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  1. Welcome, @JustinHoot99! As a 40+ year former smoker myself, I know just how strong those cravings can be and I purposely changed my daily routine to disassociate whatever would be a trigger to "have a smoke"....and there were many! As a result, I never sat on my front porch or my back patio for the 1st year after I quit...drank lots of water and played a million games of Solitaire on my phone/pc.....and did so much research online about getting help in quitting... You have started your own process to deal with your cravings and have come to a great place here at QT for support.....read and view all the forums and videos here esp Joel's library because knowledge is power. You can do this!
  2. Congrats, @bakon! Carry On and KTQ!
  3. Congrats, @SecondChanceSailor! Celebrate your achievement and KTQ! PS I found my way to quitting via the online support at QSMB and right after my 1 year anniversary it was shut down...glad I found my way here...
  4. Congrats, @Kris! Celebrate your achievement and KTQ!
  5. Congrats, @Sunshine59! Celebrate your achievement and KTQ!
  6. Congrats, @garry mhudson! Five years quit!!!! What an achievement...celebrate it and KTQ! !
  7. When diagnosed as having a stroke (while at work!!)...that did it for me! Lucky I quit when I did because one year later I was having open-heart surgery for a CABGx3 (triple bypass)!
  8. Congrats, @Linda! Celebrate your achievement and KTQ!

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