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  1. One day at a time.....watch them add up! Set up your ticker!!
  2. Congrats, KDad! You did it....now celebrate your achievement and then....KTQ!
  3. Congrats, @TobacNO! Celebrate your achievement and KTQ!
  4. Hi @notsmokinjo! How are you? Long time, no see around here!
  5. Yippee! I have lost 9 lbs in the last two weeks! I finally started walking around my hilly neighborhood for minimum 1/2 hr to 45 minutes daily again. Am also doing some gardening work which involves lifting 40 lb bags of topsoil to spread around for re-seeding my lawn...today 10 bags opened and spread around. Tomorrow I will spread around some mulch and do some weeding....all of this is making me sweat big-time and I think it is helping with my edema that surfaced after my bypass surgery. I am not really looking at the amount I have to lose (which is a big number!) I just cheer each lb that I lose knowing that it will make me feel better and get me closer to losing all that extra weight that seemed to pile on after CABGx3 surgery and the change in my blood pressure and high cholesterol meds!
  6. Congrats, Avian! Celebrate your incredible achievement and KTQ!
  7. Congrats, Garry! 3 years quit....has a nice ring to it!! Celebrate this milestone and KTQ!
  8. Congrats, QueenBee! Six months already?? Celebrate this milestone and KTQ!

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