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  1. Congrats on 3 months, @Linda! Celebrate your hard work and KTQ!
  2. Sorry to hear of the relapse, @JH63! Took me 3 times before I found my "sticky quit" and I know many others here went through the quit/relapse cycle a few times before success finally happened. The info available on QTrain and the support to be found here is some of the best.....but you have to really want to stop the addiction once and for all. Hope you find your way back here when that happens!
  3. Remarkable story you have. I know though it is not a 'story' but your reality of health issues you have had to deal with it and knowing having quit smoking it made getting through each one easier and more successful. So hoping life is more peaceful and kind for you going forward. 

    1. Rozuki


      Thanks, @Barb63! I tell my story here to help others as I know I am very lucky to be here. My life now is quite different than it was 4 years ago. I retired 2 years ago and sold my house on Long Island, NY this past Feb '21 and am now living in Western North Carolina near the beautiful Blue Ridge Mtns w a fabulous man who truly cares about me after living alone for 12 years after my divorce. Every day  is an adventure now and I love it! 


      All the best to you, too, as you begin your quit journey! 😷 

  4. Welcome aboard the QTrain, Barb! Congrats on the 22 days quit! I had similar stats to you (age/# of years smoking) when I quit the day I had a stroke in 2017. The first couple of weeks were so hard but I kept repeating to myself "one day at a time" and somehow managed to keep trudging along. I found an online support group at the time, which was a BIG help. Finding online support here at QuitTrain after the 1st group disbanded, was an even bigger help...knowledge is power, so read all you can here, watch the Joel videos and participate in the forums!! When things g
  5. Congrats, @JohnQ! Celebrate and KTQ!
  6. Congrats, @Mac#23! Celebrate this wonderful milestone and KTQ!

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