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  1. If found please return ASAP. Greatly missed by owner and family. Free to any home : Brain Fog and General Grumpiness So how long did it take for you to feel “normal” again? I know it’s not a quick fix and varies but would be interesting to know. TIA
  2. This is a beautiful post and so inspiring. Thank you Doreen - are you reading my mind as you keep finding the right things for me to read? Thank you all here for your help. This is an awesome forum!!
  3. This is great and just what I needed today. Thanks.
  4. Ok so I was so ashamed and was going to delete my account and hide forever and then I realised I really need your help and advice and I need to be accountable for my actions. So I’ll bore you with a little of my background. Hubby and I both smoke and both quit at the same time. This can be both supportive but also can be destructive as one of us will sabotage our quit and we know which buttons to press to achieve this. We also only smoke at home which means that we can go without smoking for periods of time and will wait to satisfy the addiction. So the trigger this time was stress. I am in Christchurch and had one teenager in lockdown at school ( 5 minutes) from the shooting and another in lockdown at the nearby mall. Hubby bought the smokes but I didn’t hesitate to smoke one. It didn’t solve anything and it certainly didn’t help any of the families and didn’t get rid of the deep sadness I feel right now. We had to finish the packet being the true addicts which we are. So been back on the train for 2 days. Nope
  5. Still smober and smiling ( albeit through gritted teeth sometimes) - fake it till you make it. Thanks for asking - hope you have a great day !
  6. Thank you all for your great replies. Am determined to do this so appreciate all your help. Still haven’t found the mute button for my brain so if you see a nutty woman wandering around with her fingers in her ears muttering NOPE you’ll know who it is
  7. Hi everyone, Have been lurking here long time but having made 8 days nicotine/ smoke free have decided I need a wee ( a lot) of help. Have still constant urging but really don’t want to so any advice would be gratefully received. I think there’s something wrong with my brain as in it won’t shut up lol!!!

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