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  1. Wednesday 14 March

  2. Beazel Arrives On The Lido Deck Today!!

    Well done Beazel. Time to celebrate!
  3. Day 8: Getting better?

    Stick with it. Stay close to this board. I remember the hell that was the first 2 weeks. You really don't want to start and then go back to day one. Go for a walk, watch daft stuff on Youtube - anything! NOPE!
  4. Wednesday 14 March

  5. Hello from QSMB. Quit 18 April

    You can do this Roopy. When did you quit?
  6. Hi all Just tried to look at QSMB for the first time in a few months. Good to see some familiar faces on here. To you newbies...it does get easier, I prom8se! I was on 30 a day and I hardly ever think about it anymore. Keep up the great work and stay close to this board. NOPE!!
  7. QSMB died, heard many were here...

    Hi all Tried to get on QSMB for the first in a while, but couldn't. Great to see familiar names on here. Last cigarette was 18 April. Yay!
  8. It took me a while

    Keep at it. The first few days are always hard. Niet één puff ooit!
  9. Day 4 Craves

    Agavegirl - stick with Feely and me. You're a few days behind me and you can do this. We will keep an eye on each other!
  10. NOPEster is 3 months smoke free!!!

    Well done Nopester!!! Good work my friend!
  11. Your First Days, nicotine Free

    I swim everyday and go out for walks in the park for 45 minutes. I will stop somewhere nice for a coffee. I'm 18 days in and still having the cravings, but then I have a very happy feeling - I feel proud of myself. NOPE
  12. Day 4 Craves

    It'll be 3.30pm in Chicago as I type this. You can get through day 4. Stick at it Feely. This is one of the worst days, but you can do it!
  13. worried

    You don't need to be worried. I used to talk to my cat when I was smoking and I'm now doing it more!
  14. Tell Us The Positives Newbies

    He bought it from the garden centre for outdoor use. He used it indoors last year and I couldn't tell, as I couldn't smell it. Good god, I can now!!!

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