until I hear what I want ! Boy the corporate wheels turn slow, but they grind very fine? what ever that means ?
  11. OK interview completed, now for the offer Things did get easier, is it a salary position so the OT is now off the board so it really will come down to how much they offer Any where close to what I am making now, its no contest I am happy where I am
  12. Dan g it Jill see what you got me thinking of ?
  13. This Penguin is for you Jill, cute little fluffy bunch of hugs
  14. This why polar Bears and Penguins don.t live in the same continent and why if they were sold in a butcher shop they would cost so much The cleaning fee !!

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