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  1. I’m new and I’m still around! I started Chantix a week ago and I finally feel like it is starting to help. Anyone else use Chantix successfully?
  2. Jillar that is great news and gives me hope!
  3. Kris, may I ask how long you have been a nonsmoker?
  4. Thanks everyone for the feedback. I keep setting a date and then I still find myself smoking. I’ve cut back but it’s been a struggle. I’m not giving up!
  5. Hi everyone, has anybody had any luck quitting by using Zyban? I started it today and hoping it helps. TIA
  6. Has anyone tried sucking on a straw? What about nicotine free ecig?
  7. Thanks for the advice and support everyone. I just don’t know how I can handle just quitting. I have high anxiety and am so afraid to go through this even though I know I need to.
  8. Can anyone tell me if Chantix is still on the market? I heard it was pulled
  9. Thank you nicotine free. I appreciate any advice I can get. I’m so scared to set a quit date cause I’m afraid of failure, but I might just have to give it a try.
  10. Hi I’m new to the forum. A little about me…I’m 50 years old and just started smoking 4 years ago, I know that’s crazy isn’t it? We started running around with a group that all smoked and then I got hooked. Now, my sister, who smoked for 25 years is fighting breast cancer and my aunt who has smoked for over 50 years has lung/brain cancer, so I have decided I need to get serious about quitting. I don’t feel strong enough to quit cold turkey so I am weaning myself literally hour by hour. Instead of smoking every 30 minutes I can now go 3-5 hours without a smoke and I want to build from there. My question is, has anyone else quit that way? It seems like everyone here has just gone cold turkey and I am in awe of that! Thanks in advance!

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