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  1. JimHannoonen

    A choice to be made

    You have one life, buddy. One. As much as you would like to believe there is a Heaven, you don't know. What if there isn't? You need to take advantage of the time you have here on this beautiful planet. Right here, right now. Stop smoking and start living, my friend
  2. JimHannoonen

    no gum or inhaler this time

    "Might" be the one? Either it is or it isn't. Your choice.
  3. That's what I thought when I opened my eyes this morning. I haven't had a smoking dream in quite some time and man, was it realistic. I hardly remember that I smoked most of the time, so it was a bit unsettling. But as lame as smoking dreams are, the realization that it's just a dream is always great.
  4. JimHannoonen

    She forgot I smoked

    No cravings whatsoever.
  5. JimHannoonen

    She forgot I smoked

    Seriously, folks. Yesterday, Dre and I were in the car heading to sushi and I mentioned to her that Saturday was 1 year and 4 months since I quit smoking. She literally jumped in her seat, looked at me with a completely startled face and said "Holy shit! I totally forgot you used to smoke!" It's so amazing to be where I am now. It's strange how something that ruled my life for 30 years and -once I stopped- was all I could think about for months on end, is now nothing more than just a faded old memory for me (and not even a memory for some.) If you're struggling, keep with it. I swear it's worth it. There is no downside to not smoking. NOPE!
  6. JimHannoonen

    I uses to be a member of QSMB

    Hi Diane! It's so great to hear from you, you voluptuous temptress!
  7. JimHannoonen

    I'm back

    Luck has nothing to do with it. Either you smoke or you don't smoke. It's not luck that you don't poke yourself in the eye when you're eating a salad. You just don't do it. It's not luck that you don't wear your shoes on your hands when you get dressed in the morning. You just don't do it. "I'm going downstairs now! I hope I don't fall. Wish me luck!" Sounds kinda silly, no? Now if you stop taking birth control, I'll wish you luck that you don't get knocked up, but as for smoking, I won't wish you luck, because you don't need it. Be strong and don't smoke. That's really all there is to it.
  8. JimHannoonen

    Another Smoke-Free Vacation in the books

    2011 KLR 650
  9. I don't light up because I don't smoke. Simple as that, really.
  10. You're lucky. My Dad died (from lung cancer) at the ripe old age of 56. Smoked 2-4 packs a day since he was 13. Smoked until the day they put him in the hospital to die.
  11. Just got back from a week in Moab, UT with a couple buddies. This was our second trip. The last one was back in 2016 and I was still a smoker. It was so nice to be out on the bikes and not worry about when we were going to stop so I could have a smoke. No carrying around old butts in my backpack (is there anything that smells worse?) No telling the guys to "Hang on a sec" while I finished my smoke. It's amazing how much better everything is without smokes.
  12. JimHannoonen

    Ugh. Back to day 0.

    Why did you smoke? Were you drunk? Were you hanging out with smokers and just bummed one? Did you cave and drive to the store to buy a pack? What triggered this and what can you do different next time to avoid having to start over again (and again and again)?
  13. JimHannoonen

    The Reason my Quit is Sticky.

    I decided I wasn't going to smoke anymore and committed to it. Just like when you commit to someone in a marriage. A commitment is a commitment. It really is as easy as that.
  14. JimHannoonen

    Lord have mercy

    Do this. Take a handful of your wife's cigarette butts, put them in an empty jar and seal it. Every time you get a craving, open up that jar and take a big old whiff. Yeah, that's what your mouth tasted like. Do this every time. I guarantee you won't want to smoke.
  15. JimHannoonen

    How Did I Do It?

    They did and it was amazing!

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