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  1. Our current Corgi collection, Cooper and Callum.
  2. Four years ago I decided I'd had enough. I decided that I wasn't going to go out the same way my Old Man did at the age of 56 with lung cancer. That was it. It was my decision and my commitment. Once I'd made that decision, it was a done deal. I knew I would never smoke again, and I haven't. It wasn't easy at first, but it's easy now. I rarely even think about smoking anymore and when I do, it's such a far away memory it doesn't even seem real. It also terrifies me to think about what I would feel like if I'd kept smoking. The toll those 30,000+ cigarettes I would have
  3. Oh Opah, it pains me to see this post from you. I remember when I first quit, you were there right with me and to see you still struggling four years later is tough. You need to get it right, man! Get your head in the game! You know what to do, now DO IT! Not One Puff Ever!
  4. Years ago, I quit and hadn't had a single smoke for two years. One day, after a particularly stressful day at work, I bought a pack of smokes intending to smoke only one. I was back to a pack a day within a week and continued to smoke for another 12 years. I'm coming up on 4 years quit and now know that it's all or nothing. I can't have "just one". To think I can is stupid. This may not be the case with you, but as someone else posted, "Either you smoke, or you don't smoke". It's as simple as that.
  5. What about the reality that smoking could very well kill you. Just man-up and quit. What are you afraid of, being uncomfortable and cranky? Ugh! I'm sorry to sound like a douche, but this whole scenario you're painting is so half-assed I'm having a hard time believing your even serious.
  6. Dude, you either smoke or you don't smoke. You can tell yourself whatever you want, but you're not doing yourself any favors by "cutting back".
  7. Sad to read that you were smoking so much, but happy to see you're back on the wagon and hopefully for good this time!
  8. My only excuse was that I thought I loved smoking. It just blows my mind that I thought that.
  9. I quit using Chantix. I used it exactly as instructed and here I am, coming up on 4 years quit. That said, it's NOT a magic pill. You will still need to be committed to your quit.
  10. I few days before I quit, I took a bunch of cigarette butts from the butt-pile in the backyard and put them in a mason jar and put that jar on my desk (I work from home). After I quit, I would open up that jar every once in a while and take a big whiff. It was so disgusting I would literally gag. I only had to do that a few times.
  11. It cost me my Father, who died from lung cancer at the age of 56. What's crazy is that I smoked for another 20 years after his death.
  12. Eventually, you'll wake up one day and realize you haven't thought about a cigarette for a week (or more). You'll smell it and be ashamed that you ever put that junk in your lungs. When you come across a situation where you see someone smoking like that, take a super deep breath (deeper than you ever could when you smoked) and know that you made the right choice. Maybe use that opportunity to brag (or even preach a little bit) to the guy about quitting. I also used to wonder if I'd ever stop thinking about them. Now, it's such a distant memory that I can hardly believe
  13. Leaving your dirty socks on the floor is a nasty habit. Not cleaning the shaving scum out of the sink is a nasty habit. Smoking is a lethal addiction. You need to take this more seriously, Linda. You need to decide enough is enough. You need to decide to stop smoking and COMMIT to never smoking again. You're no more addicted than anyone else, Linda. I smoked for 30 years and was addicted as anyone and I was able to quit. You can too, but only if you're serious about it. Quit now. Quit forever. This isn't some stupid game. This is your LIFE, Linda.

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