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  2. Rozuki

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  3. Rozuki

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  4. Rozuki

    2 Weeks Yesterday!

    Hi Abbynormal and welcome aboard! Congrats on the 2 weeks quit! Sorry to hear about your best friend's terminal illness....very tough to deal with for both of you. Stay close to this board and we will help you get through the tough times without losing your quit.....
  5. Rozuki

    What are you doing right now

    Linda, sorry to hear about your Dad.....and I will say a prayer for both him, your Mom and you...as you deal with this stressful event. You learned how strong you are in the last few months...find a quiet place at the hospital and breathe deep whenever you feel overwhelmed.
  6. Good for you, Opah! PS. The opah (commonly known as cravo, moonfish, kingfish, and Jerusalem haddock) is a large, colorful, deep-bodied pelagic fish with a worldwide distribution and fished sustainably around Hawaii and Opa is the informal German name for grandfather or grandpa...ok...time for me to get some sleep! 😎
  7. Rozuki

    1 to 20,000 in pictures

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