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  1. PL last day before my Hunt, Thank you Doreen I will KMQ, and just messing around with the Association comment. Thank you Jill and all the rest here, I will be back the 23ed.
  2. this I liked feel it applies to a lot of what we are going thru here at Quit Train and in life in General hope you agree.
  3. Yes Mam ! i will surely do that Thank you, you have been a true Quit Train association and you are appreciated just being a
  4. Thank you Jill for adjusting your font so I can read it it, and yes what you say has been true. this time my life is in the balance my health and now my eyes, this is more than my sticky quit, this is the fork in the road that I leave smoking behind for ever, I have been stupid and arrogant for far to long and now have reaped what I have sown. Super appreciate our concern and I do value as a friend soon as My eyes are fixed and I can read the posts I will be all over quit train I do check every day hoping I can make out enough to reply that is how I saw this., But starting Tuesday I wil
  5. Well this will be it for a couple months at least, cant read the posts anymore. treatment us going yo take at least a cou[ple months. so take care of your quits and Ill be back
  6. The wife and I tool a drive had a larger healthy breakfast stake and eggs Pancakes hash browns a Spanish omelet anf then a trip up intp the Mountains, Big Bear, shopped, looked at some tattoos, she realty wants one of the 3D Butterfly's Had a very good thein the low 70s, bright sun shining day, crisp clean air And surprising not crowded at all, Super day
  7. Question? How many of us have had or are in a career they love ? Me I was born to turn a wrench, loved mechanical things and then electronic things. The more complicated the more I knawel on it, now that hanging from some rafters, hefting 200 pounds up a couple flights or running up and down stair cases all day is out of the question I supervise and pass on my knowledge. it has been and still is a wonderful ride, bury me with my proto torque wrench set. Very few times have I been dissatisfied with my Life, a Plus I have never lived in an apartment always been able to
  8. Here it is lunch time, equipment is quitting down, one of my house Ke4epers decided to buy the crew El polo loco for lunch, Nice lady , we all pitched in to pay her back for her kindness. I really love a fellow ship of people, young, old, man, woman, of all color and creed. Now I am not saying this to appear all sloppy Lovey, there are people in this world I despise and would gladly endure they make their appointment with Saint Peter. But for the most part good people attract good people Motor heads hang with Gear heads and gear heads hang with tech mechs, bottom line we all t
  9. Here I am another Saturday at work, started a 6am this morning and will get off at 415pm. no work tomorrow Easter. I think The wife and I will take a drive to the Beach and ride our bikes down the coast, Have breakfast and then rode from Santa Monica down to Venice, walk and shop have lunch and end up Back at Santa Monica some where around dinner time have some surf and turf. Got to be careful and stay on the Bike paths, Can't ride bikes on the streets its illegal could get the Bikes confiscated and end up in Jail. WHAT, why w is it illegal , its illegal where you live also. N
  10. No they Love Chickens, thats why they Hide the Eggs, They don't want anyone knowing what they are doing !
  11. Is it just me getting older. or it is all over ? Holidays ? I just found out Sunday is Easter, and that was only because it shuts down the DC and I have to take care of getting my guys paid. But I have noticed Christmas, Thanks giving, New years Halloween Just don't mean crap to me. seems I have been sprogged, Maybe Holidays are just for those how have kids, younger kids, I mean isn't their excitement what gets us going, ramps every thing up. Kids are like superchargers of life. without them its like driving a Desoto 4 banger, no style, no adrenaline rush just getting from A to b
  12. Opah

    Non Smoking Cats

    Special kitties that never smoked
  13. I am going to practice and practice until I can do this
  14. Hot Caffeinated coffee in hand, all the start up issues taken care of, my crew has settled down and the ax has been put away. Had a big startle Last night and thank God for giving me back some patience, I almost went off like a roman candle. Got to bed and started putting my meds together for the week and right there next to my meds is a cigarette !!! YIKES my heart jumped thru my chest was just getting ready to chew on the wife when on closer look it turned out to be a pen (white pen brown cap) Man it took a couple minutes for my heart to return to a normal rhythm and I can not

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