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  1. @intoxicated yoda, I have recovered from the initial health issue which caused me to ditch the smokes immediately (a stroke). The Universe works in mysterious ways though....just after my 1 yr quitversary.....had to have open-heart surgery (triple bypass). Doc said good thing I quit when I did...so that I was able to dodge another bullet. I recovered from that surgery as well. The last few years have been quite an adventure, in my case!
  2. @intoxicated yoda, you are so right about the Marlboro Lights and quitting.....I tried twice about 20 years apart. Couldn't quit for long either time! When the prices started going thru the roof, I switched to buying my stash at the local Indian Reservation.....3$ a pack vs 7-8$ a pack. Supposedly they had less saltpeter and other strange addictive chemicals than anything Philip Morris makes. Did that for 3 yrs until I had a major health issue...then it was either quit or die after 40+ years of smoking. Talk about motivation!!
  3. I, too, am a member of the QSMB... class of 2017 SmokeBusters! That online support group is the main reason I was able to power through my quit. I was devastated when it imploded and was so lucky to find my way here so I could climb aboard the Quit Train and here I am all these years later!
  4. Congrats, @d2e8b8! Celebrate your milestone and KTQ!
  5. Welcome, @intoxicated yoda! I would suggest try some fiber gummies if you are having trouble "taking a poo"...
  6. Congrats, @Cbdave! 6 years quit is quite the accomplishment!! Celebrate and KTQ! PS Wonderful pics of your area of the planet!

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