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  1. Why in the world would I stick something in my mouth and then light it on fire?? That is crazy. NOPE
  2. It is Towel Day?! Dude. I freaking LOVE towels. This is my day! Yes to towels. NOPE to smoke.
  3. Haha Just reading my own post to myself. Made me smile...that attitude has carried me through almost 16 months now. Smoking is bs and for pu$$ies. No excuses. Just don't smoke.
  4. Ew. Smoke? Nope *waves* **what in the world? I take it qsmb is doa?**
  5. Bakon! Good looking man! DD...you are TINY! And adorable and beautiful. But seriously, unless Bakon is a giant, you are sooo petite!
  6. Congratulations!! Love the name! So sweet! :)
  7. Ooh looks like it's been a Chicks For The Win streak. Ouch, sticks. Ouch.
  8. WHOO HOO! You got this! killin it!! *I'm the worst at cheerleading*

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