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  1. Thank you! Still have good days and bad days . So proud to have got this far! Hope you all have a good weekend
  2. Congratulations- you’re doing really well!!
  3. This post is great. Can’t wait to get to this stage. Congratulations and thanks !!!
  4. So happy to see you’re still quit. Congratulations!!
  5. Morning, so didn’t wait for him to get back and went to sleep. So the funny story is it took him ages to find somewhere that sold cigs and then they didn’t sell a lighter so he couldn’t have one anyway!!! Thanks for all the advice. Nope!
  6. Ok so have pulled my big girlie panties up and am going to bed. Sorry to bug you all but am determined to protect this quit. Night !!
  7. Ok. So hubby and I quit together. I always feel like the real addict and struggle day to day whereas he can go for days without a smoke until alcohol or stress hit. At the mo, we are on holiday and twice I have stopped him from buying them. Tonight he’s just gone to buy some. So not sure how long he’ll be and how strong I can be after a couple of wines so I’m hoping someone is there right now.
  8. Thanks guys - this forum with all the wonderful advice and support has been amazing. You are all a great inspiration and I am so grateful.
  9. Hiya. In 12 hours I’ll be 4 weeks smoke free. Still having “moments” though not as often, they seem to increase in intensity and duration. Still taking it 1 day at a time. Emotions still swinging from very proud to very depressed but hope this will settle soon. Good news is the brain fog’s gone but left a short temper/snarky tongue which is taking some managing lol. Am having issues posting on here - not sure why . I can like posts but can’t always post comments- this is the first time I’ve been able to in over a week- you should all be grateful for that
  10. Congrats you’re doing really well!!!

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