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  1. ClaireP1973

    1 year, 3 months and 13 days into my quit

    Hi Weegie - You will find it easier at the 1 year mark. I am the same about the number of fags that I haven't smoked! I bought my friend a packet yesterday and they were £12.45!! Bonkers!
  2. ClaireP1973

    Hello everyone

    Hi Nikki Keep close to this board and you'll get support from the wonderful folk on this board. I got through the first week, by getting out walking and swimming. Do anything to take your mind off it. When you get a trigger, it won't last long until it goes away. Good luck!
  3. ClaireP1973

    1 year, 3 months and 13 days into my quit

    Thanks Joe. Just checking my smoke free app and it says the following: Money saved: £7251.00 (£5,639 per year) Cigarettes not smoked: 14079.06 Time not spent smoking in days: 48.89 Life regained days: 117.33 We've had some nice holidays this year!
  4. Hi all I haven't been on Quit Train for a while. I used this board all the time when I quit on 18 April 2017 and I found the support so helpful. I was just wondering how everyone is getting on. I also though I would leave a message to the newbies to say it really does get easier. I hardly think about it anymore, even when leaving airports after a flight - I would spark up as soon as I got outside! For me the process was: Week 1 - hell on earth! Month 1 - as above! After 2 months, I was still getting triggers when I got in the car, off a train etc 6 months - the triggers were fewer 9 months - as above 1 year - so chuffed and felt liberated Now - I would never ever want to smoke again and the thought of it makes me feel rubbish I was on 30 a day, so if I could do it, you all can! Anyway, let me know how your quits are going. Claire
  5. ClaireP1973

    Long Time since I last rode the Quit Train

    Keep at this - good work!
  6. ClaireP1973

    The Morning Hack

    Not thought about it until I read your post. I always had a cough as a smoker, but it went away after about a month.
  7. ClaireP1973

    ClaireP1973 Has Arrived on the Lido Deck!!!!!

    I am sat in the garden, enjoying the sun...without a cigarette! Thanks Lynn!
  8. ClaireP1973

    ClaireP1973 Has Arrived on the Lido Deck!!!!!

    Thank you! Feels great not to need to smoke. To all newbies....you can do this!
  9. ClaireP1973

    Hello from QSMB. Quit 18 April

    My bags are packed and I'm ready to get on board the Lido Deck tomorrow. Whilst waiting to board, I won't worry about how many ciggies I can squeeze in!
  10. ClaireP1973

    6 weeks quit

    Kev - keep this up fella. Week 6 is still early - stay close to this board. On my first quite, I thought after 6 months, "I could just have one", when out with friends for a drink. Within a few days, I was back on 20 a day. I will be 1 year quit this Wednesday and my word, I feel better for it! Went out for a meal with friends tonight and it was lovely not having the urge to go outside for a smoke after the meal. It doesn't interest me anymore. Keep up the good work!
  11. ClaireP1973

    Backtoreality is 2 months smoke free!

    Well done! Go and treat yourself!
  12. ClaireP1973

    Rosewothorne celebrates her First Week of Freedom !

    Well done - it does get easier. The first "hell week" is awful. Keep at it and stay close to this message board.
  13. ClaireP1973

    Moominmumma is 8 Months Quit Today!!

    Well done Moomin! It must be getting easier now. NOPE!
  14. ClaireP1973

    A post from a year ago today

    Well done Jimmy Boy!" I've just checked in for the first time in a few months and you are one of the members that I remember. Keep it up pal - you're doing great!
  15. ClaireP1973

    Hello from QSMB. Quit 18 April

    Hi all Just checking in. Off to Barcelona tomorrow for a long weekend. I'm nearly at 1 year on 18 April and can't wait to hit that milestone!! It will be lovely to stay in bed at the hotel and not have to get up and go outside for a ciggie! Yippppeeeee! Stick with it newbies - you can do it! NOPE

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