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  1. Congrats, L4L! Four years quit is fabulous....I am catching up to you! Celebrate and KTQ!
  2. Thank you, Jillar!! I am seeing my Mom this Tuesday as we celebrate her 87th birthday at the nursing home/rehab center. She will be impressed with her awesome stats! As per the new NYS Covid-19 rules: We have to show a negative covid test result from W/I last 7 days to visit with her for 1/2 hour. They only allow 2 visitors at a time. There are 5 of us siblings. You do the math! Right after we visit with her, we have to book an appt to visit her next week (only 1 visit per week) then get another covid test and hope there isn't a delay in getting the results back as righ
  3. Congrats, Bakon! 8 is great...as they say!! Carry on and KTQ!
  4. Welcome aboard, Shezi! You have the right mindset, so you will be successful with your quit...but do lots of reading here and watching the Joel videos to educate yourself about the nicotine addiction. Congrats on the 6 week mark! Reward yourself and KTQ! PS I quit using NRT - patches and gum
  5. Thanks, @Angeleek! Taking things one day at a time!
  6. Congrats, Mona! One day at a time! Celebrate your smoke-free 5 months and KTQ!
  7. Congrats, @Kate18! Seven months smoke-free....SPECTACULAR! Celebrate your achievement and KTQ!
  8. Getting ready to go on a hike with two old friends. Haven't seen them in quite awhile...lots to catch up on! The weather is gorgeous today....sunny and 65 degrees. Going to a nature preserve in Stony Brook, NY which is on the North shore of Long Island...known as Avalon Park. Hope to do at least 3 miles today! https://avalonnaturepreserve.org/
  9. Happy Bday, @MarylandQuitter! Cheers and enjoy your day! PS A great place you have provided us here

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